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The 2013 BET Inaugural Ball--Gabby Union, Rocsi, Boris & Nicole Kodjoe & More Get FAB

 photo article-2266263-17155666000005DC-964_634x819_zps3b9e1b69.jpg

While President & First Lady Obama were at the Convention Center for their two official Balls, a few YBF celebs hit up BET's Inaugural Ball at the Smithsonian American Art Museum & National Portrait Gallery last night.


We've got Gabby Union, former BET host Rocsi and more keeping it fabulous at the Ball inside...

BET's Exec. VP Stephen Hill posed it up with two of his fave girls--former "106 & Park host Rocsi Diaz and the host of last weekend's BET Honors Gabrielle Union.

 photo article-2266263-171553D6000005DC-645_634x889_zps3be31ea9.jpg

Gabby looked fresh and gorge in her long purple gown and sparkly clutch for the red carpet.  And she accessorized with Le Vian earrings and a Carrera y Carrera bracelet and ring.

 photo article-2266263-17155488000005DC-346_306x769_zpsae8242fe.jpg

 photo GabrielleUnionBETNetworksHostInauguralDHkpXqv7BWNl_zpsa4029dfc.jpg

Love this look for her.

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsCeNBlexmiU7l_zpsb507aa53.jpg

Rocsi returned to her former BET family for the big event.

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivals-YRPw_loqzNl_zps330f1fe7.jpg

This is a great look for her as well.

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsMG74yP7E_Q1l_zps3713419c.jpg

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsUAz7qendlQAl_zpsdf7c4741.jpg

Boris & Nicole Kodjoe looked like perfect wedding cake toppers.  The ridiculusly gorgeous couple made their way tot he Ball.  And we're loving Nicole's white gown and curls.

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsZJVG2UB-Zj4l_zps6012bc2a.jpg

"The Game" star Hosea Chanchez hit the carpet.

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsycgYSzlop8yl_zps303ea857.jpg

Cynne Simpson, local DC news anchor and niece of legendary radio host Donnie Simpson, made her way on the carpet in a multi printed dress.


 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsNcAjUSE5bK4l_zps43664d2e.jpg

 photo article-2266263-1715425B000005DC-67_306x763_zpsfc954b6e.jpg

"Second Generation Wayans" star Tatyana Ali kept things simple in a black gown.

 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsLQXugXmGNGSl_zpsf9082feb.jpg

Remember "Carribean Rhythms" chick Rachel Stuart?  She made a random appearance at the Ball.  And chick still looks flawless.


 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsldGvjso8NU-l_zps222ad60f.jpg

Former "106" host AJ Calloway had some fun with B.Smith and Dan Gasby.


 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalsi-i3eXhl-5rl_zps89a0057f.jpg

Uh oh....Mikki Taylor got a weave y'all.  We're not feeling the look on her, but every woman deserves to be able to change it up every once in a while.


 photo BETNetworksHostInauguralBallArrivalseL6r9-M2ErBl_zps457b06d8.jpg

MC Lyte hit the carpet looking ageless as usual.  She had just received the Lifetime Achievement Award he night before at the Hip Hop Inaugural Ball.


 photo article-2266263-1715423A000005DC-95_306x763_zps6a60fb90.jpg

"Access Hollywood" correspondent Shaun Robinson looked great in a one shoulder long dress.


 photo article-2266263-171557B3000005DC-464_196x594_zpsf72fdac6.jpg

Wayne Brady made his way to all the Balls it seems.

 photo article-2266263-171543EE000005DC-463_634x415_zps36b757f1.jpg

Jermaine Dupri was on the 1's and 2's.


 photo article-2266263-17157AA2000005DC-441_634x484_zps4a52086e.jpg

And the ladies Shaun and Nicole kicked it with Kenny Lattimore.  Fab times!





