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Draya & The Game Get INKED UP For URBAN INK Magazine + Yandy & Mandeecees BLAST The Rumors


Sexy VH1 stars Draya and The Game are covering the new issue of Urban Ink magazine.  And their fellow VH1 family, "Love & Hip Hop" stars Yandy & Mandeecees, are blasting the recent rumors about their future. Check out what they're working with inside...

Not gonna lie.  These two look pretty hot on this Urban Ink cover.  Tattoo lovers Draya of "Basketball Wives LA" and The Game of "Married To The Game" are flossing their ink for the world to see.

Mint Swim owner Draya is showing off one side of her torso on the cover while leaning up against rapper The Game.  And she's also got more where that came from:


She tweeted a pic of her rose covered ASSets in her "Fine Ass Girls" clothing line.  Nice.

And Game recently tweeted just how he felt bout his fellow VH1 fam stars on "Love & Hip Hop."  And he's NOT feeling them.

The new Love & Hip Hop New York WACK AS FUCK ! Who r these b!tches ? Bring back Jimmy & Chrissy or hurr da fuck up wit Love & Hip Hop ATL !

Ha!  Our sentiments exactly. 




But speaking of that cast, Yandy Smith and her baby's daddy Mandeecees have been hit with several rumors lately.  Yandy supposedly had her home raided by the Feds recently, Mandeecees ALLEGEDLY had inapproriate relations with a minor, according to unconfirmed reports, and now, it was reported that Yandy & Mandeecees had been kicked off the show.

We reached out to the show's Executive Producer and Creator, Mona Scott Young.  And she tells TheYBF.com that there is no truth to the rumor.  The two are still a part of the cast.  So there you have it.




The Game and Draya make a

The Game and Draya make a nice couple. Tiffiany look too old for him

Yandy looks slightly

Yandy looks slightly possessed with the smile fairy in this pic...like she smiling extra hard to make up for the funk she smells...

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So how will all these tatts

So how will all these tatts look in 40 years ??

Great point..but who's to say

Great point..but who's to say you will even live that long???? To each it's own!
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tom101's picture

Game looks like an English

Game looks like an English bulldog in the face! He used to be a stripper.
BEEMA's picture



Lol, probably not considerin

Lol, probably not considerin she BARELY has any tattoos!
tori's picture

Draya and The Game look real

Draya and The Game look real hot and its tasteful. Nice. Lol that Sassy and Dutchess got them a spread together I bet Alex feels dumb HA!
nico89's picture

LOL @ the "get light-skinded"

LOL @ the "get light-skinded" ad on a post with chicks big-uppin this groupie. Will black women ever get beyond this?



I'm with er'body else Draya

I'm with er'body else Draya do need her own show. I'm also with the Game. Wtf are these bitches and when is LHH Atlanta coming back on. Without Chrissy, Jimmy and Nancy LHH is garbage.

Yandy sure F**k'd up..popping

Yandy sure F**k'd up..popping out a baby for a sex offender without even getting a ring. Ladies the saying is marriage before babies for a reason! By the time you found out everything there is to know about that man, and you decide to commit- then you start a family. Now all of the skeletons are tumbling out of that closet and now she has a baby to raise for the next 18 years!
BEEMA's picture

What happened to the Game's

What happened to the Game's show on vh1? I think that damn L&HH TELENOVELA is extremely borin & that BLACK INK show with them orphans tattooin in Harlem is HORRIBLE! I rather watch Mob Wives! I agree, Draya needs her OWN damn show, no more BBWLA!
tori's picture

Yes Draya and Game look

Yes Draya and Game look great. I think Mendeecees is fine,,,,,is anybody with me on that?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I didnt realize The Game was

I didnt realize The Game was 6'5" tall.....he did a great 1 hour long interview on Howard Stern (with No Commercial breaks...it was intense!!!!!).......
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I think vh1 should do a

I think vh1 should do a spinoff with pretty Draya. She works her as* off, is the life of the party and deserves it.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I think that this will be one

I think that this will be one of those shows VH1 cut short.
kimaras31's picture

Congrats to Draya! Hustler! I

Congrats to Draya! Hustler! I can dig it... No comment on Yandy/Mandteethes @Thirdeye365
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Draya looks hot!

Draya looks hot!
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