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Carmelo & LaLa Anthony TOGETHER IN London, Carmelo SHRUGS Off The Mics On The Court


Despite rumors of marital strife, Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala Anthony are together across the pond (not pictured) for an upcoming Knicks game.  Get the deets on their London game and hear how he feels about the owner of Madison Square Garden making plans to spy on him inside....

Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala are proving the gossips wrong and showing that they are still together while on a NY Knicks trip to London.  The team is currently across the pond where they'll play against the Detroit Pistons at the O2 Arena on Thursday.

It's Carmelo's first time being back in London since he was a part of the gold-medal winning Olympic basketball team.  He told the NY Post that he brought his wife along and he's ready for the exhibition style game. “It feels good to be back. I’m tired now, but I’ll get some rest and see how I feel. It’ll bring back some good memories.’’

And LaLa was in good company as other NBA wives like Porschla Kidd and Alexis Stoudemire also made the trip.  And it's all thanks to NY Knicks owner James Dolan renting a supersized charter so the Knicks could bring their wives and kids along for the London game.

But back on American soil, James is gearing up for what some consider to be a shady move.  When the Knicks play the Bulls on Friday and Sunday’s game vs. the Hornets, he's hired two audio technicians to sit on opposite sides of the court to record Carmelo's on-court dialogue with other players. Say what!?

Carmelo spoke up about it, “I don’t care about the microphones, I wasn’t aware of it. I found out on the plane [ride].’’

He added,

“I don’t think the mics are going to stop what goes out on the court. But it was funny when I heard it. No, I wasn’t upset. Not at all.” 

He took an even more positive attitude yesterday saying, "I got an owner who looks out for me. You can’t beat that, an owner that protects his players."

We're glad Carmelo is looking on the bright side of this.  And it might be interesting to hear our favorite NBA ballers trash-talking while on the court.  That alleged "Honey Nut Cheerios" line is better than anything we've heard on reality tv lately. 




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The Pistons are still in the

The Pistons are still in the NBA??????? (SHOCKED)
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LMAO...LaLa is ONLY goin to

LMAO...LaLa is ONLY goin to London for a PHOTO OP & to shop! If the BREAK UP RUMORS were only "rumors" than they wouldn't be tryin SO DAMN HARD to prove their love & solidarity to each other!
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I'm more surprised by the

I'm more surprised by the fact that the NBA would hold a regular season, non-competitive game against a struggling Detroit Pistons team in London. In the middle of the season. This seems soooo random, does it not?
CheyPie's picture

The NFL does the same thing.

The NFL does the same thing. It's to promote the league & possibly have a team in London some day. The schedules are made a year in advance so if one or both teams suck right now....its just a case of bad luck. ...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

But the Pistons have sucked

But the Pistons have sucked for a few years and had one of the worst records in the league last year. Still makes no sense to me. If you're going to promote the NBA overseas why showcase a lopsided game? Now if it were Miami & New York in London, this post would make a lot more sense. *throws hands in the air* Oh wells.
CheyPie's picture

They will front for a few

They will front for a few then divorce.
TeaNicole's picture

Maybe some of you don't have

Maybe some of you don't have good comprehension skills....Quote on Quote "Despite rumors of marital strife, Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala Anthony are together across the pond (NOT PICTURED) for an upcoming Knicks game." It says, "NOT PICTURED" so obviously this is an old picture and not a picture of them in London. You all that come on this site is the reason people start going on killing spree's. Please learn to support one another instead of bringing one another down.
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HOL' UP *MISSY...DoNT TRY to insult anyone INDIRECTLY, its NOT a good LOOK..bcuz I got cho Comprehension Skills!..I dont give a fuxx if this BISH was taken 10 months ago.,its the same dam PIC that was took while the rumors were in FULL BLAST!! SO sit HALF PINT!..SMHLOL..Thanks!
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*Despite the rumors

*Despite the rumors huh?..Chile Carmelo has Neva cheesed that hard for any pic....Somebody Lying! Smhehe...*bac to my Bellini
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Gwuuuuuuurrrl....but YOU

Gwuuuuuuurrrl....but YOU ain't lyin'....this is 100% P.R. spin control.
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..And u know it is! Hehe

..And u know it is! Hehe
Like Really's picture

she looks prettyy

she looks prettyy
litebrite's picture

Of COURSE LaLa is going to

Of COURSE LaLa is going to London with him....it's a Vacation & Shopping Spree and she'll be sitting in the front row getting her face & EYEBALLS on London TV.....she ain't following him to the Oklahoma road trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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THankk youu !!!!! Same reason

THankk youu !!!!! Same reason why she signed up to do this boring ass reality tv show !! $$$$$$$
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And I used to like her! She's

And I used to like her! She's more interested in being famous & rich...than being a Wife & Mother. .....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well isn't that special.

Well isn't that special.
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