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Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O'Neal Tape Season 5 Of "Basketball Wives" ..While Doing Some Shopping

 photo spl485480_001_zps53e09467.jpg

"Basketball Wives" Season 5 taping is underway.  And after half the cast got the axe at the end of last season, we know so far that besties Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O'Neal are returning with a lot to say.


Pics of the fresh faced ladies filming while shopping inside...

Out in L.A. yesterday, Evelyn showed off her new dark hair color for the "BBW" cameras while rocking a tight striped dress and wedged heels.  The author and Latina mag fitness spokeswoman looks happier than ever while shopping it up with her boo Shuanie O'Neal.  So whether the rumors are true that she and Chad have reconciled (she exclaimed on her Twitter today that they are not together), whatever's going on, it's working for her.

 photo spl485480_022_zps97b4be1f.jpg

Shanuie, in a cute multicolored maxi dress, and Ev watched a dog on wheels spin by as they shopped on Robertson Blvd in L.A. yesterday while the cameras rolled.

 photo spl485872_014_zps52df00bb.jpg

 photo spl485480_032_zps38b7e9d6.jpg

The Ev & Shaunie twosome spoke a little while ago to VH1 about what to expect from Season 5:

“We never go into a season saying, ‘Hey, well this is what we’re going to do. I know it’s been—especially last season was a little crazy, but we kinda just go with the flow. We’re hoping it’s smooth rolling next season."

And Evelyn also said what we already knew, she hangs out with Shaunie all the time, but only sees the other chicks when it's time to film.

"Evelyn and I keep in contact and we do stuff together throughout the year, but when it comes to everybody else, it’s kinda like we just get together when it’s time to do a show.”

Is anybody else wondering who the next victims cast members of "BBW" will be?

Pics: Splash






Shaunie should lose the hair

Shaunie should lose the hair and evelyn the tats:( I heard that evelyn said she will come back this season and be just as big of a fool as she has been in the past, because talking to iyanla did not turn her into mother mary, and if someone gets in her face she will defend herself!!! Well that's exactly what happened with Chad O and she ended up in therapy and with stitches.....go somewhere and sit down evelyn.....
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I'm sad now dat Dog :(

I'm sad now dat Dog :(
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Didn't know trashcans could

Didn't know trashcans could walk.
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tom101's picture

Evelyn too damn fine. Those

Evelyn too damn fine. Those tattoos on her back are disgusting but she still fine as hell. Shaunie looks like an old maid.
jgraves58's picture

I heard Tami and Shaunie get

I heard Tami and Shaunie get into it this season

Back tats are too big and way

Back tats are too big and way too many. Dress is super fly tho.
TeaNicole's picture

Evelyns' has on a very nice

Evelyns' has on a very nice sweater dress but ruin it the those nasty back tats.
Somerknight's picture

Dos Brujas!!¡¡!!! These two

Dos Brujas!!¡¡!!! These two crawl under my skin ~ Phuck Fuck Phuck Any and EVerything about their lives!¡! Puntas ~ uggghhhh ~ I'd rather watch shit float down the toilet!¡ ^¿^
GetUrLife's picture

LOLOLOLOLz! That's hilarious!

LOLOLOLOLz! That's hilarious! NO MORE NONSENSE ON TV!!!!
Peace Silas's picture

Ok I thought Shaunie said her

Ok I thought Shaunie said her and Tami were such good friends now it's only when filming? They are so FAKE. Anybody that cane be BFFs with someone like Evelyn is really playing themselves. Oh and Ev everybody knows that Hollywood trick...when celebs dye their hair a dark color it's to deflect from the fact they had some work done. I see you.
PacificGirl's picture

Whoever continues to watch

Whoever continues to watch this, I hope every tv in your house blows out.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Ev's back tattoos are wack!

Ev's back tattoos are wack! Carry on.
myopinioncounts's picture

Evelyn has cankles!

Evelyn has cankles!
The Real Thing's picture

Oh snap she does........lol

Oh snap she does........lol
star's picture

Yes, I will watch this crap

Yes, I will watch this crap but I will miss Jennifer,,,,,she was my fave. They need to add a new person on the show who has a bitchy attitude. YOu know, mix things up.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Evelyn is pretty...Shaunie

Evelyn is pretty...Shaunie looks matronly.
star's picture

Evelyn looks like she got a

Evelyn looks like she got a NASSTY WEAVE! I hope Tami is comin back!
tori's picture

evelyn clearly had work done

evelyn clearly had work done but she still looks pretty good...the darker hair makes her look a lot sexier and younger.
litebrite's picture

Who is left besides the two

Who is left besides the two of them?
JewelryLover's picture

who else is even left on that

who else is even left on that show? i been stopped watching that disaster. lol @ Ev's wonky nipples.
shuga's picture

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