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"VERY RICH": Amber Rose BUMPS The The Meter In L.A. + Nene Leakes CAUGHT Showing Her ASSets In Ripped Leggings


Two "rich" ladies, Amber Rose and Nene Leakes, were spotted out handling their business (and exposing it as well) in L.A. yesterday.  See the ladies inside...


Amber Rose, who looks like she's about to pop any second now, was spotted feeding the meter in L.A. yesterday. She joked about gaining weight on Twitter saying, "I'm finally getting a Lil chunky going into my last month of pregnancy...Better now then in those first couple months #Chunkydonkymonkey"


Later, she was spotted leaving a nail salon in West Hollywood after a quick touch-up.


While her black leggings revealed a pair of pink and black undies, it was her pink leather jacket with the word "RICH" on the back that really made a statement.  We guess Wiz's "ONIFC" album sales and tour dates are keeping the couple set up pretty nicely. 


We're sure Amber is going home to put her feet up and rest.  She tweeted that she doesn't do housework anymore, "Our cleaning ladies are the shit! If it wasn't 4 them our house wld look crazy cuz my big ol tired self ain't cleaning nutten. ;-) "

Not mad at that....

Also in Hollywood....


Small screen starlet Nene Leakes was seen leaving a gas station after fillling up on a few treats.


Inside, the original "Very Rich" chick was spotted on the snack aisle trying to make a decision on what to pick up. 

And we hope her richness will buy her a new pair of leggings because these mugs are beyond their last leg. The paps will always get that moment when you show your ass...accidentally.


Meanwhile, NeNe's gearing up for another season of "The New Normal."


 Photos via PCN/FAME




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hooklookping's picture

Well at least Nene's "bum"

Well at least Nene's "bum" appears to be in good shape.
The Real Thing's picture

I have been reading theybf

I have been reading theybf for years and never comment. I'm noticing so much hatred on here that its mind boggling. Sure, its a celebrity gossip blog so there will be some criticsm going on, but damn ladies! Must we go in on EACH OTHER this way? For example, I see a certain 2 frequent posters always talking crazy about Beema (even when shes not in the comment thread!). This used to be a community of people discussing the things that interest them, not tearing each other down. I wonder why Natasha let her site go to the dogs like this.
YHate's picture

Amber been preggo

Amber been preggo FOREVER..her baby gon CRIP WALK OUT HER PUM PUM! NeNe needs so THICKER leggings, but other than that she looks nice!
tori's picture

@Tori, You got to read this

@Tori, You got to read this that LYING ASS BEEMA SAYING HE GAVE BIRTH! LMAO THAT TRANNY know he can't give NO DAMN BIRTH!
Shay's picture

is it really not obvious to

is it really not obvious to you that tori and beema are the same person and god knows who else? lol
thatshitcray's picture

It's a GODDAMN shame is what

It's a GODDAMN shame is what it is smh!
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They need on heavier

They need on heavier leggings. What they both have on are meant to be worn under a skirt, they are too sheer. I wish people would recognize the difference between leggings and tights!!! Love them both though....proud of Nene's success and happy for Amber's soon to be bundle of joy!
Burself's picture

When I had my son I was

When I had my son I was Amber's size at about 7 months. I thought I was going to explode. Couldn't see my toes after 5 months...
BEEMA's picture

At first you wanted to be

At first you wanted to be Britney and now you want to be Thomas Beatie.... I'm gonna need you to make up your mind. Ain't nobody got your ugly ass pregnant. You need more people.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Since when could MEN

Since when could MEN Baracudas have babies?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

LMAO...He done watched L&HHA

LMAO...He done watched L&HHA & now think MEN can get pregnant smh
tori's picture

LMAO dying, that tranny never

LMAO dying, that tranny never make sense, knowing damn well he can never get pregnant.
sexybrownpyt's picture


Cynthia Cole's picture

Please tell Amber to put on

Please tell Amber to put on real pants...not that see-through mess. Let's hope her water doesn't break while she's in that outfit.
C2C's picture

Get out Nene's a$$.

