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SNEAK PEEK: Karrueche Tran Channels Yoko Ono For "ROLLING OUT"


Karrueche Tran posed for ROLLING OUT Magazine recently where she channeled her icon Yoko Ono in a sultry photoshoot.  Check out a sneak peek and video teaser from the spread inside....


She's prepares to make an impact on the fashion industry with her fashion label "The Kill" (which she was originally commissioned by Chris Brown to start as the female counterpart to his Black Pyramid label). Karrueche Tran is stepping out in a big way as she's set to cover an upcoming issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine.

No longer comfortable with being in the shadow of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, Karrueche seems to be opening herself up a lot more to the media in an effort to establish herself as a "brand" and not just a side chick.

In the photo spread that accompanies her chat with the magazine, she cites Japanese artist and peace activist Yoko Ono as one of her fashion muses. 


The interview and magazine will hit shelves on January 24.  And in the meantime, we have a teaser from the shoot where Kae talks about Yoko and how she drew inspiration for her look....


You feelin' this shoot?




Hi - Is it really in the

Hi - Is it really in the past? Is Karrueche really a victim? - On April 1, 6:46 p.m. and April 21, 2011 - 5:31 p.m. - May 5, 2011 - 7:22 a.m. A poster with the tag Guest said about Karrueche: ...whore...disrepecting Chris Brown's mother,...very rude,... - On May 5, 2011 - 9:35 p.m. One of Karrueche's former classmates using the tag xclassmateofKAETRAN - from Jr and High School - expressed about Karrueche: ...rude, very possessive, gets jealous easily,... Note: Site to read the above and more about Karrueche: http://www.phillyitgirls.com/2011/03/25/who-is-chris-browns-girlfriend-k... On that site, it also mentions that Karrueche is known for gold digging... Is the information true? Hmmm... ### Some folks have expressed that Karrueche is a victim... On two sites, it's been posted that she ditched her boyfriend for Chris Brown. One site expressed that she ditched him and was seen with Chris Brown the next day... Whether that's true... Perhaps some media folks will interview THAT Karrueche's ex boyfriend...if he's so inclined...

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hooklookping's picture

Could someone please get the

Could someone please get the Raid and stomp out this K-roach infestation? It’s not sanitary.
Peace Silas's picture

She's cute but she's no

She's cute but she's no Kimora or cassie.
Twila's picture

These pics are all the

These pics are all the evidence needed that she is no model. They used that big ole church hat to try to hide, but it's clear. Further The Kill is not her's its Chris's and she's basically his employee. The Kill is not a line. It's t-shirts, caps and socks with The Kill stitched/ironed on them in a drab font. Once Rih leaves Chris alone Coochie will slink back into oblivion thank God. Just be a kept girlfriend why don't ya.
Bird's picture

Girl Please Just Stop and Go

Girl Please Just Stop and Go Away and she is very unphotogenic!
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ellswerthwanzer0's picture

Bwahahaaa...Kablooper still

Bwahahaaa...Kablooper still at it huh?! Lol..Either u got it or u don't and can't nobody give it to u...so plz SIT chilee!
Like Really's picture

she's adorable but nothing

she's adorable but nothing about her screams "model" to me
litebrite's picture

She's gorgeous and she in the

She's gorgeous and she in the media no matter how much you guys make fun of her. she might be losing the love battle but she's winning elsewhere. get over it.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Hi - Karrueche’s ex boyfriend

Hi - Karrueche’s ex boyfriend expressed on Twitter that she left him for chris brown. Her ex further expressed that she’s a joke and no angel. It’s on gossipwelove.com - January 11, 2013

Ho Sit DOWN! This is not

Ho Sit DOWN! This is not Gossipwelove- this is YBF! If you want to comment on THEIR stories then go to THEIR site.
BEEMA's picture

Hi BEEMA - So glad that I

Hi BEEMA - So glad that I have no intention of accepting your advice... I commented on both...if you don't like it...Oh well...

Good for her! This is the

Good for her! This is the first time I heard her talk. I hope this year is better for her than 2012. I would like for her to talk about The Kill and what direction she sees the line going in. I wish her well.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Oh Kit Kat.. You will always

Oh Kit Kat.. You will always be known as Chris Brown's Ex/Current/Jump Off/Side Piece/Oh That Girl...need I say more?
Blessed020509's picture

LMAO!!! Why yall give this

LMAO!!! Why yall give this girl a hard time......She trying to get her hustle on....leave Kootietang alone!
JewelryLover's picture

....and Chris Brown was her

....and Chris Brown was her "John Lennon" ...bwaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That shit was funny....

That shit was funny.... PAHAHAHAHAHAAA. When you put it like that, the artists today aint shit.
Yas's picture

No game-changing, intensely

No game-changing, intensely deep artists that i know of today......maybe one song here or there from various people. So its a good thing we can still go back a listen to the pioneers.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

um okay...O___O shrug

um okay...O___O shrug shoulders....leaves page.
sexybrownpyt's picture

this is one homely ass

this is one homely ass photoshoot....lol. good luck with that cuz it seems like she is getting punk'd by whoever told her this was a good look or had any resemblance to yoko ono.
shuga's picture

LOL! And nothing against

LOL! And nothing against this young lady and her hustle, but that THE KILL clothing looks to be about as basic as one can get. Hopefully, there's more to it than what they've been advertising.
MrsCPA's picture

This gurl has no photo

This gurl has no photo presence WHATSOEVER!! Her pictures are like looking at grass. Why is she in magazines?
BEEMA's picture

Pretty pics KANNIBUS, but

Pretty pics KANNIBUS, but DON'T quit ur day job...whatever the F*CK that is!
tori's picture

More like Wai Lana meets Kung

More like Wai Lana meets Kung Lao.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Beautiful and classic....new

Beautiful and classic....new to the game and fully clothed. Take note Beyonce!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

If Bey poses butt naked thats

If Bey poses butt naked thats her right! Just like its your right to run your big fat lips about her EVERYDAY! You are clearly upset and bothered by her beauty and success! #staymadnoonecares
BEEMA's picture

Po ignant leprechaun....you

Po ignant leprechaun....you obviously aren't stalking me as well as you think you are because not only am I a fan of Bey, but I don't talk about her everyday so wrong again little man!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Lol, Beyoncé wouldn't take a

Lol, Beyoncé wouldn't take a WET ONE TOWELETTE from that girl let alone a note!
tori's picture

LOL I don't know...if she

LOL I don't know...if she actually worked with Azelia's dirty twat she just might!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Touchè girl...EXCELLENT

Touchè girl...EXCELLENT POINT! I wonder if they were actually in the studio TOGETHER or recorded separately then had their parts combined..hmm!
tori's picture

Beautiful young lady! Follow

Beautiful young lady! Follow me @Thirdeye365 via Twitter Kik Instagram
Thirdeye365's picture

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