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WHEN 1 ISN'T ENOUGH: Rihanna Rocks 7 COMPLEX Magazine Covers For February/March 2013 Issue! AND Explains Her "Narcissism"


Talk about being ready for your close up.  Who needs just one or two covers for one issue...when you can have SEVEN.  To celebrate her seventh studio album Unapologetic, Rihanna rocked 7 different covers for the February/March 2013 issue of COMPLEX Magazine.  And yeah, they're all pretty sexy.


Check the pics inside, plus how she balances a bit of narcissism with having a humble connection with her Navy...


Rihanna spent much of 2012 being extra unapologetic...and that ish isn't stopping in'13.  And there's something pretty refreshing about that.  While she knows how to set people off by flaunting her roller coaster relationship with Chris Brown in people's faces, she still knows how to remain vulnerable and close to all umpteen million of her Twitter & Instagram followers.

So it's only right she spent her interview giving tips about how to take the best selfie (she's perfected that craft over the years with hundreds of those a month), why her relationship still is nobody's business, and why she's unapologetic about seeming like a walking contradiction sometimes.  Like how she could be narcissistic yet humble.


On taking the best self-snapshot

“Get a good light.  Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day.  If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.”

On loving to take her self pics

“It’s narcissistic, but whatever—everyone does it. I’m capturing personality... Everybody has their thing they like or don’t like to see. It’s all in your head. That’s why people take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek.”

On having 0 f*cks to give

“When I was making this record I had no intention except the truth.  So whatever is there is real. It’s raw. That’s why the album is called Unapologetic.”

“I held back before. I didn’t show a lot of myself. I was very guarded,” she says. “I needed to be open and free and fearless. Basically say, ‘Fuck it.’ What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll hate me? They’ve done that before.”

On her relationship with Chris Brown

“People take the little bit of information they’re fed, and they draw a picture of who you are,” she says. “Most of the time it’s wrong.”

On she and Chris talking slick about their relationship

"We don’t start the trouble, but that’s how we’re defending ourselves—by saying some slick sh*t."


If only she could be so adamant about perfecting her performance skills as she is about taking the best Instagram pics....


More of her hot covers:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 


Seven different Rihanna covers not enough?  She also did an exclusive gallery of selfies--since she's become the Queen of those on Instagram--for the issue.  Here's a few:





Check out the rest over at COMPLEX.


Photographer Zoe McConnell




Love her!!!

Love her!!!
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She did the 7 covers to

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Say what you wanna but the

Say what you wanna but the girl has no competition in the face. That first picture is just bomb gorgeous five-head and all. I lo♥e her, she’s real and authentic. Now she just needs to really start cleaning up her act and stop being so raunchy because that is real played out.
Peace Silas's picture

How many times Ya'll gonna

How many times Ya'll gonna make excuses for "Her" .. COKEW**** she'll be found in a bathtub TRUST....
REd™'s picture

h8rs gonna h8..RIHANNA IS THE

BEEMA's picture

Look "FEMA" don't nobody got

Look "FEMA" don't nobody got time for your Disaster...
REd™'s picture

LMAO @ FEMA!! I'm gonna have

LMAO @ FEMA!! I'm gonna have to steal this!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

B*tch steal yourself a pretty

B*tch steal yourself a pretty face while you at it FUGLY!
BEEMA's picture

I already have one... did you

I already have one... did you steal it and make yourself an eharmony profile with it? in regards to that comment: POT MEET KETTLE... hee hee!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You placing Rihanna over

You placing Rihanna over yourself in the looks department confirms that you are as ugly as I thought.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Beautiful girl...unfortunately that's just about all she'll be known for. I agree with a previous poster, it would be nice for fans if she put half as much effort into becoming a better performer as she does into these magazine covers. I wasn't fond of Bey's mag cover. But at the end of the day, I would buy a a ticket to one of her concerts, because she will give me my money's worth. Rihanna...not so much.
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REd™'s picture

You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth
sexybrownpyt's picture

I see Joseline all through

I see Joseline all through these pics!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You look just like her! You

