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Tahiry Jose Reveals She Bought Ish For Joe Because Of His Bad Credit...And Joe Dishes On Poppin' MOLLYS All Summer-Long!


"LAHH 3" star Tahiry Jose stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about her on-and-off again friendship with rapper Joe Budden and her fight with castmate Raqi Thunda.  Meanwhile, Joe also appeared on the show and talked about his drug use and why he thinks Raqi Thunda is in love with him. Watch the interviews inside.....


Fresh off the heels of her exclusive interview with TheYBF.com, "LAHH 3" star Tahiry Jose stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this AM to talk about the show's first episode and to explain her relationship to some of the show's central characters like her ex-boyfriend Joe Budden and her frenemy Raqi Thunda.

What we really wanted to know is why she came out the gate swinging so hard--literally--thwoing drinks and fighting when we barely knew anyone's name yet.  She must have read the script more passinately than others.  But we digress.

Here are the highlights:

On Joe Budden

She explained that she did not have sex with Joe last July (despite what he claims) and says that they will always share a closeness because of their history. She says that they are not friends "at the moment." She also shared a story about finding Joe hiding under her bed--she gave him a key (after they broke up) and during one of their off-moments he decided to hide under her bed.

She said she is not still interested in Joe (yeah, ok) but because they have a storyline together AND a history, you are going to see some type of emotion between the two of them.  She added she doesn't think she could ever get back with Joe because she doesn't believe anything he says and he needs to mature. 

She mentioned that his "addiction" problem did have an impact on her and she did "buy" a lot of things while they were together because he has bad credit. WOMP.  Maybe that explains why she's still at her waitressign job years later.

On castmate Raqi Thunda

Tahiry admitted to having bad feelings towards her because she feels like Raqi used her to get to Joe.  "There are certain things you just don't do. It's the principal behind the situation."   She said she does believe that Raqi and Joe have slept together, but at this point it really doesn't matter. 

On threesomes

She says she's never had a threesome but she is not opposed to them either. But, she made it clear she is not interested in getting with Joe and his new girlfriend Kailyn. 

On J.R. Smith (who posted that pic of her naked ass in bed with him)

They are still friends but she is a little pissy that he tweeted a pic of her booty without her knowledge last year.  She said that incident helped end their "relationship."  Right....

On Fabolous - She says they messed around when she was 17.  He was not a superstar at the time...he was still on mixtapes.

Watch the interview:



Also on "The Breakfast Club" this morn:

Joe stopped by to defend himself and gave a shockingly candid interview about his role on "LAHH 3." 

On if his behavior is authentic

"None of my scenes [are fake]. All mines were authentic like a mugg. They just serve you all the alcohol in the universe at 8 a.m. and they gon' put you were they gon' put you and you gon' behave like you behave."

On drug/Molly use

"We popped 'em all summer. I stopped."

On why he stopped using Molly

"Well I had a bunch of bad incidents. My brain just operates differently on drugs. It was definitely a relapse."

On Raqi Thunda and their "relationship"

"I mean, me and Raqi did a lot of drugs together...It's easy to fall in love with people when you're doing drugs."

On if he loves Raqi and her feelings for him

"No, I'm of the belief that Raqi is in love with me."

So there you have it.  I see Joe is trying to play that annoying soft voice arrogant Stevie J-style role this season.  So transparent.  But maybe other folks love it....




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hooklookping's picture

Watching that damn TELENOVELA

Watching that damn TELENOVELA last nite was confusing as hell! Their "antics" & plots were all recycled from previous VH1 shows...not feelin it!
tori's picture

Baha..first Tahiry mentioned

Baha..first Tahiry mentioned she was the next NENE LEAKS and now a COVER GIRL...Now DATS funny shit!..Anyhoo more like another ratchet booty model with an attitude and nothing else to offer! chile sit...*back to playin my bass
Like Really's picture

Joe budden is manipulative

Joe budden is manipulative and mind f*cks Tahiry. He got a nice sexy voice tho, flips hair, that-is-all.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I watched last night for the

I watched last night for the first time, who are these people??? the first 10 mins two of the women were fighting it is the same ish like BBW. I probably will not watch again. PS. I tried ot watch the Black Ink Crew show and it was ratchet also. Ewww!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

I wouldnt mind having a bad

I wouldnt mind having a bad credit, being signed to eminem's label, having that big house & that banging girlfriend...I mean come on ! That chick works at a sort off Quiznos restaurant and obviously wants attention -_-''
VumiLia Elba's picture

1st episode was ok...i will

1st episode was ok...i will watch a couple more to see if it gets more interesting. but i do know one thing...if tahiry was allowed to get her hands on raqi, she would've have beat raqi's ass real good. you can tell tahiry is nice with her hands.
diamond2012's picture

I didn't see anything wrong

I didn't see anything wrong with last night's episode. It's what woman do to be with a man, whether it be right, wrong or foolish. This is the most reality I've seen in a reality show. I don't know why everyone thinks LAHHATL is better. At the end of the day, ya'll just want ratchet.

I like some reality shows,

I like some reality shows, it's their REALITY!!!!!! Turn it off if folks don't like it. But to say Tahiry breath, and body smells??? Who talks so dumb???? You smelled her right? So sad females are and I hate this word Hating? What a damn fool you sound like!!!! That's why celebs laugh all the way to the bank lol lol have a good comment that we all can go in on foolish dame. Lol lol
Cynthia Cole's picture

Hoe, eat ass and die!!! You

Hoe, eat ass and die!!! You damn right, yeah, I SAID IT and I don't back peddle! Her mouth looks like her breath might smell like dick, her body looks gross, like it might smell like old cum. And I'll add that she's just as WACK and busted as Joe's tired, nasty, stank looking ass! She's suppose to be a so-called boss booty model - yet working tables at that low brow pub?! C'mon, Son! NASTY! I refuse to watch that shit EVER again! Mona Scott, you couldn't find NOBODY ELSE, other than this raggedy, broke down shit?!?!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I tried. I really did. I

I tried. I really did. I tried to watch that crap last night and it hurt me all on the inside...every second of it...it hurt me all on the inside and I promised myself (and my eyes and ears) that I would never subject myself to that anguish ever again voluntarily. Oh. My. God. That was the WORST ish, even worse than LAHH Atlanta or the first NY version. Wow. Tahiry looks so stankin, like her breath might smell like d*ck and her whole body might smell light old sex residue. Ewwww. And that black "dress" she wore to her "job"? Wow. Where they do THAT at, the Playboy Pub?! I can believe that Joe was "popping Molly's" all summer long because he definitely sounds and looks like something ain't right with him. And he's actually "proud" of that?! Wow. He looks soooooo gross and disgusting to me, like he needs a boiling hot bath. He's boring, disrespectful to his so-called girlfriend, his music and clothing is wack, and his whole storyline is just wack. I could tell that he's struggling and I can imagine that the Cadillac Escalade was a last ditch lease to give the illusion like he's balling...smh. And that house...smh. Mona Scott, you ought to be ASHAMNED of yourself...ASHAMNED!!! I won't be watching that mess again. On another reality show note (I can't stand reality shows, btw, but I'll try watching this one), T-Boz's show premiers tonight on TLC.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

wait isnt she a waitress tho?

wait isnt she a waitress tho? o_O and Joe def. needs to leave the Bigen in his beard alone.
shuga's picture

Who cares...NEXT!!!

Who cares...NEXT!!!
Beautifull Jessi's picture

It seems like there's at

It seems like there's at least 5 stories posted per day about LAHH. ENOUGH!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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