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FIRST LOOK: Mary J. Blige & Angela Bassett In “Betty & Coretta” + Solange ANNOUNCES "TRUE" Tour Dates


Lifetime has released a first look at R&B singer Mary J. Blige and actress Angela Bassett in their roles for "Betty & Correta." See the pic inside and find out where Solange Knowles is headed for her "True" tour......


Music legend Mary J. Blige, who turns 42 today, is set to star in the Lifetime original move Betty & Correta alongside award-winning actress Angela Bassett. Premiering Saturday, February 2 at 8/7c, the film will tell the dual real-life stories of Coretta Scott King (played by Angela) and Dr. Betty Shabazz (played by Mary) as they create an unbreakable life-long bond after their husbands’ tragic assassinations.

The movie is the first of three original films the network is launching to celebrate Black History Month. Toni Braxton and Mykelti Williamson are set to star in Twist of Faith on Saturday, February 9 at 8/7c followed by Pastor Brown featuring Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Ernie Hudson, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Nicole Ari Parker, and Rockmond Dunbar on Saturday, February 16 at 8/7c.


In other news:


Solange Knowles is set to embark on an intimate tour for her critically acclaimed disc True starting February 5 in San Francisco.

Now that a physical version of True is available in retail stores in addition to iTunes, Solange is gearing up for her second single “Lovers in the Parking Lot”.  It will follow up "Losing You", which appeared on many folks "Best of 2012" play lists.

Solange's “True” Tour Dates

Feb. 5 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent
Feb. 7 – West Hollywood, CA – House of Blues (with special guest Jhené Aiko)
Feb. 19 – Boston, MA – Paradise
Feb. 20 – New York, NY – Webster Hall
Feb. 21 – Washington, D.C. – Black Cat
Feb. 22 – Toronto, ON – The Danforth Music Hall
Feb. 23 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge






I know Angela Bassett is so

I know Angela Bassett is so tired of these roles
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I might go just to boo her

I might go just to boo her
BEEMA's picture

solange looks real

solange looks real pretty......i just cant believe trey songz forgot to put on his boxers...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Angela Bassett looks so

Angela Bassett looks so gorgeous...lol and damn MJB is younger than her isn't she? She looks like she's lived a hard knock life standing next to Ms Bassett.
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Angela Bassett is such a

Angela Bassett is such a versatile actress. You have to adore her! This is a nice movie for Mary J, as well.
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Angela Bassett looks

Angela Bassett looks stunning, I'm sure she'll give an incredible performance.
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Angela Bassett is so

Angela Bassett is so UNDERRATED in Hollywood its a shame! She deserves at least 5 Oscars...AT LEAST! Mary is ONLY 42?? HAPPY BDAY!
tori's picture

Ikr! That woman has paid her

Ikr! That woman has paid her dues and it's time she be rewarded. And to think Bey actually thought she should have won an academy award for dream girls and Cadillac Records (which her acting in CR was actually good IMO) before great actresses like Angela Bassett who's been in this game for a min, is insulting.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

you're a fool. Oscars are

you're a fool. Oscars are not given because of how many years you've been in Hollywood or how many films you've made- if that was the case every black actor from the 80s or 90s would have one. Martin Scorcese just got his first Oscar within the past few years after making classics like the Godfather, and Leonardo DiCaprio STILL does not have one. Sit your dumb chipmunk face down somewhere
BEEMA's picture

I'm sorry, but if my career

I'm sorry, but if my career was grounded like Solo's, the last place I would be performing is at a place called Bottom Lounge to add insult to injury.
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BWAAHHHAA HAAAHHAA BWAHHHAA!! SOO-LONG will do ANYTHING to keep from spending time with her SON!
tori's picture

You're probably right and I

You're probably right and I wouldn't be surprised if he calls her by her first name. smhlol....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

SO-LONG prolly told the poor

SO-LONG prolly told the poor boy, she & Beyonce are his sisters & Mama Tina wicked ass made her carry him inside her cuz her insides were ROTTED & Beyoncé was off BEING A STAR! Lol
tori's picture

I tried to be eccentric and

I tried to be eccentric and listen to Solange's music but I just don't dig it. Maybe Angela volunteered to do it? I hope Mary earned extra credit in her acting classes because she's in the spotlight with the woman who played Anna Mae Bullock!
Username's picture