You look just like her! You got chipmunk teeth..squirrel cheeks..and I don't know wtf is going on wit your head. Something is really AWF ABOUT YO FACE!!!!!!
BEEMA's picture

o_O K........

o_O K........
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I can say more but I don't

I can say more but I don't feel like DESTROYING you right now..but you look more like a man than Tori! True tea!
BEEMA's picture


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'll take that as a compliment coming from you. But seriously BEEMA PLEASE STOP WITH THE UNDERLYING COMPLIMENTS! If people aren't hating you ain't doing nothing right. TRUE TEA! ;-) *wink*
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Baybee there's a difference

Baybee there's a difference between hating and STATING FACTS!! You are not Beyonce so there's no need to h8 on you flea! This is you---> .
BEEMA's picture

Now you think I look like

Now you think I look like Beyonce? I would prefer Kenya Moore or Janet Jackson...... but that'll do =)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You actually look like the

You actually look like the transvestite named Amiyah Scott..only she looks better than you..its good you have high self esteem but it DOESN’T EQUATE WITH YOUR LOOKS…SORRY BOO
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Idk what's more SAD the fact

Idk what's more SAD the fact that you keep calling me ugly (When clearly you think I look better than you or so you've implied). Or the fact that you think that by continuing to call me ugly is actually gonna make me BELIEVE it. I've NEVER had a problem getting a man with my face and NEVER WILL! I don't have to hide behind Britney Spears avi or be afraid to walk outside because I scare lil children like you do.... SORRY BOO. I'll leave you with this: You say I'm ugly, I SAY I'M FABULOUS!! And Twirl and Twirl and Twirl and Twirl.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Since she did 7 covers, I

Since she did 7 covers, I guess that means Beyonce will be taking 14 covers by week's end to up one on Rhianna's cause she can't stand for Rhianna to get some shine. At least Rhianna has a super sexy body and doesn't look so cheap, trashy, classless and porn star-ish like Beyonce's cover shots in GQ did last week.. .Yuck.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

You got to admit, The girl

You got to admit, The girl have a SUPER FAB BODY!!!!
BigJohn's picture

lol natasha why the shade

lol natasha why the shade about her performance skills?? is it because she slays your fave (beyonce) from time to time??? all the pictures are insanely gorgeous. she's always had natural sex appeal
litebrite's picture

*high five* I'm glad

*high five* I'm glad somebody caught that besides me. Rhianna's STILL the shit, no matter whomever don't like it and are jealous of her badass. She reminds me so much of myself.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Gorgeous girl, but she needs

Gorgeous girl, but she needs therapy.
Zanya's picture

RIhanna is an AMAZING model

RIhanna is an AMAZING model and has a great image. She can sell a picture like no other
BEEMA's picture

And YOU should know, SIR, U

tori's picture


I Am Anonymous's picture

These pics are gorgeous. Damn

These pics are gorgeous. Damn that girl dope as hell!!
Bird's picture

true! She's better than most

true! She's better than most models..She pulls off looks that if another person tried would come across as slutty instead of artsy
BEEMA's picture

Around Riri's late 30's i

Around Riri's late 30's i wonder what her narcissistic behind is going to do to keep relevant when her body starts to age. People keep comparing her to Madonna, but she has something to fall back on(she can actually sing and dance). ---------->THE LAST PARAGRAPH OF COMPLEX MAG WAS FUNNY----->If her relationship with Brown is truly nobody’s business, then why make a record about it? Her voice, usually warm and cut with chuckles, turns cold. “Pardon me?” she replies, her eyebrow slightly raised. Even after the question is repeated, she hesitates to answer. The hands that moved up and down throughout the conversation, suddenly fall flat. “It’s the truth. Remember?” she says, turning toward the other side of the table to gather her belongings. As she gets up to leave, she adds: “It’s a fun record that The-Dream wrote and we loved the lyrics. You’re still asking me questions about it so clearly you don’t know.<------LMAO funny as all hells!!! flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture


