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RED CARPET FAB: Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez & MORE At The 2013 Golden Globe Awards


Hollywood paid tribute to some of the year's best films, television series and actors tonight at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards. See photos of Halle Berry, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez and others on the red carpet inside...


The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards were held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California with Hollywood legends like Oscar-winner Halle Berry in attendance.


Halle wore an Atelier Versace Fall 2012 Haute Couture Collection high slit gown with nude heels.  She topped it off with gold earrings and a cuff both by Madstone.

And we're in utter awe at this flawless chick. It's quite sickening to be honest. But in a good way. And to look this good after a cross country flight after being in D.C. the night before? We bow down.


"Scandal" star Kerry Washington wore a Miu Miu Prada dress with a vintage Movado watch. She looked great for the ocassion and sat with her Django co-stars.


Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez walked the red carpet in a nude Zuhair Murad long-sleeve silk gown that featured an ivory embroidered lace overlay with beading detail.


And chick shut it down. We're sure the fact two of her exes (Diddy and Ben Affleck) were in the room made her make sure she slated for the night.

She completed the look with Christian Louboutin heels, a Jimmy Choo bag, and Le Vian jewels.


"Access Hollywood" host Shaun Robinson wore a beaded teal Pamella Roland gown.

. She always keeps it classy and fab.


Rosario Dawson wore a pale blue Antonio Berardi gown with Lorraine Schwartz jewels.


Eva Longoria turned heads in a black gown with lace sleeves by Pucci.


Nicole Richie looking stunning in this lace Naeem Khan gown. One of the most effortless yet gorge looks of the night. Nicole has that effortless fabness down to a tee.


"Today" show anchors Al Roker and Matt Lauer posed together.


Olympic-gold gymnast Gabby Douglas wore a sequined chartreuse-hued Pamella Roland gown that seemed a bit too mature for her age. And her stylist should be fired for picking out that wig! Who and why?!


Denzel Washington arrived on the red carpet with his beautiful daughter Olivia. He was every bit the proud papa while introducing her to the media. 


Diddy, Rocsi and "The New Normal" star Nene Leakes joined some of Hollywood’s biggest stars in Moet & Chandon’s star-studded “Toast4aCause” charity initiative on the red carpet at the Globes:

Photobucket Photobucket


NeNe looked great in Carolina Herrera.


And on the show, Don Cheadle, from the Showtime show "House of Lies" won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series.

And Quentin Tarantino won the award for best screenplay for Django Unchained.


Check out the hottst looks form the carpet in the video below:

Photos via Getty Images/Instagram



Say what you want about

Say what you want about Halle. She shut it down...
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hooklookping's picture

Where is Gabby's face? See,

Where is Gabby's face? See, people criticized her natural hair so much that she put too much weave in! Goodness...Lose-Lose situation.
C2C's picture

Halle and JLo shut it

Halle and JLo shut it down....they loog fabulous

LOL @ Gabby poor baby

LOL @ Gabby poor baby

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Kcny's picture

Halle never ever lets you

Halle never ever lets you down she looks AMAZING like always, Jlo's dress is beautiful and she looks AMAZING in it. That dress that Kerry has on does nothing for her, and it is probably for a much taller person,and that wig is all wrong for her tiny face. This was not Kerry's night it was a miss. Rosario D looks OLD and her outfit looked like it was for an OLDER lady. What up w/ her body? Rosario has MORPHED into and old woman. Eva L is no competion for everyone else she looks just OK. I don't like her anyway. Nicole R looked nice as well very old Hollywood glamour. Gabby just needs some help i'll give her a pass for being 17, we all have some pics of ourselves at that age looking CRAY CRAY!
Shay's picture

Halle is a beast on the red

Halle is a beast on the red carpet...no surprise there, Jlo usually nails it too and she did, I don't wanna believe Gabby thought that bird nest plopped on her head was cute.., but hey if she liked it, I'll let it slide!..Kerry Kerry Kerry what's really going on this whole look diminishes ur attractive appeal..,plz EAT! Oh and Nene's face is definitely Gone with that Mess Fabulous..,While rocking the Hattie McDaniel throwback dress! Anyhoo...Kudos to them all and success!
Like Really's picture

OMG....I thought Denzel

OMG....I thought Denzel daughter was Pauletta. She look just like a prettier version of her mom. It's like some Denzel genes kicked in just enough to make her attractive.
Somerknight's picture

