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LaLa Anthony & Terrence J Host The 2013 Hip Hop Ball With Angela Simmons, 2 Chainz, MC Lyte & MORE!

 photo ken5_zps53644c19.jpg

LaLa Anthony is clearly not letting any of the rumors about her marriage get her down.  Because the reality starlet looked gorgeous on last night's red carpet at the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball.  She hosted the event alongside Terrence J.  


We've got the pics of all the celebs who came out to celebrate President Obama's second term...

 photo ken6_zps60344f00.jpg

In a Lillie Rubin nude and black deep V cut beaded gown and Jimmy Choo shoes, LaLa kept it sexy for the Black Tie affair at DC's Harman Center last night.  She told us on the carpet, "I'm just so honored and happy to be here. [Co-host] Terrence is my brother. And tomorrow, being a part of the official Ball, will be incredible."

 photo LaLaAnthonyandTerrenceJ2attheHeinekenSponsoredHipHopInauguralBall_zpsd0e1be63.jpg

La & Terrence looked great as the hosts for the event, which honors members of the hip hop community who are doing great things in their own communities.

 photo playme1_zpsa0b42fd2.jpg

And backstage, emcee YoYo was there and snapped some pics with the hosts.

 photo ken8_zps73030086.jpg

Terrence kept it dapper in a Tom Ford slacks and shirt and a silvery grey jacket from Zara.

 photo ken4_zpsfaadfa3d.jpg

Angela Simmons rocked an eye popping black sequined bust-cut out dress by Albanian designer Devushka.

 photo AngelaSimmonsattheHeinekenSponsoredHipHopInauguralBall_zps76956fe4.jpg 

And we can't even be mad at her for flaunting that killer bod.  Many couldn't pull this look off but it works for her personality.

 photo photo30_zps67be805a.jpg

La & Ange kicked it with model Chanel inside the Ball.

 photo hen100_zpsdd7ae2af.jpg 

Lil Mama and MC Lyte walked the carpet together as Lil mama was there to honor the femcee.

 photo ken91_zps79960228.jpg

Swizz Beatz was there to receive the Impact Award.

 photo playme6_zps4365b319.jpg 

Meek Mill instagrammed a pic of his entourage on their entrance.

 photo ken28_zpsc574354d.jpg

Most men clean up well in a suit and Meek kinda fits that rule....

 photo ken27_zpsa9d5e9b6.jpg

Lance Gross looked his usual sexual self.

 photo ken29_zps005a2ea7.jpg

John Legend and fiance Christine Teigen hit the event.  John will be performing at the official Inaugural Ball tonight.

 photo ken31_zps4b360151.jpg

Marsha Ambrosius hit the stage at the Ball to perform "I Hope He Cheats On You" and "Butterflies".

 photo ken10_zpsbf55b663.jpg

 photo ken20_zps78b74cb7.jpg

Former NBAer Dikembe Motumbo came out to enjoy the festivities.

 photo ken21_zpsd5c20b66.jpg

Rosario Dawson is kept it sparkly on the carpet as she was there to present.

 photo ken22_zpsf29bbbe0.jpg

WEEN founder Valeisha Butterfield broke away from her new baby boy she has with her NBA hubby Dahntay Jones to attend the event last night.  She was there with WEEN co-founder Kristi Henderson to present to Dr. Ben Chavis:

 photo ken2_zpsc39b247d.jpg

By the way, did you know Dr. Ben has 8 kids--4 boys and 4 girls?


 photo kein1_zps6682fca9.jpg

2 Chainz threw on his suit to receive the Street Soldier Award for his work in getting former felons and minorities to register to vote. Too bad he got into a slight scuffle at the afterparty with a random party goer.

 photo 2ChainzandMarshaAmbrosiusattheHeinekenSponsoredHipHopInauguralBall_zpsaac7a3e3.jpg

 photo TysonBeckfordattheHeinekenSponsoredHipHopInauguralBall_zpsef9d1dfb.jpg

Oh Tyson Beckford.  We get that you wanted to color coordinate with your model girlfriend Shaninah in her Garcia dress.  But this ish is just loud.

 photo VictorCruzandElainaWatleyattheHeinekenSponsoredHipHopInauguralBall_zps094f134b.jpg

NY Giants baller Victor Cruz brought his fiance along for the ball.


 photo ken86_zpsd70f5a91.jpg  photo ken80_zps751918f3.jpg

Both Swizzy and MC Lyte hit the star to accept their awards.

 photo ken60_zpsf1ec3493.jpg  photo ken61_zps908b3230.jpg  photo ken64_zps66f5a9d8.jpg 

And YoYo and Smooth gave a tribute to Lyte for her Lifetime Achievement Award.   And, of course, was the livest performance of the night.

Fab times all around.  If you missed our LIVE from the scene tweets from last night, check 'em here.

Photographer: Ashleigh Bing/shoothappensphotography.com




Lil Mama need to change her

Lil Mama need to change her name to Lil GRANDMAMA!! She looks every bit of 65 on the edge of retirement! I'ma need Marhsa Ambrosious to stick to one weave texture/color at a time. She got a bit of black kinky yaki mixed in wit some wet and wavy brown blend at the bottom looking like her natural hair got caught in a sauna! And I wonder how many of them rappers and models there Lala done ATE! You know her and her lesbo cousin trying to turn out all of black female Hollywood! Watch out Chanel sweetie!
BEEMA's picture


BEEMA's picture

LaLa looked really pretty.

