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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: "Love & Hip Hop 3" Star Joe Budden Dishes On New Girlfriend Kailyn, The "Love Triangle" And More


TheYBF.com spoke exclusively to "Pump It Up" rapper Joe Budden about his upcoming role on the VH1's third season of "Love & Hip Hop."  And we wanted to know if working with his ex-Tahiry Jose is affecting his current relationship.  Find out what he said inside....


Rapper Joe Budden (shown atop with girlfriend Kailyn Garcia at this past Thursday night's premiere party in NYC), a Harlem native, who rose to fame with the hit "Pump It Up" and a popular series of web clips documenting various aspects of his life, is the among the new characters featured on season 3 of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop."

If you're a fan of Joe, you know that the outspoken rapper is certainly not camera shy or coy when it comes to revealing the intimate details of his life on social media. 

With a series of clips on YouTube and a string of posts on Twitter, he's consistently kept fans aware of who he's dating, who's he's beefing with and what he's thinking.  But that was when he was in control....

TheYBF.com spoke exclusively with Joe after Friday's premiere party for the show, to talk about his current relationship, how that's working out with him filming with his former girlfriend Tahiry Jose, and why's he's so open about sharing aspects of his personal life. 


Here are the highlights:


Your girlfriend Kailyn was with you at the premiere party. What did she say to you after the party about your scenes with your ex Tahiry where you seemed to be trying to rekindle something with her.

She didn’t say anything. There is nothing that I don’t share with her and she has a career as well.

Was your girlfriend comfortable with you trying to reach out to Tahiry?

Hell yeah. Me and Tahiry have an extensive history, albeit in a different capacity, but there’s never anything wrong with wanting a friendship with somebody that you were once friends with. My girl is pretty secure, more than you see in women, as far as exes go. We’re both like that. She speaks to her ex-boyfriends and I could care less. You trust the person you’re with. You don’t trust anyone else but you trust the person you’re with because you’re supposed to.

L&HH is portraying you as being in a love triangle this season, were you aware of this before signing on?

I don’t know if I’m in a love triangle. It’s very simple for me. I have my girlfriend who I am with daily and who I am very much in love with. I have my ex girlfriend who I love dearly and I have a friend. Just a friend. No intimacy, no dick-pussy exchange, nothing.

Why have you always been so upfront with aspects of your life? Even relationships & breakups?

I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable in my skin and that’s how it’s always been. That’s how I started music, that how I started writing. I don’t have very much to hide; I don’t have very many skeletons. And all the flaws I do have that people heard about, chances are they heard about it from me. Just call it being authentic, to me. You want to let people know who you are so they know to treat you accordingly.


After seeing the last season of L&HH, did you have any reservations about doing the show?

No, not at all. Joe Budden will be Joe Budden no matter where he is. With reality TV it’s their job to put you in certain situations and film your reactions, but I react well. I think this season will show a side to me that people don’t necessarily know to well. I’m 90% of the time calm cool and collected.

Though the show appears to be focusing on your personal life, will we get a glimpse of Joe Budden the artist?

Hopefully. Reality TV is all imagined but I can’t speak to what will be seen or won’t be seen. I know what I shot and I definitely shot scenes in the studio, and whether those will make the final cut is something highly different. To be honest, I don’t think people that watch reality TV give a fuck about the studio. I don’t think reality TV’s audience really cares about productivity.


So there you have it.  Fans of Joe Budden can keep up with him on Twitter & JoeBuddenTV.com




I really don't know what to

I really don't know what to say about Joe. He has been just a disappointment over the years. Typical Jersey Guy. He started out as a rapper with much potential than just got caught up in drugs and women and it's like he's on the road to nowhere. I watched the first episode tonight in bits and pieces I'm just over the fake drama. Be Real or Go home! So over this shit. I'm going to just watch It's Me or the Dog.

Joe is from Jersey City,

Joe is from Jersey City, NJ...not Harlem
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I'm upset YBF called this an

I'm upset YBF called this an inclusive interview. Who are these nobody's?! Reality tv got these "my shit ain't sellin so let me try to expose myself as desperately as possible" artist thinking their celebs. Reality check NO REAL ARTIST WOULD BE CAUGHT DEAD (not even a cameo appearance) ON A SHOW OF THIS CALIBER! Next!
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He is one of those kind of

He is one of those kind of attractive men who are a waste because they are basically a negative female ( catty, gossipy, vain, overexposed, and masking their insecurity as confidence). Yes he may own his own shit but he also blast his exes in a negative way without consideration for what they may or may not want to share. In short he IS an attention whore, because you can be an open book when asked, NOT shoving it down peoples throats at ALL times. There's a difference!


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Joe Budden is so ghey!!
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