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ON THE SET: Larenz Tate & Omari Hardwick FILM Melanie Fiona's "Wrong Side Of A Love Song" Video


Melanie Fiona was spotted on the set of her latest video "Wrong Side of a Love Song" recently.  Find out who's directing and who's starring in the visuals inside.....


Director/actor Larenz Tate posted Instagram pics from his latest project, Melanie Fiona's video for "Wrong Side of a Long Song" recently.  Larenz and Melanie posed with actor Omari Hardwick (atop) on the set as Omaris been cast as the leading man. 

Larenz is putting on his director's hat again to give the song, which appears on Mel's latest The MF Life album, a hot visual treatment.

After she wraps the video, Melanie is set to team up with Swizz Beats and Music Unites (January 17) as a part of Music-Versity 2012, where they will use their musical gifts to empower 200 youth. 

After that, she'll hit the 15th Annual Sundance ASCAP Music Café, for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah next week.


Photos via Instagram




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I lo♥e Melanie she's such a

I lo♥e Melanie she's such a natural beauty and has a great voice.
Peace Silas's picture

OMARI & LARENZ look hella

OMARI & LARENZ look hella SEXY! Larenz STILL looks like he could be in HIGH SCHOOL! I LOVE MF, & I'm glad she got rid of that BLONDE STREAK! Why does she put videos out like once EVERY 6mos? Hell ROC NATION got Rhitard puttin out albums FASTER than they got Melanie puttin out VIDEOS..WTF?
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tom101's picture

Isn't this video a tad late?

Isn't this video a tad late?
C2C's picture

"tad late?" is an

"tad late?" is an UNDERSTATEMENT...that sh!t is OLD!
tori's picture

Larenz & Omari together on 1

Larenz & Omari together on 1 screen? what's not to like?? Bring it on! So glad Melanie went back to all black everything re: her hair.
Realist's picture

Nice pic! :) @Thirdeye365

Nice pic! :) @Thirdeye365
Thirdeye365's picture

Omari Hardwick is fione!!!

Omari Hardwick is fione!!! been watching him since "Dark Blue" and "Next day Air" yasss hunty!! flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I'll definitely be checking

I'll definitely be checking out this video. I love Larenz & Omari! But I thought this song was old. I could've sworn this was like her first single. Guess I was mistaken.
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Lorenz Tate is still a cutie!

Lorenz Tate is still a cutie!
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