LaLa looked really pretty. Something about Marcia is off. Victor Cruz's fiance looks like she's 12 lol. YoYo still looks good!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Lala never met an event or a

Lala never met an event or a camera she did not like, lol!! Terrance the jacket is wayy!! too small Angela- what happened?? Tyson- no mam!! everyone looks a hot mess!!!! IMO!
sweetpea1989's picture

It's truly unfortunate that

It's truly unfortunate that Lala and Angela Simmons thought it was appropriate to put their lady lumps on parade at an Inaugural Ball. There is a time and a place for extreme cleavage display but this was not one of them.
Santi114's picture

OMG Please tell me why Lil

OMG Please tell me why Lil Mama looks like a 60 year old woman who's had major work done? Mc Lyte looks younger than her smh

Well they don't call her

Well they don't call her "Lil' Mama--OLD FACE" for nuthin...WOMP!
tori's picture

Ooh Tyson, that jacket… I

Ooh Tyson, that jacket… I have vomited prettier things than that. LOL That makes me want to hate the color green and it is one of my favorite colors. And it looks like Smooth should change her name to Lumps, so sorry.
Peace Silas's picture

C'mon Angella, that dress was

C'mon Angella, that dress was too tacky, Tyson Beckford looked like the silly coon he is. That mess in the brown watchumacallit was unspeakable. Lala looked great, Im not a fan of the young looking suits all these guys have been sporting but Im sure Thom Browne is happy.
Realist's picture

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Allbeautythings0's picture

Tyson's girl looks the Best!

Tyson's girl looks the Best!
star's picture

Lil Mama looks about 76 years

Lil Mama looks about 76 years old.
Username's picture

I wonder if she and MC Lyte

I wonder if she and MC Lyte are an item.
star's picture

The females that looked nice

The females that looked nice were Lyte, Angie Simmons and Yoyo from the waist up. The rest left me in confusion. Tyson Beckford need to take that country getup back to the hood mall store where he bought it. He can drag all the models he wants, I still think he is sugary.
JJFad's picture

Lil Mama look like a old man!

Lil Mama look like a old man!
Rica123's picture

LaLa looks like CHIQUITA THE

LaLa looks like CHIQUITA THE BANANA LADY in that dress! Oh Angela...FAIL! Tyson look like a MISSISSIPPI PIMP, Lil Mama stay lookin a HOT A$$ MESS, can we get VC a ProActive endorsement & THANK GOD Meek Mill finally put sum shades on, cuz he be lookin all kinds of LOST & CONFUSED in pics? Yoyo looks nice for her age but "SMOOTH" is lookin MIGHTY LUMPY in that catsuit, you need to BURN IT B!TCH!!
tori's picture

LOLOLz "a Mississippi pimp"☺

LOLOLz "a Mississippi pimp"☺
Peace Silas's picture

@Tori, you are too funny,

@Tori, you are too funny, LMAO dying #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Lala's dress is beautiful

Lala's dress is beautiful including that body chain she's wearing. Gotta get me one for summer. Pretty pic of Lala, Angela & Chanel Iman together. Where is Terrence J's V.S Jamaican model?? I mean Selita banks?? The majority of people look nice #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Yikes, I didn't realize

Yikes, I didn't realize Victor Cruz's skin was that bad. WHOA.
JD's picture

La La looks gorgeous!! Tyson;

La La looks gorgeous!! Tyson; I can almost tolerate the dinner jacket but those socks and those shoes have go to go! LOL!
Burself's picture

The brotha tyson got him a

The brotha tyson got him a baddddddddddddddd mixed paki model chick. Sista YoYo looking old, mc lyte still look the same. Shout out to all my black queens!! Letsgetit im out
LetsGetIt's picture

Lala's boobage is really

Lala's boobage is really unnecessary, Angela's dress could've went without that oversized hole, especially with that non matching bra. Terrence's jacket is super young and Smooth leaves me searching for words and the fact that it was captured on camera means that she has to live with that mistake FOREVER..... So DEVASTATING!!!!.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lil' Mama looks like 'Ol

Lil' Mama looks like 'Ol Granny!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Did Smooth have a Scuba

Did Smooth have a Scuba Diving Class right after that?????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Was LaLa trying to breast

Was LaLa trying to breast feed random people before they taste her Honey Nut?????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Smooth? She should never,

Smooth? She should never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever wear a cat suit ever again! LOL! Hideous!!
Burself's picture


upperechelon's picture

@burself i agree you can see

@burself i agree you can see her butt dimples or wrinkles #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Lol them ain't "dimples" &

Lol them ain't "dimples" & "wrinkles" them sum SPEED BUMPS & POT HOLES!
tori's picture

IKR!! And those sheer side

IKR!! And those sheer side panels reveal she's wearing no drawers either! The whole thing just looks wrong and unsanitary!!! SMH.
Burself's picture

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