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Meagan Good Talks Babies & Her New Stardom On "Wendy'


Meagan Good has a new leading role on NBC in the network's newest drama "Deception."   And today, she stopped by Wendy Williams' show to dish about how she nabbed the role, if she's next on baby watch and more....


Ms. Good was spotted arriving (in a hot fitted red dress) to The Wendy Show this morning in Manhattan.  She arrived fresh faced and left out, signing autographs, in sweats looking just as flawless:



Wendy & Meagan talked about landing the biggest role of her career, exactly how long Meagan was celibate before marriage and more.

On Meagan's friendship with "ATL Housewife" Kenya Moore
I know Kenya. We actually were putting together a film a few years back. And I'm happy for her now that she's single. She wasn't at the wedding.  We "KNOW" each other.

On the wedding to husband DeVon Franklin
We had 200 people.  It was more people than I wanted to have. But we have a lot of family so….

On "Deception"
I auditioned once and got the part. The second time I went in, I didn't realize it was the actual testing.  This is my third project with Laz Alonso.  My  husband is really good friends with Laz so [the love scenes] are kind of weird because it's like kissing your brother. There's a mutual respect between both of them though.

On her siblings
I have an older sister and brother.  And a stepsister and a younger sister.  My youngest sister is in a singing group and my older sister is a singer as well.

On her husband
DeVon is a preacher but he doesn't have a 'congregation'. He does speaking engagements. We met 6 years before on a christian film and he called me into his office and told me if I needed anything to definitely let him know.  Then we met again when he exec. produced Jumping The Broom.  And here we are.

On celibacy
We were celibate for 10 months before we got married. I had to pray on it. When I told [my big sister in the business] Tasha Smith, "DeVon is my husband", She was like, "you know he's celibate right. Like real celibate."  Meagan said, "I am too." But it was only for 2 months.

On having children
"The only pitter patter I'm going to hear right now is my niece Penny and her little sister on the way."

On her eyebrows
I tattoo'd them 2 years ago. The area I grew up in, there were a lot of spanish girls. And they used to shave their eyebrows off to draw them on. When I started doing that, they didn't grow back. So I had to tattoo them on.

Must be nice to audition only once for a major lead role on network tv.....

Pics: INF




I can't believe her eyebrows

I can't believe her eyebrows are tattooed on. It's a good thing that artist knew what they were doing; they look great!
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megan is glowing... i wonder

megan is glowing... i wonder if she is pregnant.....i mean just google kelsnetwork
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Meagan has me confused.

Meagan has me confused. First she says they were celibate for 10 months, then she says 2. Which is it? Her tatooed eyebrows look great. Who knew?
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Chicks are DETERMINED to wear

Chicks are DETERMINED to wear these fucking LEGGINGS year round. *rolling eyes* I can't stand leggings. Marriage looks so good on Meagan, she's so pretty and glowing.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Kudos to Megan's success lol,

Kudos to Megan's success lol, I remember not long ago YBF relentlessly going in on her chain smoking, wearing the leggings above in every pic, slutty Rep etc...HeHe not that it mattered, the image switch does seem to appear in the same timeline as her current success...*shrugs! One wud hope it's out of luv, but We shall see and is it me or do those eyebrows lengthen her forehead a tad bit more!?...*scratches head
Like Really's picture

I met her at the mall and she

I met her at the mall and she was shopping at the low quality clothing stores. Idk if she was just being smart with her money, that's her real style, or if she can't afford nicer clothes.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

:)..Not surprised, I can

:)..Not surprised, I can appreciate the conservative route but she might want to retire those leggins', if season 2 gets picked up!..lol *fingers crossed
Like Really's picture

A lot of things you don't

A lot of things you don't know hoe: #1 being that blue contacts and blonde hair on coons was NEVER IN STYLE! LATE B*TCH!
BEEMA's picture

You think I have blue eyes???

