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IS IT OFFICIAL?! Amber Rose SORTA Confirms She's Already MARRIED To Wiz?



Amber Rose called Wiz Khalifa "my husband" during a recent interview which has made folks believe they already got married! Or...is it just her pet name for her boo? See the interview inside and decide....

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose made it no secret that they planned to get legally married before Amber gives birth (and will have a big actual wedding AFTER the baby).  And since it looks like she's due pretty soon, it makes sense that they could have eloped. 

During a recent street interview with TMZ, she referred to Wiz as "my husband", so it's possible they've already gotten hitched.  On the other hand, Amber's been calling Wiz her "husband" since damn near the day they met.  So it could just be her pet term...of sorts.

No "official" announcement has come out yet.  But who knows.

Watch Amber called Wiz "My husband" here:


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tom101's picture

Everytime I see Amber's belly

Everytime I see Amber's belly I think of when I was pregnant. Makes me want to have another one and do it all over again!
BEEMA's picture

Good for them....next...

Good for them....next...
Laia's picture

Lil Wiz gonna come out long

Lil Wiz gonna come out long and skinny like his daddy! I don't even think Kim is really pregnant
BEEMA's picture

I just want to know what

I just want to know what makes Amber a Ho? Is it because she dated Kanye or because she was a stripper....I mean Tasha Smith and Eve were strippers doesn't make them whores...Kim dating Kanye now and has dated two handfuls of famous black men she's literally had a dozen black ding-a-lings in her get it together ppl Wiz and Amber are happy in love...Her face literally lights up when she's with him....find that type of love for yourself!!!
shemeiah's picture

What makes Amber a HO?..LoL

What makes Amber a HO?..LoL she sure isn't  exclusive and never has been!  IJS Amber has been turning tricks dam near her entire life...No need to look outside a room to know it's phones w/Video footage..!  That temporary halo may fool most but Neither her nor Kim have contributed anything more to society than  trash and Smut! Smh..Its Sad how much they're glorified and whats worst is they luv it! Oh but Don't worry I'm sure both will make Great Parents!.. Now at least Tasha and EvE hit the scene with legit talent, might I add that held a much more constructive and positive disposition! *bac to my riffs
Like Really's picture

Where is the baby?

Where is the baby?

In whose eyes?¿ ~ the eyes of

In whose eyes?¿ ~ the eyes of the Lord or hers. The devil is a LIAR!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Their energy seems to vibe. I

Their energy seems to vibe. I like it
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

They seem to be in love,

They seem to be in love, that's all that matters ~ @Thirdeye365
Thirdeye365's picture

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I don't know bout this

I don't know bout this couple. She seem to be gay BUT straight for the right price. Every time I look at Wiz he seem to be high. Wendy even called him out for being high on her show. I just wish sista's will do a better job at picking fathers for their babies. His fame very temporary THEN WHAT?
Somerknight's picture

I am very happy for them.

I am very happy for them. Thay look happy and seem to have great chemistry.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I Don't Know Much About Wiz

I Don't Know Much About Wiz Character But Amber Seems So Much Happier With him Than With Kanye. If He's What Make Her Happy I Am Happy for Her. I Wish Them Both The Best.
Keyths'Girl's picture

I'm all for marriage BEFORE

I'm all for marriage BEFORE children (except for when the man you're pregnant by ISN'T ur husband)...KUDOS!
tori's picture

I'm truly happy for any man

I'm truly happy for any man and woman that has found love. But that they will forever be one of the strangest looking couples I've ever seen. And plenty of men call their girlfriends "wives" so maybe it was just a pet name to call him her husband. Would've been nice if Wiz had considered making Amber his wife prior to impregnating her though, but to each his own.
CheyPie's picture

You took the words RIGHT

You took the words RIGHT outta my mouth! Those two look strange separately--and even more strange as a couple. If they like it, I love it. but its still weird.

Good job, happy for these

Good job, happy for these two!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Tehe..and it prolly will

Tehe..and it prolly will remain just that.. a PET name! Smhlol..Good luck wit that though!
Like Really's picture

The dumb nicca will

The dumb nicca will definitely make this ho his wife. His almost white goddess.
LBA1's picture

Yea This is def the *Era of

Yea This is def the *Era of Hoes Winning... Smh when will these fools Eva learn?!...*sigh
Like Really's picture

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