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SPOTTED: Diddy & Cassie HOUSEHUNTING In Bevery Hills...TOGETHER!


Diddy and Cassie were seen in Beverly Hills yesterday where they appeared to be shopping for a home.  See pics from their real estate hunt inside....


It looks like Kim and Kanye aren't the only couple locking down their relationship with a new mansion as media mogul Diddy was seen leaving an appointment with a Beverly Hills real estate agent yesterday.


What's interesting is that Cassie (who's working on a mixtape called Rock-a-Bye-Baby) joined Diddy at the same appointment, but made sure to walk out a few steps after him on their search for a new home together.

Since they went through so much trouble to avoiding being photographed together, we wonder if Diddy getting ready to settle down?

Photos via Splash




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Who the f*ck goes

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What is Bevery Hills? I've

What is Bevery Hills? I've never heard of that place...another instance OF YOUR STUPIDITY! You really need to jump off a cliff hunny
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now will that house be in

now will that house be in Diddy or Cassie's name? hmmmm lol

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Puffy looks like an

Puffy looks like an orangutan!!
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lmao all that money im sure

lmao all that money im sure he can hire a chef that can cook healthier meals, and get a trainer.... or somthing bahahah at the orangutan

That extra medium tight sweat

That extra medium tight sweat suit is not the bizness, flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO...now we know

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO...now we know why he stays in a suit; cuz otherwise Diddy looks like an extra from New Jack City!

ya know...smh LOL

ya know...smh LOL
sexybrownpyt's picture

And it's me and you...now...I

And it's me and you...now...I been waiting...Think I'm gonna make that move...Now!
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