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Kelly Rowland Gives A SANDY Shout Out For Blue Ivy's 1st Birthday!


Kelly Rowland jetted to the Bahamas to join Beyonce, Jay-Z and friends to celebrate Blue Ivy's 1st birthday.  Check out her sandy message tot he tiny tot inside....



Auntie Kelly was all about Baby Blue Ivy Carter's 1st birthday today.  While spending the day on the beach, she tweeted the above message in the sand to B.I.C.  And tweeted a pic of herself being a "beach bum" as she said.



Beyonce posted the above pic today straight from the beach as well.  A few of Bey's dancers and her stylist Ty Hunter all joined the Carters in the Bahamas as well.  Fun times!


Happy Birthday Blue!


Pics: Instagram




Happy Birthday Blu! Her

Happy Birthday Blu! Her cheeks look so cute, but was hoping to see her face.
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Happy Birthday, Blu!!

Happy Birthday, Blu!!
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Well Kelly can the baby

Well Kelly can the baby scoot, crawl, walk or anything while u writing messages in the dam sand?! Smhlol ok..*bac to sippin' my wine
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How adorable. Happy bday

How adorable. Happy bday precious one (Blue). And I love Kelly's 'hair'. So glad to see Black women rocking extensions that more closely resemble their natural hair.
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kelly is in Hawaii

kelly is in Hawaii
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Kellz is thirsty....that baby

Kellz is thirsty....that baby can't read
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

and she also doesn't

and she also doesn't understand the meaning of gifts yet, but watch she gets a ton of em....sit down.
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Doesnt every other 1yr baby

Doesnt every other 1yr baby in this country and around the world? Have a seat. Right there. Yes. Sit.
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You and Lisa Ray hoe

You and Lisa Ray hoe consciousness can get off my post. just like i said, there was nothing wrong with what Kelly did.
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Please go and suck the end of

Please go and suck the end of a shotgun........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE IVY CARTER. BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!!! Love the Carters and wish their family many more blessings. :)

A year later and still no

A year later and still no official face picture of this child..just blurry photos, silhouettes, and photos of the child's back. Blue Ivy is going to be another Blanket. They need to start calling her Blur because those are the only pics of this child!..smh
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LMAOO!!! Blur is right. Blur

LMAOO!!! Blur is right. Blur Carter.
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LMAO @ Blur!!

LMAO @ Blur!!
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