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Venus & Serena Williams SERVE IT UP Table-Top STYLE


While prepping for the Australian Open, tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams flexed their tennis skills on a table-top for their Australian fans. See the pics inside....


It's time to prepare for the Australian Open, one of the biggest events in tennis.  So the fashionable Williams sisters attended an event in their honor at the Olsen Hotel in Melbourne yesterday.


Venus, who has her own fashion label called "Eleven" chose a floral print dress for the match-up while Serena showed off her curves in a vertical striped print mini dress.



Even during a simple game of tennis, it's plain to see the sisters take "competition" very seriously. 


Big sis and little sis will be hitting the actual courts next week.  And for now, it's all about practice.  Serena tweeted, "Going to bed. I hope tomorrow my friendly fly does not come and visit me all day during my practice. Gud night y'all"

Good luck ladies!


In case you missed it:


The Williams sisters also put their table-top skills to use with a new ad for the iPhone 5. They show one cell user why he might want to use his "Do Not Disturb" button.




I love that commercial

I love that commercial
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Very nice, but where are all

Very nice, but where are all the black people to support her?

Probably because they are in

Probably because they are in Australia.
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Serena and Venus are superior

Serena and Venus are superior ahtletes and good role modesl but not feeling their fashion sense.
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the sisters look nice... i

the sisters look nice... i just cant believe trey songz forgot to wear his boxers...i mean just google kelsnetwork
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Go 'head Williams sisters! I

Go 'head Williams sisters! I love the commercial, that was cute!

I love Venus and Serena they

I love Venus and Serena they are very very talented successful sisters. Serena is ranked #3 but we all know she's #1!
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yasss that "do not disturb

yasss that "do not disturb button" is everything...flips hair, that-is-all
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lOVES THESE TWO!!!! Glad to

lOVES THESE TWO!!!! Glad to see them getting some new endorcements.

Serena is already the #1

Serena is already the #1 female athlete in United States history. She actually EARNS EVERYTHING she has...unlike 99% of the "celebs" on this website.....smh
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