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OH: "Django Unchained" ACTION Figures Hit The MARKET + Jamie Foxx & Kerry Washington REMIX "All Gold Everything"


Quentin Tarantino and the Weinstein company are capitalizing on the success of the Django Unchained flick with a selection of "Django" action figures. Find out more inside.....


Along the same lines as other profitable action flicks, the Weinstein company has released a line of action figures associated with its hit Django Unchained

The eight-inch action figures are available on Amazon.com and come "...with tailored clothing, weaponry, and accessories in the likeness of characters played by Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and Christoph Waltz."

Noted black film critic Tim Gordon spoke to The Daily Beast about the dolls and the film saying, “There were a lot of things that were done for Django that would’ve never been done for Inglourious Basterds … but people don’t speak up. People have gotten so -- I don’t know if the word is comfortable or naïve. We just want to go along to get along and it’s very frustrating.”

While we all agree that the company should be able to profit from the success of the flick, are we ok with "slavery" being turned into a marketable commodity....again?  Given, the movie was not a documentary or truly historical depiction of slavery as it was a Hollywood film for entertainment.  But didn't the film portray pretty true points about slavery...and therefore the action figures could be taken as a glorification of what went down?

Also, Amazon doesn't go into detail about the accessories but we wonder if either character comes with a "whip."  And how would we feel about that?

Speak on it....are the dolls an example of marketing going too far?



In other Django news....


During an interview with HipHollywood, actors Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx broke out into an impromptu tribute to Trinidad James with a verse of "All Gold Everything." Hilar.  Check it out above...

Fans of Jamie, Quentin and Leo can see the cast talk about the film on last night's "Nightline":





There is currently a petition

There is currently a petition on Change.org for the removal of the D'Jango slave dolls that currently being sold. These action figures are being sold and traded as slaves. I've seen commentary from people (other races) that want them just so they can continue to spew hatred towards African Americans. As you know there are protest to prohibit the sale of these dolls. People are taking notice to the travesty.  Please go onto this link & share! Quentin Tarantino, Weinstein Co. & NECA- Stop the sale of DJango Unchained slave dolls View the petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/quentin-tarantino-weinstein-co-and-neca-d-jango-unchained-slave-dolls-stop-the-sale-of-django-unchained-slave-dolls?utm_source=guides&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_created Currently, there are well over 18K+ signatures from all races and parts of our country. Everyone is outraged and want to do something about it. The information is catching fire and being shared with everyone!
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Those dolls are

Those dolls are sick...twisted...evil creatures. They probably come alive at night and kill people like Tales from the Hood!
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For those of you'll who saw

For those of you'll who saw the movie, did anyone else think Samuel Jackson's character/Stephen look (& act) just like UNCLE RUCKUS from BOONDOCKS?
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I FINALLY saw the movie, & I

I FINALLY saw the movie, & I actually enjoyed it! I don't mind the "ACTION FIGURES" but I DO mind a JEWISH COMPANY manufacturing them!
tori's picture

Ok the doll is a bit much

Ok the doll is a bit much there Mr. Tarantino. You get two side eyes, and a "ho siddown" from me.
TrueThinker's picture

Do you think that the Jews

Do you think that the Jews would allow A BALD-HEADED, STARVATION LOOKING HOLOCAUST CONCENTRATION CAMP DOLLS to be sold? HELL NO! So SLAVERY DOLLS ARE OK! This is APPAULING, the Jews are very very SENSITIVE to the ATROCITIES THEY HAVE ENDURED AS A PEOPLE AND NEVER EVER let us FORGET IT. Day in and day we are ENINDATED w/ the history channel talking about Hitler and the Holocaust so much that at times you become DESYNTHESIZED TO IT. They are QUICK to call people ANTI-SEMITIC IN A HEART BEAT and would never ever be as PASSIVE as we have become about our history! THIS WOULD BE HEADLINE NEWS if CONCENTRATION DOLLS WERE BEING MADE! WAKE UP PEOPLE! I will never ever take any part in supporting this movie! EVER!
Shay's picture

@Shay, Jews stick together,

@Shay, Jews stick together, which is a trait that Blacks tend to lack! Because the Black community is so divided, it makes it easy for an OUTSIDER to come in and throw a few dollars, and have a few of them back their idiotic plan of destroyin the Black ppl! If Blacks looked out for each other the way Jews do, this country would have a Black president DECADES AGO!
tori's picture

@Tori, I could not get on

@Tori, I could not get on yesterday later to save my life I was thinking Natasha had it out for me. My laptop and tablidboth said every time I tried to log in error on the script page. You are so right though, I worked around a lot of Jews and that is what I like about them how they stick together and take care of each other. Even though they are always saving and getting jobs for their relatives and friends they rally for one another. They do come across their Bernie Murdocks here and there but they have each other's back. I guess the jeep is all but forgotten.
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Thanks Shay...can alwayz

