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NEW MUSIC: Willow Smith's "Sugar & Spice"


Willow Smith just released a brand new song for her fans...and apparently her haters as well.  Check out her airy and melancholy "Sugar & Spice" inside...

Willow is back with her pre-teen angst on "Sugar & Spice."  Shes singing from a seemingly darker place than her "Whip My Hair" track where she claims to be drowning from all of the screaming, criticisms, and whatever else sends a a per-pubescent girl into a tizzy.  She may be the daughter of Hollywood Royalty who seems to lead a charmed life spending her days making music, shopping and chillin' with friends instead of slaving over her long division in school.  But she's telling us she has her problems as well. 

The singer/actress says in the song:

Take a swing at me/I'll fight/Till the death/My light is bright/I tried to be sugar and spice/But I'm melancholy and can't do anything right

The monsters under my bed keeping making noise at night/I just want silence

Love the vibe actually, but we constantly have to remind ourselves it's a 12-year-old singing.  Sounds like homegirl has been going through some deep moments...deeper than necessary at that age.

You feelin' it?

*UPDATE* Willow sampled Radiohead’s "Codex" from the band's latest album The King Of Limbs.




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I am loving this song! I

I am loving this song! I don't know much about Willow Smith, but I've seen alot of pics of her and she looks just like me at that age lol. I bet she reads alot. It's always nice to have an outlet for your feelings :)

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Being born with a silver

Being born with a silver spoon in your mouth does not preclude anyone from deep emotionally conflict. On some level i admire her introspection and rawness. Yes, even from a twelve years old.


BEEMA's picture

I like it. I wonder if

I like it. I wonder if Willow wrote the lyrics herself? But this is a good sound for her. It's very reminiscent of Fiona Apple to me. Willow has quite a bit of talent that seems to have come naturally. Good for her.
The Real Thing's picture

This girl has an amazing

This girl has an amazing spirit, she's definitely self aware.

This comment has been

This comment has been removed.
Featherlight's picture

i think some of you should

i think some of you should really think about your comments. she can't be stressed because she has money? what? that's extremely small of someone to say. money is the root to many evils and can lead many to many pits. think about gamblers. drug dealers. etc. all wanting to win big. thinking that money brings happiness. bull spit! there are plenty of people who are middle class and poor who are happy. maybe you should travel outside of the country and allow your view of happiness to grow. rich, poor, and the areas in between can all lead to stress and depression. amazing song willow. she's talented and speaking of things that many of us can relate to.
yonaton's picture

Willow need to take several

Willow need to take several and remove that imaginary dark depressive cloud from above her head. Their are kids out there who are dealing with the worst, like being poor/abused/neglected/molested etc etc. This girl need to count her blessings and millions...flips hair, that-is-all
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BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


SO FREAKIN TRUE!!! This message should be coming from her dumb ass parents.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Sooooo TRUE..........

Sooooo TRUE..........
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"The monsters under my bed

"The monsters under my bed keeping making noise at night/I just want silence" Po' baby, I just want to take her to church and a Sunday dinner!
tori's picture

She has a very nice voice...I

She has a very nice voice...I like it. Wow at some of ya'lls comments. That is still a little girl.
AnoniNYC12's picture

I really like the song and I

I really like the song and I think she's surely growing into her talent! Stay tuned...she will make a career for herself...not just Will and Jada's daughter. Congratulations Willow!!!

sounds nice

sounds nice
Denise2007's picture

The girl has talent and she

The girl has talent and she shows a variety of taste...i like it...a lot of young people may be able to relate to this...go girl
Reign's picture

Umm Lil' Gurl.. Bye!!

Umm Lil' Gurl.. Bye!! smhlol..
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BEEMA's picture


tori's picture

Damn I did not want to

Damn I did not want to laugh......but LMAO
star's picture

I actually love it. When I

I actually love it. When I was her age I felt the same way, because behind closed doors no one knows what you're going through and to be scrutinized as harshly as she has, I can feel where she is coming from. Basically you can try to please every but in the end nothing you do is ever good enough.
TK's picture

Please, this is a little girl

Please, this is a little girl with unlimited money; I'll bet the only thing Willow worries about is "what can I do to get maximum attention today?" Quit acting like she's some middle class adult with bills to pay and other stressful things to worry about! She's got a charmed life but tries waaaay too hard!
Coffy's picture

@Coffy.. "Please, this is a

@Coffy.. "Please, this is a little girl with unlimited money"...I seen other comments you have made before but you are way off...You think money is the answer to all stress that young people or even adult have..Life is much more than money..Money sometime compounds the already stressful life you may be having...Money does not cure all ills.

I agree. I doubt this girl

I agree. I doubt this girl has much to be stressed about. But then again, who knows? They do say money can't buy happiness. Whatever the case, many music artists don't write their own music. And those who do don't necessarily write about things they've personally experienced. They put out music that they think their fans can relate to. I think that's the case here.
CheyPie's picture

Amazing that somebody can be

Amazing that somebody can be played out before they're a teen! I'm so tired of this girl and her desperation for attention is worse than a kardashian and that's something!
Coffy's picture

Attention seeking...yes.

Attention seeking...yes.
Featherlight's picture

I don't have any younger

I don't have any younger siblings her age so I don't know, but is Willow popular? I'm just curious.
CheyPie's picture


Wow..........................how ORIGINAL...............for someone who thinks she's sooooo different....smh..................
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