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FAMILY VACATION! Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz & The Kids HIT THE SKI SLOPES In Canada [MORE PICS]


Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz rounded up their kids for a big family vacation....hitting the snowy slopes of Canada!  Check out their cutesy Holiday vacay inside...


After hopping on a private jet to head to Whistler, Canada for some skiing, Swizzy & Alicia gave the kids the time of their lives.



All the sons were in tow--Kaseem Jr., Nasir and baby Egypt.


And Alicia brought her brother Cole along so that the boys' uncle could have some fun with them.


Looks like the fam had some posh digs while out in the snowy Canadian city--with a chef fixing everyone breakfast in a private home.



Alicia put on her skiis and snowgear to floss her skills.  Then it was dog sledding and snow mobiles for the fam:

Photobucket Photobucket

Was this sword-like knife necessary Swizzy?  I'm sure the champagne was though.  He tweeted:

“We don’t pop bottles we Chop Bottles #ICEPARTY 2013"

More pics from the family vacay:


  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Sweet!  Next up for Alicia: She's filmed a Master Class for Oprah's OWN channel.  Fab way to spend Christmas and the New Year. 

Pics: Alicia Keys' fansite



Cute family pictures. And

Cute family pictures. And people need to quit with that Mashonda sh*t. The woman was and is still in denial about her marriage failing and was hoping to get back together with Swizz. She then got her two minutes of fame by calling out Alicia because she never called out the other woman who had Swizz's daughter because nobody would have paid any notice. Why do women hold on to men that are dogging them and are shocked when the man finally leaves.
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@BEE•MAN STFU, no1 gives two

tori's picture

I meant "their" relationship.

I meant "their" relationship. Correct grammar is so important.

That's right yall (Beema,

That's right yall (Beema, Whatis Yousayin) school those bishes! What goes around comes right back around. If you want your relationship to be good, don't do harmful things to other women in there relationship!

Alicia is in he & mashondas

Alicia is in he & mashondas wedding pics for christs sake!

that's a dirty b*tch right

that's a dirty b*tch right there...baybee that's why when I have my main men none of my friends meet him. That's the fastest way to have men problems is too many females around your man. I bet Mashonda was telling Ho'licia all her business and Ho'licia was being the shoulder to cry on. The whole time that b*tch was strategizing on her next move..smh
BEEMA's picture


tori's picture

Tehe..Well even with

Tehe..Well even with Stealicia and all her indiscretions..at least she play wit them dam chilren'..lol unlike one of her close peers. smhlol....
Like Really's picture

Steal'aman-icia Keys is

Steal'aman-icia Keys is really doing it up! How you going to go on a vacation with Mashonda's kids and act like you are not the reason the kids are not with their mom and dad in the first place? This just goes to show you that people will play your friend and be jealous and envious of you the whole entire time wanting your life. Mashonda need to beat her a$$!!
BEEMA's picture

Your comments explains A LOT!

Your comments explains A LOT! You've been DUMPED and your BEST so called FRIEND BETRAYED YOU! GET OVER IT MENTAL CASE! I'm sure the better person WON, SO GET YOUR WEAK PATHETIC ASS OFF THIS SITE 24/7 AND TRY AGAIN! STOP taking your RAGE out on all the FEMALES on YBF! MOVE ON THERE'S A NEW FELLOW TROLL IN EVERY CITY SON! I've IDENTIFIED the PROBLEM now IT'S UP TO YOU to get TREATMENT. Good Luck w/ that.
Shay's picture

OMG @Shay, thank u for

OMG @Shay, thank u for breakin that sh!t down & gettin all IYANLA VANZANT lol. That explains why that CRAZY RAGING TRANNY, stay STALKIN & TALKIN CRAZY about us WOMEN on here! Damn....WHAT A L-O-S-E-R! That thing is REALLY CRAZY, ENVIOUS & JEALOUS of ME, to a point that HE startin sh!t with OTHER PPL & callin them Tori..SO SAD, TOO BAD!
tori's picture

,Haha ! # ¹ Tranny Tragic

,Haha ! # ¹ Tranny Tragic Hoe who's been DUMPED A Whole lot of times.
Shay's picture

lol @ Posh Digs. my son has

lol @ Posh Digs. my son has that same blue/red/white pajama set from the Childrens Place and that same exact red flannel shirt from Woolrich. Natasha swear she knows fashion....lol
shuga's picture

Nice family vacay pics.

Nice family vacay pics. Would love to that for my family one day, that top notch. I dont know these people personally but all I can say is, if she took Swiss away from his wife, then the love between him and his wife wasn't that true. She didn't steal that man, he left.

If you've ever been married-

If you've ever been married- and I'm sure you haven't- you would know that marriages have rough spots sometimes. Alicia preyed on and befriended Mashonda while she was sleeping with her husband behind her back. For Ho'licia to slide into the situation deceitfully knowing she was coming in between a man and his wife is COLDBLOODED and wrong. She did steal him. Back in the day hoes and mistresses knew that they were the side piece and played their part. They respected the marriage-regardless of what shape it was in. And you'll never be able to do this for your family, you're broke and thats how it is.
BEEMA's picture

Nice family!

Nice family! http://sugarbabedoll.blogspot.com/
Pixiesticks's picture

Their son together is so

Their son together is so cute, but after reading the blogs and the magazines, every time i see Alicia Keys I can't help but to think "man stealer" I feel for his ex. *shrugs*
_princessmulan's picture

Maybe the girls mother

Maybe the girls mother doesn't want her around Alicia... Tiny's situation is different, kids were on the scene before her... (shrugs))) they should work that out though...

I just have one question: Why

I just have one question: Why is Swiss daughter never part of the family activities? It's like he only cares about his son's. I'm tired of people acting like Alicia is so hands on with all his children, cause that's not true. I can give Tiny her props for knowing how to treat all of T.I's children equally.

He sees his daughter. Brings

He sees his daughter. Brings the boys with him when he does. She lives in the UK. That's probably why she's not with the family as often.
Iridescent One's picture

his daughter lives overseas.

his daughter lives overseas. maybe her mom didnt allow her to go ....shruggs. I just cant with alicia. acting like the family oriented stepmom knowing what you did to kassem jr & his mom & their family!!!! TOO FOUL.Karma!

I didn't know you knew them

I didn't know you knew them personally. Are you a family friend?? Relative? Nanny? Maid?? You must be BFF's with Mashonda. Mind you, Swizz had a baby with a woman overseas before he and Alicia got together, but shame on Alicia. LOL.
Iridescent One's picture

Bish dont get cute! You didnt

Bish dont get cute! You didnt know a lot of shhh. Im not a frd of Mashonda but i know ho shh when i see it. You must be one to cosign. and i dont care how many kids he had on his WIFE..everybody knew he was married. so shame on all u hos!

But Mashonda delt with that

But Mashonda delt with that within her marriage. Also the mistress STAYED the mistress and did not try to BREAK UP a happy home and take Mashonda's place. And whoever comments on this blog does not have to know anyone personally- the blog is here to give opinions! What Ho'Licia Keys did was foul and a horrible example to set, sin is sin and wrong is wrong #youmad?
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