Get out Nene's a$$.
TeaNicole's picture

Ok, I've never been pregnant

Ok, I've never been pregnant and I may be wrong here.... but don't they "advise" women who are far along in their pregnancies to NOT drive? As big as she is, it just looks like that would be 1) uncomfortable and 2) dangerous. IJS....
Candace's picture

To answer your question,

To answer your question, there is no special prohibition against driving in advanced pregnancy. Some women find it uncomfortable if they can't adjust their steering wheel. It's a personal decision. Shoot at that stage, you just want to be babied a little yourself.
SweetDivaT's picture

Oh ok, thanks!

Oh ok, thanks!
Candace's picture

Ok, so, you are supposed to

Ok, so, you are supposed to take a bus, cab, or get a driver just because you are pregnant? = no. I drove a car at 9 months wasn't uncomfortable or dangerous. It's not a handicap...
Laia's picture

I was simply asking a

I was simply asking a question. DAMN! I know it's not a handicap, it's just something I heard before... I lady I worked with who was pregnant had her husband drive her to work everyday during her third trimester.... simply because she said it was uncomfortable... and also, imagine driving on a highway or something and your water breaks... do you not think that is dangerous? I do but everyone is different. Still respect your opinion. Good day.
Candace's picture

It's okay because I actually

It's okay because I actually drove myself to the hospital when I was ready to deliver. My stomach was in the way, but I got there in one piece - LOL.
Happy Lady's picture

WTF? LOL! I'm sorry that was

WTF? LOL! I'm sorry that was just funny to me! You drove yourself to the hospital when your water broke?!! I would've been mad as hell! WOW! You are definitely SUPERWOMAN!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That Nene pic is just wrong.

That Nene pic is just wrong. Amber looks jolly and ready to pop.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Why they gotta be all in her

Why they gotta be all in her crotch tho?!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Just ignore the attention

Just ignore the attention staving beast...he never makes sense. He is too beneath me to get a reply from me.
sexybrownpyt's picture

LOL He lives to stalk me.

LOL He lives to stalk me.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

So pumpkin-heads like you

So pumpkin-heads like you with no lives can come onto blog sites and make dumb comments about why is the picture there- I guess we should ask you "Why you gotta be on YBF everyday posting opinions no one cares about tho?" Your answer to that question is probably the same answer the paparrazzi would give.
BEEMA's picture

Suck my pumpkin head

Suck my pumpkin head beyotch!!! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture


Ur BROKE UNEMPLOYED ASS need to pay RENT for the way you live on this site BEE•MAN TRANNY TRAILER TRASH! STFU! We're the ones FLABBERGASTED as to why u make comments DAILY, FLOODING the comment section, when no1 cares & u NEED A JOB!! (@sexybrownpyt, u don't have to reply to @BEE•MAN UGLY TRANNY ASS, I'll GLADLY insult that WANNABE FEMALE TRASHY BASTARD, every chance I get lol! He loves the attention, HE'S OBSESSED with us lol).
tori's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing. flips hair, that-is-all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I can't take no more photos

I can't take no more photos of Amber's Susan Powter looking ass. We've seen her every step of the way through her pregnancy.ENOUGHHH!!! Whoever started this leggings trend.....there are a set a train tracks waiting for you.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I think you missed your

I think you missed your calling in "stand up", lol!!!
PinkRose's picture

Thanks.......... I think. LOL

Thanks.......... I think. LOL Me just being silly.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Nene just looks dirty and

Nene just looks dirty and nasty...she better stick with Greg cause I only see old men wanting that!

LMAO + she need to stop

LMAO + she need to stop eyeballing those snacks...
sexybrownpyt's picture

lol Nene still looks good.

lol Nene still looks good. Amber is just glowing
AnoniNYC12's picture

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