And just who is going to her

And just who is going to her sold out concerts? I predict it will be Bey, Tina, Lil BoBo, and her son Juliette, and maybe their illegitimate lil brother, cuz Jay has already told Bey he ain't going. Wow it is sad to see Angela Basset having to do a Lifetime movie. Well Kudos," I THINK" to both her and Mary.
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@Shay, I'm gon need for u to go back to that Azealia Banks Confirms Collab with Beyoncé post & read what that TRAILER TRASH TRANNY BEE•MAN said was the reason behind why HE won't post HIS own AVATAR...that TRANSVESTIDE is DELLUSIONAL!!!!
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@Tori, Really? So now "It"

@Tori, Really? So now "It" works for DefJam Not Even! Some DRAG QUEENS KNOW THEY CAN HAVE A WILD DELUSIONAL IMAGINATIONS! Did you read what I wrote to you under the LaLa story, I really spoke WAY TO SOON! I believe that Beema is this TROLLl called @Serious Styles that person also said they worked for Def Jam and was a 19yr old model. These people are CRAY CRAY making up lies! @Styles use to be on here 24/7 like Beema does now, this was before she made you log-in
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I just wrote u back about the

I just wrote u back about the LaLa situation. BEE•MAN ain't been on here 2day that much cuz EVERYTIME HE POST SUMTHIN UNDER MY COMMENT, I just say.."SIR...WHERE IS UR AVATAR?" so maybe he searchin thru DEF JAM's Facebook page tryin to STEAL SUM1 ELSE IDENTITY..IDK & IDC..HE CRAY CRAY! I don't even care WHO has a PIC & who DOESN'T...it's a BLOG, but when u go around & call ppl "NAPPY HEADED" or "COONS" or "MANLY/TRANNY" u BETTER HAVE UR OWN PIC UP, not that it matters cuz ain't NO EXCUSE for sayin sh!t like that about ANYBODY! I make fun of CELEBS like ER'BODY ELSE cuz this site is NOT A FANSITE...if celebs want to be ADORED they can go to their OWN WEBSITE! I just don't like that TRASH BEE•MAN THE TRAILER TRASH TRANNY be talkin ESPECIALLY WHEN HE GOT A WHITE LUNATIC as his AVATAR! I didn't really frequent this site as much as I do now, be4 we had to log in. I don't know who or what Furious Styles was but I think its MIGHTY STRANGE that once Kai stopped STALKIN me..like A DAY LATER, BEE•MAN turned on me...the CRAZY thing is, WE WRE KOOL up until I CORRECTED him, then I guess he got ANGRY AS HELL & started callin me a SPIC & TRANNY & SH!T & I was like "OK B!TCH, LET's GO!" All the other (2) blogs I go to it's just ppl crackin jokes & sayin sh!t about CELEBS...NOT EACH OTHER! In the words of Sweet Brown "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!" I'ma need to call my friend Manny & ask him to make me a shirt that says that in BOLD letters, he work at a t-shirt shop..I call it the SWEAT SHOP LOL.
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Yeah @Tori, the Kae person

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OMG...TALK ABOUT CREEPSTERS IN THE WORLD! I'm kinda a private person when it comes to my PERSONAL life which is why I never say WHERE I LIVE OR WHAT I DO/WHERE I WORK on ANY site. I have facebook, but it's mainly for my work! (I work for an advertising company) I ain't no hooker lol. I have a comfortable life, NO KIDS, NO ROOMMATES NO DRAMA & I prefer to KEEP it that way. A girlfriend of mine dated an African, he was from North Africa so he looked more Middle Eastern than "black" but he was SUPER CRAZY/POSSESSIVE & JEALOUS, I told her to get rid of that fool before she ended up buried in a ditch sum where or on an episode SNAPPED! Looks like the KOO KOO DRAG KING IS BACK LOL...DAMN IT MAN!
tori's picture

I've always loved the

I've always loved the Lifetime Movie Network. I'll definitely be tuning in next month. It amazes me that they can make legitimate, solid films for Black History month. Yet, BET never seems to make anything worth watching on its network. Just sayin.
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Looks like Solange is on the

Looks like Solange is on the Dorm Room Tour. ....or Bingo Hall Tour. ......lol..........m
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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