SO True, but she needs to

SO True, but she needs to lose weight because she wants to be an actress and Hollywood is less than kind to heavier women. Instead of Denzel telling her she will have it hard because she's dark skinned he should have told her more about the weight thing.
Shay's picture

@Shay Youre right about

@Shay Youre right about Hollywood being obsessed w/ RAIL thin..., But I hate they ask that of young women who are already little,..which Tends to be a slippery slope w/looks, especially when it can be just as unhealthy as being too overweight. Thats why I mentioned Kerry bcuz many perceived her as already slim and petite..,*shrugs..However she's an actor so it cud be for certain roles, but at the same time I hope she's conscious of her health first. Girl Sometimes actors get too caught up and go into overdrive with the task at hand! Anyhoo..kudos to her success!
Like Really's picture

@Like Really, Kerry use to be

@Like Really, Kerry use to be WAY BIGGER than this! The movie Lift,and Save the Last Dance she was healthier looking, she's never been big anyway but what was wrong w/ the way she looked before? Sometimes she looks miserable and unhappy at times. Thandie Newton admitted a while back that she was Bulimic for a while I hope she has not gone back to that DISGUSTING habit again because she looks unhappy here too. I see what you are saying about Kerry though people like Megan Good don't look starved like Kerry does. I am happy for her success she has already helped doors open for other young black females to be the lead in a television show,like Megan Good's new show "Deception"
Shay's picture

OMG...I thought I was the

OMG...I thought I was the only 1 who noticed how frail thin Kerry is becoming. She look starved & very unhappy. Kerry is starting to wear those old middle age dresses because along with the weight she lost her sex appeal.
Somerknight's picture

RighT..I thought the old

RighT..I thought the old Kerry was perfectly fine too and I didn't know that aBout Thandie..smh though she came on the scene super thin, it still makes a lot of people easily believe other tools can be involved, being under the pressures of Hollyweird. All that dramatic weight loss is definitely not for everybody, like Star for example; I actually thought she looked better before surgery and Jennifer Hudson Aka bobble head FACE, also looked alot better before hers. Sometimes even with all that, it takes away frm what makes them stand out! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

They are going to go "IN" on

They are going to go "IN" on Gabby on the fashion police. I didn't even recognize her. That horrible, awful wig and gown actually put 12-15yrs on her age. All the fashion experts will say it's NOT age appropriate. Her mama should have worn that. She look a hotter than hot mess. Say what u want bout JLO but she is always on point. All of the other ladies are exceptional beauty with the except of Nene. Love her outfit but that blond squirrel on her head wil continue to decrease her stock.
Somerknight's picture

Whoever allowed Gabby out the

Whoever allowed Gabby out the house looking like that should be tarred & feathered. All the ladies looked FAB, specially Halle. Denzel's daughter is gorge & Nene's face is a comical mess with those big ole teeth, painted on eyebrows and gonzo looking nose.
Realist's picture

Halle and Ms. Robinson are

Halle and Ms. Robinson are stunning. Nicole looks cute Kerry has a great petite body she should show it off more. Rosario has a body weird shape.
Twila's picture

Nene look really nice...You

Nene look really nice...You go nene.
Synsation's picture

Ms. Berry and Ms. Lopez shut

Ms. Berry and Ms. Lopez shut it down!!! NeNe is not cute at all and whatever she did to her nose has her looking like Gonzo from the Muppets..Kerry Washington is a coke whore, she looks like an jewish woman and Denzel daughter is gorge!!! Gabby im going to let u pass cause I know its all new to u, but next time there will not b any holding back....

OMG, Gabby looks a HOT

OMG, Gabby looks a HOT MESS...so sick of the weaves and wigs. Every black girl wants long hair I guess. They're starting out young not liking their hair...we're so effing insane. Halle Berry looked Fabulous as usual...
Reign's picture

NeNe looks FABULOUS! As well

NeNe looks FABULOUS! As well as he other ladies.. @Naturallyme03
Thirdeye365's picture

All of the nude gowns are

All of the nude gowns are fab. Everyone looks GREAT--but I think Halle might be showing a wee bit TOO much thigh there. J. Lo, Kerry Washington, Halle, Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria--all look awesome. The cut/make of Shaun Robinson's gown is not flattering. WHY did they put that beaver on Gabby Douglas' head & WHY did she let them???

