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CANDIDS: Jada Pinkett And Tyra Banks OUT And ABOUT In NYC + Halle Berry HUGGING Nahla At SCHOOL



Tyra Banks and Jada Pinkett were both spotted on the streets of New York while Halle Berry gave Nahla a big hug before she left for school in California yesterday. See the candids inside...


Jada Pinkett was seen leaving a taping of "Katie" in New York City yesterday where she chatted with talkshow host Katie Couric. 


On the episode, which will air January 14, Jada spoke about her work to bring international awareness to human trafficking.


And she looked amazing in a yellow dress that hugged all of her curves.


Jada, who recently lent her voice to Madagascar 3, will soon be lending support on the red carpet to her hubby Will and son Jaden when they star in After Earth hitting the big screen this summer. 


Also in New York....


Hardworking media mogul Tyra Banks was spotted leaving an office building in New York city yesterday.


The supermodel, who was dressed to the nines in a stylish gray dress, black tights, black heels and a long winter coat, has been featured on the cover of several international glossies in the past few months proving that she's still at the top of her game.  


Meanwhile, the model's "SMIZE" app is proving to be one of the most popular apps on the market as many picture takers (including men hoping to land on "ANTM") have downloaded it.


And in California.....


Halle Berry was seen taking daughter Nahla to school yesterday.


Before they said goodbye, the mother and daughter were seen in a touching embrace.


Halle Berry is also among this year' nominees who will be highlighted on BET Honors 2013 (February 11) for their work in the community.

Photos via FAME/Splash




Jada looks fab in that dress!

Jada looks fab in that dress! Too bad Halle can't even have a private moment to drop her daughter off at school...

That's a dope dress Jada is

That's a dope dress Jada is wearing...I love her style!!
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hooklookping's picture

Tyra, PUH-LEASE burn that

Tyra, PUH-LEASE burn that lacefront wig ASAP! Jada is lookin good, love the shoes & Nahla is such a little cutie!
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lulitadow92's picture

Jada werk those CHEEK

Jada werk those CHEEK IMPLANTS mama! I see you
BEEMA's picture

Ugh, I hate she did that!

Ugh, I hate she did that! Every time I see Lena James, it just reminds me of what she's done to her face and how cute she once was! Why can't celebs just leave their faces alone?
MrsCPA's picture

jada looks amazing...not

jada looks amazing...not feelin tyra's outfit, but her face & body look nice
diamond2012's picture

Baha.. I didn't know Tyra was

Baha.. I didn't know Tyra was so knock kneed..,Lil' Jada looks good in that yellow and I saw a dress similar to that on P.R.., Nayla is growing up so fast and stay looking mad...but Halle's never out of her reach!
Like Really's picture

Jada Pinkett-Smith is her

Jada Pinkett-Smith is her name. She looks nice. Love the yellow dress and the shoes. Tyra's hair looks a hot mess. Nahla looks like she grows every time I see her.
Iridescent One's picture

"Smize" ...Tyra (but that

"Smize" ...Tyra (but that looks GROSS) **gets into a catfight and a titty pops-out** ...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


shylibra's picture

Jada's tiny ass is workin

Jada's tiny ass is workin that dress, now if only she'd stop f--k--g up her face.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I guess that vow to never

I guess that vow to never wear weaves/wigs again is over.

Tyra Banks may be at the top

Tyra Banks may be at the top of her game but that wig is not! Fix your hairline...
SweetDivaT's picture

Hunty! If that wig ain't a

Hunty! If that wig ain't a mess! Miss Tyra knows she is way too fierce for this foolishness.
MrsCPA's picture

these 40 year olds are doing

these 40 year olds are doing the dam thing!! kudos to all of the ladies and little Nahla. ♥
shuga's picture

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