You think I have blue eyes??? Gee THANKS........ I guess! PLEASE DON'T LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO! hee hee!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Megan is pretty and talented

Megan is pretty and talented and smart enough not to waste her mind and body on stupid Rappers...looking at you Ms. London.
Zanya's picture

Meagan looked very WHOLESOME

Meagan looked very WHOLESOME on Wendy, her hair STAYS LAYEDDD! I will NEVER understand why ppl shave their EYEBROWS, maybe I saw Crybaby (HATCHET-FACE) too many times as a kid to try & do sum silly sh!t like that lol! I can't believe she said she was ONLY celibate for 2mos before meeting her hubsand! I'm happy she's back on TV (instead of bein the pretty chick in every basic budget film) & she found a man that WASN'T a RAPPER or ATHLETE!
tori's picture

I thought i was the only one

I thought i was the only one who watched crybaby. Lol @ hatchet face eyebrows
olgurl25's picture

"I will NEVER understand why

"I will NEVER understand why ppl shave their EYEBROWS," me either! I met Meagan Good too and her eyebrows look atrocious in person, very unnatural. I see now why she tattooed them on, but what was the point of shaving them in the first place?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You will never understand why

You will never understand why women shave their eyebrows BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAN!! DUHHHHHHHH!
BEEMA's picture

But YOU'RE the one hiding

tori's picture

OBSESSED? lmao more like

OBSESSED? lmao more like DISGUSTED AND APPALLED! You trannies are hilarious trying to impersonate women and thinking you're fooling somebody...boo your bone structure is ALL MAN!!! MAN DNA BOO! right down to that uncut pee pee you got tucked down! bye boy!
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Funny u bring up

Funny u bring up IMPERSONATING sumbody, when you're the ONLY PERSON IN THIS THREAD without a goddamn REAL avatar smh..what is it with all this "TUCKIN" talk...u sound like the TRAILER TRASH TRANNY we ALL know that u are! Haha..keep tellin on YASELF...DUMBASS! And yes u are OBSESSED with me, which is why YOU REPLY to A-L-L MY COMMENTS...DESPERATE DUDE!! Lard ass get a JOB..damn!
tori's picture

"You trannies are hilarious

"You trannies are hilarious trying to impersonate women and thinking you're fooling somebody," do you realize how ironic that sounds coming from you? You won't reveal your OWN identity, so how exactly can you talk about anyone else's appearance? That's like someone calling their classmate DUMB, yet are afraid to reveal their own GPA. TF?! "POT MEET KETTLE," as you like to say.
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BOO if you want to see my pic

BOO if you want to see my pic go to www.facebook.com/KISSMYASSONTHEPINK.COM
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Oooh CLEVER! *clap clap* for

Oooh CLEVER! *clap clap* for the mentally challenged BITCH!
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LMAO right, here he is with a

LMAO right, here he is with a BRITTNEY SPEARS AVI talking bout "IMPERSONATING" GTFOH with that bullsh*t. Like i said yesterday Can someone PLEASE call the makers of "Catfish MTV" to reveal this monster "IMPERSONATING" Brittany Spears! Identity theft!!! LMAO
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OMG YESSSS! This LOONEY TUNE definitely needs to be exposed on Mtv! I can already see IT on a variety of Mtv shows; Catfish, True Life: Nobody loves me/ I hate the way I look, Next (IT would be the first one to be dismissed as soon as IT walked off the bus), and the "grenade" on Jersey Shore.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

She tattooed her eyebrows ohh

She tattooed her eyebrows ohh this explains her outdated eyebrow style. I always wanted her to go for a more natural eyebrow look but she can't. Anyways, her skin always look flawless and glowish. She prob lives at the spa and periodically gets those glycolic/lactic acid facial peels/microdermabrasions to keep her skin looking on point. Go head girl, flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I am glad that her career has

I am glad that her career has taken off once again. I hope that in a few years she doesn't turn around and say how her husband beat her all those years. Soemthing about him seems off. I have good radar when it comes to things like this. But overall I hope Meaghans career continues to blossom. I like her.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

She wasnt celibate when that

She wasnt celibate when that NFL baller dogged her out. She acts like she has no kids??? She has a bastard child!!!! She's a trouble maker saying "i didnt want all those people at our wedding"....i'm sure they're happy to hear that!!!! And she was like "I met him...blah blah blah...now here we are" that doesnt sound like love. Her husband is asking: How come u wanted to have that rich stud NFL players baby...but u dont want mine??????? Something fishy about the timing of this marriage & her new image make-over..smh.................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Meagan Good is very Pretty so

Meagan Good is very Pretty so proud to see how well she's done for herself! That's funny about the eyebrow thing I did the same thing when I was younger ,they did grow back but not as full as they were before!
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