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Joseline, Stevie J. & Diamond Do BLACK MEN Magazine + Tami Roman Flaunts Her New Body In Diet Ad


Joseline tapped into her femininity for her the cover of the new issue of Black Men magazine.  And, of course, she's got Stevie J. all in the mix too.  Check their pics and Diamond's feature inside, plus Tami Roman's new diet ad...



The reality chicks and rappers are doing their usual of covering the pages of the booty mags.  First up, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" stars Joseline & Stevie J. in Black Men mag.  Dare we say, Joseline actually looks...nice.  And we're kinda loving the last pic even.  We know....it's a shocker.


Also featured in the new issue is rapper (and LAHH ATL star Scrappy's ex) Diamond.  Guess she's putting her T&A purchases (her ex's claims) to good use.




"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman has branched out to start pushing diet aides.  And she's looking great these days.

Besides starring in a new original comedy series, "Belles", premiering on January 21st and playing the character Loreta Cooper, Tami Roman is also starring in the newest NV Clinical Commercial. As their spokesperson, the 42-year-old busy mom, who recently quit smoking, didn't exercise regularly and she says her metabolism slowed down drastically. So Tami went the route of getting a healthy boost in weight loss and not a quick fix.



She admits, "I've tried to lose weight so many times, but I always gave up easily because the first two weeks are the hardest.  Everyone knows that I love food and can identify with my struggles. Once I tried NV Clinical and saw fast results the first week, it motivated me to keep pushing!

Check out her brand new ad below:

Looking good Tami!



NV is full of sh*t. Tried it

NV is full of sh*t. Tried it when Carmen Electra was pushing it and I didn't lose smit. Fortunately, I am not a stranger to hard work and exercise. Diet pills are a waste of money. Don't do it to yourselves.
GetUrLife's picture

Before and After looks bout

Before and After looks bout the same to me! All this Hag did was have more LIPO. Tami has a BAD BAD BODY! Even when she was younger on MTV Real world she was always one of those tall chicks w/ a FLICK'TED body! Some of these tall chicks think cuz they are tall that they have nice bodies. I say NO MA'aM, A BIG BACK, A HIGH WAIST, A BAD MIDDLE ,TREE TRUNK LEGS AND SOME KNOCKED TWISTED IN KNEES, = A BAD BODY! TALLER folks w/ BAD BODIES ARE: NeNe Leakes, Jennifer Hudson, Tami Romans,Jennifer Williams,Wendy Williams. TAMI ROMANS is the #1BITTER ALCOHOLIC HAG!
Shay's picture

Tami's magazine pic looks so

Tami's magazine pic looks so ridiculous....lol. What doctor approved a woman who just had a heart attack and just quit smoking to not only undergo weight loss surgery but also to take diet pills? They must be trying to kill her off.
shuga's picture

Lol! "Kill her off" I got a

Lol! "Kill her off" I got a feeling this chick don't care how she gets the weight off, just as long as her DUMB ASS can have a spot on the show. I can't w/ her. How do you marry a baller, have 2 kids from the baller, and still end up A DUMB BROKE BITCH! Yet she thinks she's so smart.
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Things that MAKE YOU GO

Things that MAKE YOU GO HMMMM. Tori and Carmen Caboom ALWAYS posting within 2 comments of each other..HMMM..you would think that NUTCASE WACKJOB tori made yet another account to talk to hiself with
BEEMA's picture

Speaking of fake accounts....

Speaking of fake accounts.... There's someone going around making a mockery out of you, "BEEMA SUX DIX," yet you don't seem to have a problem with it, why is that? How is it that you have the time to mess with innocent people who post their REAL photos, yet have NO PROBLEMS with someone that is MALICIOUSLY and INTENTIONALLY trying to piss you off?!! You're either 1. DUMB AF, 2. don't care because the avi doesn't have a real photo for you to be jealous of and criticize, or BOTH!
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BOY WHY U SO OBSESSED WITH ME?? Seriously b!tch, I love Carmen's comments but we are CLEARLY NOT the same person, she was carryin on an ENTIRE CONVERSATION with @LetsGetIt when I was SKOOLIN ur NUEROTIC A$$ yesterday in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT POST! YOUR OTHER ACCT said I was copyn & pastin sh!t from Word (blankstare) but unless ALL THREE of US are the SAME PERSON, HOW THE FUCK AM I GOIN TO KNOW WHAT HE IS GOIN TO SAY (OR WHAT U WERE GOIN TO SAY) THROUGHOUT THE CONVERSATION for me to prepare a reply?? Lil BOY go to bed, SUM OF US (NOT U) have a job to report to in the mornin....D!CKFACE!
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tom100's picture

Tami had surgery and she's

Tami had surgery and she's still built like a drumstick.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LMAO....*PERFECT* analogy!

LMAO....*PERFECT* analogy!
tori's picture

Tami looks good, looks like

Tami looks good, looks like she quit drinkin so much BEER, & kicked the SMOKIN habit! Look forward to seein her on the NEW SEASON of BBW's!
tori's picture

Tami looks great!

Tami looks great!
_princessmulan's picture

And I always thought that

And I always thought that Black Men magazine was a classy men's magazine, didn't know it was such a trashy publication. I can imagine that they'll be in the porn mags next. It's good to see Tami winning lately, such a great Welfare-To-Work tale, but she looks better to me with more meet on her bones.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Tami Ro-MAN may have lost

Tami Ro-MAN may have lost weight but her body is still unfortunate, especially those sand timer shaped legs.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Tammi in those white

Tammi in those white stockings and black dress. Comon' now chic..
TrueThinker's picture

OKAY GURL! *snaps fingers*

OKAY GURL! *snaps fingers*
BEEMA's picture

I don't hate ppl, however I

I don't hate ppl, however I dislike Tami.
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

SMH @ Joseline. She looks

SMH @ Joseline. She looks feminine in the pix-if I ignore the skanky poses...she could get MAJOR deals with MAJOR $ but she's content with the $10 she's getting thru Stevie-I mean SteBee's hood contacts. SMH...Diamond looks like a lil girl trying to be sexy. Tami looks better but has her bullying attitude improved? THAT'S the question. PS: no one who's had a heart-attack ought to take or endorse weight-loss drugs. SMH...

This ninga here, if that dumb

This ninga here, if that dumb azz Mimi still riding the Stebbie J bus she a stupid bish.
TeaNicole's picture

OMG @ Diamond aka Cubic

OMG @ Diamond aka Cubic Zarconian taking off all her clothes! Werk Ho-saline!
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