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GORGEOUS GALS: First Lady Michelle, Sasha & Malia Obama Hit The Children's Inaugural Ball + Usher Performs

 photo image_zps17ff56fd.jpeg

Gorgeous alert!  First Lady Michelle Obama took her bangs for their first party run at last night's Children's Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C.  Check out our YBF First Lady making a fab appearance with daughters Sasha & Malia to the concert every kid would have loved to be at. 


Pics inside...

 photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcertKDXmemCd5tyl_zps2e6f3751.jpg

With over 5,000 military kids and their parents attending the big Children's Ball at the Washington D.C. Convention Center last night, it was a big night for everyone involved.  First Daughters Sasha & Malia led the way in their cute looks for the night, and their mom Mrs. O looked fabulous as usual in a long white button down Alexander McQueen tunic, belted with a yellow sash with a sparkling brooch, and black satin pants.

 photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcertJR7BhB546fFl_zps2fd16eff.jpg 

First Granny Marian was there to support of course.

 photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcertuN-2jCbqB3Ol_zps7b31e3f1.jpg

And everyone cheered on Katy Perry and Usher as they took the stage to perform.

 photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcertNFRRuAeYKkil_zps4e24fcd2.jpg    photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcert8NisqwDGcHml_zps2e7d6993.jpg

Both Mrs. Obama and Dr. Jill Biden hosted the event through their Joint Forces Charity and were on hand to speak to the crowd.  FLOTUS told the crowd, “My very favorite part of this entire weekend is being right here with all of you."

Ok we see you in those boots Dr. Jill....

 photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcertVUpCZZ1nauBl_zps5f4debde.jpg

The girls screamed their heads off for Mindless Behavior.  We hear they gave a special shout out to the Obama daughters....who were extra giddy on the front row.  How cute!

 photo ChildrenGatherKidInauguralConcert7UIxrkwCLUUl_zps1d3274fe.jpg

 photo 5_201301200129362321_zps2390fb0f.jpg

Usher and his red sneakers took the stage for a laser-filled performance.  And the event was emceed by America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon.

 photo BBAYE8gCMAA28Oqjpg_large_zpsd65552f6.jpg

And the First & Second ladies snapped pics with military families backstage.


 photo BBAefhDCEAAOBuCjpg_large_zpsa9e29c0c.jpg 

 photo photo4_zps14e03807.png  photo photo3_zps465125cc.png

Rocsi Diaz posted a few pics from her interview with the fab ladies for "Entertainment Tonight."  She says Sasha & Malia told her they are huge fans of "106 & Park." Interesting....


But earlier in the day, the President and Mrs. Obama celebrated the National Day of Service by helping out with a decorating project at a local D.C. school, Burrville Elementary:

 photo photo1_zps301f2e80.jpg

 photo BBAFH6hCYAI8jfJjpg_large_zps69d5d029.jpg

 photo 1597222631_zpsfe6441ec.jpg

Loves them.

Pics: FLOTUS' Twitter




The first daughters have

The first daughters have definitely inherited their mother's quirky fashion sense. I think it suits them and it's refreshing to see young women their age who aren't afraid to take a fashion risk and who seem to really use fashion as a form of self expression. I hope that they will use their power as role models during the next four years and beyond.
Santi114's picture

Those girls are in desperate

Those girls are in desperate need of a good stylist. I'm tired of Maliah's hair looking a mess while mamas is tight (typical in the hood, but the white house should know better). The clothes the girls got on are a hot mess especially Sasha's. I don't know if it's the clothes but Sasha appears to not have a waistline. I was really shocked by that close up of Maliah. Usher look bloated and out of shape. He need to take some time off & get his life together. The rumors on the streets of Atl are not good
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tom100's picture

Usher need to take his old

Usher need to take his old flamin lookin self on somewhere and let the younger kids do this stuff
BEEMA's picture

The First Family looks

The First Family looks GORGEOUS as usual. I'm gon need for Rocsi SLORING A$$ to stay away from Sasha & Malia! Sidenote: Usher its time to RETIRE them red Raf Simons sneakers, u done danced the color off of them!
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Those are some tall kids

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Kingbreez's picture

She looks so terrific, Mrs.

She looks so terrific, Mrs. Obama. Usher looks so played out up there performing. Can't believe how big the Obama girls have gotten.
TeaNicole's picture

Miss.Obama is looking great.

Miss.Obama is looking great. Can't wait to her and Mr.Obama dance and see Beyonce perform tomorrow....

yasss. I am praying Beyonce

yasss. I am praying Beyonce dyes her hair dark for 2013. Its so hard to see her as a gorgeous black entertainer with the pale makeup and platinum blonde hair. I think that blonde hair is getting played out anyway..everybodies doing it now. SHe needs to cut it or something and start a trend. She hasn't changed her hairstyle in like 5 years now.
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Allbeautythings0's picture

"First Granny..."

"First Granny..." hahahaha.....and when did Sasha grow some Big 'Ol Titties!!!!!!?????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

i just noticed the titties

i just noticed the titties cuz you said it,wow bigger than her sister's thats cuz she thicker too and y is usher performing for the kids tho,what happened to mindless behavior and bieber and all them youngin's
Allbeautythings0's picture

Sasha's feelin' all grown

Sasha's feelin' all grown now....and prolly wanted Usher to perform for her
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

lol i'm sure,she looks like

lol i'm sure,she looks like she runs the fam and makes some decisions,u seen how she told her dad to turn around n wave to the people behind him when he won,i was like go Sasha
Allbeautythings0's picture

I thought this was supposed

I thought this was supposed be objective celebrity news...why is the editor always throwing shade on people?... leave that stuff to gay ass Perez Hilton...we have enough of these sites constantly pissing on black celebrities...this site is supposed to be for the YBF.......hence the key word 'Fabulous'
Grown Man Ish's picture

There are no "objective"

There are no "objective" blogs. ALl blogs voice their opinion in the writing- thats the entire purpose why one would create a blog!
BEEMA's picture

When you get your own blog,

When you get your own blog, you can do as you see fit.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

chick...why are you always

chick...why are you always commenting on my post???
Grown Man Ish's picture

Sasha and Malia are beautiful

Sasha and Malia are beautiful and getting tall. Mrs. Obama new hairdo is Fab!! #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

another needless

another needless comment..from a useless rat #thatsallnappy
BEEMA's picture

Our FLOTUS and everyone

Our FLOTUS and everyone looked fabulous, Go on Jill in your high boots, stylish.
Realist's picture

Saw Mrs. Obama's hairdo on

Saw Mrs. Obama's hairdo on video this morning & it looks a lot better than the still photos. Can't wait to watch the Inaguration tomorrow! ..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


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