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LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

NENE LEAKES was also at the

NENE LEAKES was also at the Golden Globes!! YBF why did you not post the pic of NENE LEAKES?!?! She was one of the best dressed there! Also you can see the influence of Angelina Jolie- every year she does something fashion wise at these shows and the next year everyone copies. Angelina wore that black high slit dress last year and this year everyone has a high slit (ala Halle and Eva)- and they even did Angie's signature leg pose. I digress. Halle looked FABULOUS! TRULY AMAZING! I thought that was Denzel's wife when i first saw the pic..not his daughter- fat b*tch. These are the kind of postings I want to see from YBF- not reality star news- only A list!
BEEMA's picture

Love how Halle got that leg

Love how Halle got that leg out!! Look way better than that other woman who tried to do it!!!
BigJohn's picture

Jlo butt looks small compared

Jlo butt looks small compared to the RHOA butts I see.
TeaNicole's picture

Yeah, but her pockets are

Yeah, but her pockets are FATTER!
tori's picture

Look @ Tuckin tori- counting

Look @ Tuckin tori- counting somebody else's money AGAIN! Only broke BUMMS do that! Where is your money? Oh thats right you don't have none! LMAO Broke b*tch
BEEMA's picture


You have NO JOB, YOU LIVE OFF THE GOV'T & U STEAL UR WI-FI....u are the EPITOME of a BUM BITCH...smh....stay in YOUR lane & quit STEALIN avi's!
tori's picture

Halle looks stunning! And so

Halle looks stunning! And so does Denzel's daughter. Too bad we couldn't get a full pic of her.
CheyPie's picture

J. Lo looks STUNNING, but

J. Lo looks STUNNING, but that dress reminds me of the black sheer Givenchy dress BEYONCÉ wore to the MET Ball last yr, but still amazing! Love Kerry W. & Halle Berry (the single high slit is definitely a TREND)! Al Roker look just like CARL WINSLOW & who put that wig on Gabby Douglas head! She must like for ppl to talk sh!t about her HAIR smh! She look like a MINI AZEALIA BANKS! Denzel's daughter looks just like him, gorgeous!
tori's picture

Wtf is that on that girl

Wtf is that on that girl head!!!!!!!The media is playing games, so that you black women can have the topic of hair , and divide the black community even more. Her mother shoulda saiddddddddd somethingggg , but she just thinkin about the money. But real talk some where i see the white man, setting this shit up, saying "put this on her head, so i can have a laugh and get these negros to start topics on it"
LetsGetIt's picture


What "WHITE MAN" or "MEDIA" forced Gabby to put that sh!t on her head? She is 17 yrs old! SHE probably thought that sh!t was cute on the car ride there smh! Any1 else come to an event lookin a HOT ASS MESS we blame THEM, not their TEAM!
tori's picture

Denzel's daughter = gorge

Denzel's daughter = gorge
Girl's picture

Halle Berry looks gorgeous!

Halle Berry looks gorgeous!
Beautyfulones's picture

Someone alert Beyoncé that

Someone alert Beyoncé that Jennifer's dress is how you properly do a nude illusion dress (not with granny Spanx that aren't your skin tone) that's a stunning A++++. Denzel's daughter is a knockout!☺
Peace Silas's picture

Damn JLO wins it without a

Damn JLO wins it without a doubt, either you like the woman or not, she just know how to rock a dress, hair/make up flawless a well and putting 20 years old to shame.. Halle/Eva doing the angelina jolie leg, uhhh? gabby, that hair, lord kerry, luv her and such a fashionita and picked this ugly dress tonight

Kerry won for the YBF' fam.

Kerry won for the YBF' fam. Chick looks flawless.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

I see Halle is trying to show

I see Halle is trying to show Angelina what a leg is suppose to look like, I Love JLO's hair but something about her gown ain't poppin, but I love the shape of it, Kerry sweetheart NO,Denzel's daughter looks juyst like Pauletta and last but not least.... LMMFAOOOO at Gabby. WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!! It looks like a chocolate octopus jumped out of a plane and landed on her head. LMAOOOOOO. Now that's some shit to tweet about.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Chocolate octopus - LMAO!!!

Chocolate octopus - LMAO!!!
Happy Lady's picture

chocolate octopus...I'm dead.

chocolate octopus...I'm dead.
TrueThinker's picture

Ms Berry Still Fine

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