STOP THE MUTHAFLUCKIN PRESS! WHO keep comparin LADY SAW JR. aka RHIOVERRATED to MA•DAMN•DONNA?? Madonna is an ICON, she opened the door for RHIAIN'T to do the THIRSTY SH!T she do on the reggie! Madonna was a pioneer, she pushed her SEXUALITY & MUSIC to the limit, BEFORE it was the "BADDASS" or "GANGSTA" thing to do! RHISTOP•IT is only tryin to mirror Madonna's career, which is why I can't stand her WHACKASS! Ppl call BEYONCE a thief ALL DAMN DAY, when EVERYTHING from Rhitard's MUSIC, WARDROBE & HAIR is sumthin she has COPIED from SUM1 ELSE! As far as I'm concerned, that bitch & KE$HA, are in the same DAMN boat! Madonna AIN'T no where in sight with a LIFE JACKET for either of them!..
tori's picture

LMAO...totally agree

LMAO...totally agree
sexybrownpyt's picture

You are so right, Madonna

You are so right, Madonna does sound WAY better than her and she can DANCE she can NOT! The only thing I really like about her is her style now. Now that she's back w/ Chris she is less interesting to me!
Shay's picture

exactly her style makes her

exactly her style makes her interesting, congrats to her stylist!!!! she can't dance, can't really sing, she only have her looks going for her. 20 years from now she'll be worst off then JLO. Nobody is going to be interested in hearing her squeaky low voice or watch her do the dutty-wine half naked all saggy and wrinkly on stage.
sexybrownpyt's picture

And the same can be said for

And the same can be said for YOU, but the only difference is that she's a multimillionaire who's celebrated all over the world at the age of 24 and is living THE life right now. No shade, but you're checking for her, she ain't checking for you. And Madonna sucks in the singing and dancing department in my opinion. She's more recognized for her catchy pop and erotica.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Round of APPLAUSE at her

Round of APPLAUSE at her accomplishing all of that, Madonna did more. The same way you say Madonna sucks at singing and dancing is the very same way i feel about Rihanna. Yes Rihanna is stunning + stylish but that's all she is to me. That's MY opinion, and of course she is NOT checking for me or YOU...LMAO but this is a blog site that allows you to write your opinion and that's what I'm doing. Could care less if people feel offended about what i say about Rihanna. No shade that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

@Sexybrownpty , Girl Rihanna

@Sexybrownpty , Girl Rihanna has a lot of these lesbian ride or die fans, and their loyalty to her defies all logic or reason. I use to take up for her and since I was never a HUGE Bey fan she was a breathe of fresh air. I still think she has alot of catchy songs but here's where I draw the line, I will not support STUPID GIRLS, going back to her ex-abusive boyfriend is one thing but being a part of a 3 way relationship turned me against her. I will never deny the fact that she can dress and I will continue to watch her great fashion choices. #1 Madonna has been in the buss for over 20 yrs ,she actually does big dance routines all thru her career at 50yrs old she still have SOLD OUT concerts,she is almost a billionaire. So tell her CRAY CRAY STANS to SHUT UP and tell her to do more than walk around on stage prancing around because if your biggest TALENT is dressing good than she don't stand of coming a lil close to lasting in the buss as long as Madonna has. So she can call herself the Black Madonna all she wants w/ no real talent to back it up! So tell all her lesbian fans to simmer down!
Shay's picture

@shay, thank you and yes i

@shay, thank you and yes i only like to listen to her catchy tunes when I'm at the club or for a lil bit until her squeaky a*s voice annoys me and remind me that she can't really sing.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Madonna can sing and dance?

Madonna can sing and dance? Really? In what world? You're allowed to have your opinion on Riri, but, please, don't use Madonna as a reference for singing abilities! C'mon!
D_truth's picture

You sound silly "COMPLEX MAG"

You sound silly "COMPLEX MAG" compared RIRI to "MADONNA" that is why i brought her name up. SMDH so "please" don't tell me what i can and cannot not say, betta yet read the damn article before making yourself sound foolish!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Don't bother responding to

Don't bother responding to that CLOWN! She always makes nonsense comments...hoe got a pea sized brain
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