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hooklookping's picture

Between Mikki Taylor's

Between Mikki Taylor's HAIRLINE & them CHOPPERS..she need to be shot! Gabby looks FAB & so does Boris! LMAO at that silly troll STALKIN ME 24/7 365/yr!
tori's picture

Love Gabrielle's hair for a

Love Gabrielle's hair for a change. MCLyte looks nice and fem...
star's picture


BEEMA's picture

Gabby Union is beautiful as

Gabby Union is beautiful as always! She is my favorite out of all the homewrecking celebs. Nicole Ari Parker, NO BABY NO! Please return that wig back to the Discount Beauty Supply store you bought it from! Kenny Latimore.. When are you coming out the closet girlfriend?? EPI dats it!
laydeegirl's picture

Mikki Talyor's hairline is

Mikki Talyor's hairline is desparately trying to escape. Tight braids, weaves and lace-fronts will destroy a hairline!
tinytexan's picture

There's something about Gabby

There's something about Gabby that never really looks polished enough for me, and all those stupid poses show how desperate she is for attention,Rosci looks manless and lonely again, but I must say she doing a GOOD job on Entertainment Tonight. Does Tatyana Ali get RESIDUAL CHECKS from "The Fresh Prince"? If so I'm going to need her to cash them in because, she always be looking like the PO MAN, like she does her own hair & make-up and buys her outfit from a low-rate UPSCALE RESALE STORE! Rachel fom Caribbean Rhythems still looks nice but her man has CRAY CRAY IN THE EYE! Did Nicole Ari Parker go buy her look from a Whitney Houston MEMORABILIA AUCTION? because that WIG and DRESS looks like an outfit she wore to a 80's or 90's Grammy Show! MC Lyte looked nice, The DC anchor lady looked nice but that dress reminds me of the 90's silk asian dresses that WERE in style back then. Everyone else looked just ok.
Shay's picture

first funny post from you

first funny post from you
BEEMA's picture

Tatyana Ali and Nicole

Tatyana Ali and Nicole Kodjoe's hairstyles get a "NO" from me. Gabrielle is looking nice!
C2C's picture

I don't like when Gabby makes

I don't like when Gabby makes that pouty face. Doesn't look good on her. Nicole's hair is a mess! Everyone else is okay.
Happy Lady's picture

Who put that poodle on

Who put that poodle on Nicole's head though? Gabby looks amazing minus the iphone bathroom pic face.
Username's picture

A slight gust of wind..and

A slight gust of wind..and those propellers are taking Rosci for a ride!...
Like Really's picture

Hahaha, especially since she

Hahaha, especially since she cut the majority of her weight (her hair).
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Allbeautythings0's picture

Gabby always looks amazing

Gabby always looks amazing
Blackadaberry's picture

Mikki is an attractive brown

Mikki is an attractive brown sister. I think she would do good with a wig that has some bangs on it. I think that would make her look 210% better.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Gabby, Cynne Simpson, MC Lyte

Gabby, Cynne Simpson, MC Lyte (what is that childs real name?) and Shaun Robinson all look pretty and well put together.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Oh yea...Mikki Taylor needs

Oh yea...Mikki Taylor needs to swap out some of that forehead for some neck.
TrueThinker's picture

Tatyana Ali looks as basic as

Tatyana Ali looks as basic as her gown. ...Nicole and Boris are the best in this bunch. Great couple.
TrueThinker's picture

Lebron ain't got nothing on

Lebron ain't got nothing on Mikki Taylor. YOWSERS!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I'm gonna need Michelle Obama

I'm gonna need Michelle Obama to let Mikki Taylor borrow her bangs for an evening because Mikki's five-head has been KILLING me for years! If girl head buts you, it's lights OUT honey!
DesignDiva's picture

HARSH! haha

HARSH! haha
C2C's picture

Rachel Stuart????? That's a

Rachel Stuart????? That's a blast from the past.....some of ya'll prolly weren't born yet!!!!!!!! @LetsGetIt was still in Pampers®© and had Colic..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I hated her fake accent!!

I hated her fake accent!! "Dis is ya gurl RAACHALE" lol annoying as hell.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Rachel Stuart was born and

Rachel Stuart was born and raised in Jamaica. Nothing fake about her accent...
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

BaHa...and she still looks

BaHa...and she still looks the same! #Gorge
Like Really's picture

She's holding it together

She's holding it together after 3 kids. I would scratch my head b/c i couldn't figure out her accent...but i guess it's a mixture of Canadian & Caribbean...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

How u know i was in pampers

How u know i was in pampers ???!!!Caribbean Rhythms aint that damn old
LetsGetIt's picture

Letsgetit I bet your d**k was

Letsgetit I bet your d**k was too big to fit in a pamper! I know how you Mandingo men are!..lol
BEEMA's picture

Huggies Pull-Ups®©???? (just

Huggies Pull-Ups®©???? (just playin')
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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