Thanks Shay...can alwayz count on u..Movies are made to imitate fact or fiction capsules of life thru its ART...but sum want like to deem in this case Move Along or Moving on up, oh we in the big league now, successful piece of the pie huh?!...Well of course its not incapable ..,HOWEVA its best "WE" dont forget..,that our PRESIDENT in all his GLORY and POWER, *no offense pun...still wakes up and has to RUN who, what umm yea WHITE AMERICA.., melting pots and ALL! I do believe that sayys more than enough..no need for a documentary! I dont care if it was a "good" movie...I wud neva support it either so I say carry on....Feito! *sigh
Like Really's picture

@Like Really, Sorry that I am

@Like Really, Sorry that I am a day late and a dollar short from getting to reply back to you but, I was beginning to think that Natasha was banding me from this site all day yesterday I could not log in but Thank-You too for being a voice of reason for me too.
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PLease visit the petition to

PLease visit the petition to put a stop to this madness. Slavery is not game time. It was a sad and bruttal chapter in out nation's history. Let's make amazon.com stop this. Please share the link: https://www.change.org/petitions/amazon-com-stop-the-sale-of-django-toys

-_^ uh no, don't do this

-_^ uh no, don't do this
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW¡!!. I'm Seriously having a Nigger moment. Saw the movie - can't say I like it ~ won't say I dislike it. It does have comedic moments. Leonardo and Samuel L. deliver ~ but action figures?¿ REALLY?¿ That's that bullshit!!¡¡
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Saddest post I seen to

Saddest post I seen to date... who in the hell wants a Django doll? I loved the movie and loved ALL of the characters I just can't see spending 5 cents on a slave doll ! Couldn't they market something else? posters, books,

Hell...We've been gettin'

Hell...We've been gettin' slaved out and exploited since Hattie McDaniel played the role of 'Mammy' in Gone with the wind.... the problem today is 'we' think because we have a black president, we now all-of-a-sudden live in a Post-Racial Society... As Muhammad Ali said in his later years, even with all of his accolades, and success he had as the 'People's Champ'...to them, as he said he's "Still a N__a" ....just because you domesticate a Pit Bull, don't ever forget it's in its blood to fight and kill...so you shouldn't be surprised if one day it reverts back to its nature...
Grown Man Ish's picture

I saw the movie and I love

I saw the movie and I love the movie..I totally understand marketing..I just feel like 'a slave doll' is inappropiate
rant's picture

This MOVIE is,is just

This MOVIE is,is just that........MOVE alonG my people. We NEED to look at this movie and be entertained. WE (black) are a POWER look at us NOW......its not like Jamie died in the movie.

We are a power?! What Black

We are a power?! What Black people are you talking about? Black People are at the worst now than they've been in 80 years. You coons deserve to be called n*ggers
BEEMA's picture


tori's picture

Uh..NO..NO NO NO NO..this has

Uh..NO..NO NO NO NO..this has got to be a joke. These must be dolls for robot chicken..no no no
rant's picture

I havent been too vocal about

I havent been too vocal about the movie..but I'll be damned this shit here is a little to much and low key its just another way to trick the masses into making this feel or be OKAY.. even for US and its NOT! Good or bad movie its still a depiction of slaves being mocked then and the BLIND ONES NOW! smh...*sigh
Like Really's picture

another account Tori? You are

another account Tori? You are one crazy FAWK
BEEMA's picture


AYEEEEE BISH FUCK u and YOUR OBSESSION w/ur irrelevant self...but I AINT THE ONE...IT aint BUT ONE LIKE REALLY in this MF'uKA and IM not Playin' nor going back in forth after u've replied to ur dam self a million times...YOUZ got one MO time before I LITERALLY stop and DESIST ur now 4 current accounts!! YOU already have a problem with attention but plz dont open this can of whoop azz...I play DIRTY wit IGNANT half pints like u that'll NEVER deserve FAIR!
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YESSS MA'AM!! That simp

YESSS MA'AM!! That simp TRANNY TROLL thinks I'M every1 or every1 is me smh, like u haven't been on this site since FOREVER...BEE•MAN is dumb af! HE FORGETS SUM OF US WORK...UNLIKE HIS UNEMPLOYED BROKE ASS! That TRANVESTIDE stay STALKIN PPL & FLOODIN THE COMMENT SECTION..EW!
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All I can get out of my mouth

All I can get out of my mouth is....REALLY?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

...And mine was WOW!?

...And mine was WOW!? Smhlol....*sigh
Like Really's picture


So they're CAPITALIZING OFF OF SLAVERY?!?!? WAIT..WAIT.. It's 2013 and a major Motion Picture Studio is selling Black Slave Dolls in a box?!? Did I miss something? How can you make a profit off of slavery in 2013? And to sell action figures like real African Americans did not die and were not killed as little as 100 years ago? And I'm sure there will be a bunch of DUMB IGNORANT commenters who will say they think this is cute and whats the harm in it..smh...#NAACPwhereareyou?
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