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MUST BE NICE: Kim & Kanye Blaze Through Luxe Stores On Parisian Shopping Spree

 photo FFN_CHP_West_Kardashian_012513_50998765_zpsd20eaab0.jpg

Kim & Kanye were all smiles and full of fluff....literally...as they made their way around Paris on an all-out shopping spree last night.  Check out the camera loving twosome on a shopping binge at their fave luxe stores inside...

 photo FFN_CHP_West_Kardashian_012513_50998740_zps0ad6b6a5.jpg

What better way to celebrate your baby on the way and making a lot of money doing a whole lot of.....exactly what we see here?  To shop some more while the cameras track your every move.

Kim K. threw on a feathered white dress and black ankle strap heels (we're guessing this was Kanye's pick) to shop away her troubles going on back home.  While her stepmother Ellen Kardashian has released Kim's father Rob Kardashian's alleged diaries that reveal Kris Jenner's abuse on Kim and cheating ways, the Kardashian kids are pissed.  At least on Twitter they are.  While the fam is disclaiming the authenticity of the diaries and seem so upset by it, Kim was spotted laughing it up with her boyfriend Kanye in Paris.


 photo FFN_CHP_West_Kardashian_012513_50998783_zpsb612a66d.jpg

He paraded her around their fave spots--Hermes, Cartier, Lanvin and Ermanno Scervin--to pick up some new additions to their wardrobe.

 photo FFN_CHP_West_Kardashian_012513_50998751_zpsd9793590.jpg

 photo article-2268454-172A2C3F000005DC-697_634x382_zps43f7b38f.jpg

Kanye previously bought his baby mama 5 Cartier bracelets that she showed off to her Twitter followers yesterday:

 photo article-2268454-172488AF000005DC-850_634x615_zps3281638a.jpg

Well isn't that special.  We can say we're loving the smile 'Ye has on his face.  And since Kris Humphries has said once again he does not plan on agreeing to the divorce until Kim fesses up that she faked the marriage, this might be as close as Kim & Kanye are going to get for a while.


Pics: FameFlynet/Twitter




I really hope their

I really hope their relationship have more substance than shopping and wearing designer clothes.
IslandGyal's picture

I hope they are both happy

I hope they are both happy and I wish them the best. They are just living their lives. I don't begrudge them their happiness. Kanye hasn't looked this happy and fulfilled in years(especially since he lost his mother). I think we sometimes lose sight of the fact that famous people are humans. They live, they love they make mistakes just like we all do. The difference is, they are wealthy and in the public eye. And let's face it being in the public eye is part of the game. If no one were interested in seeing them it would indicate that they are no longer relevent. Kanye's music is the best in his genre right now - and although Kim may not have artistic talents, one must admit that she has a talent for making money and staying relevent.
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tom100's picture

When his money is out he'b

When his money is out he'b better not come crying in the black community!

MEH!!!-in snookie voice 0_0

MEH!!!-in snookie voice 0_0 Kanye went dark after he lost his mom, hopefully this baby can shed some light back into his life #wishful.thinking
sexybrownpyt's picture

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luelladaube's picture

again ...again.. again WE ARE

again ...again.. again WE ARE ALL SO HAPPY FOR THEM "OKAY"... pls can you stop posting this couple
REd™'s picture

...At least Kris Humphries

...At least Kris Humphries believes in the sanctity of marriage.
C2C's picture

Not to compare the two

Not to compare the two couples but why does this blog hate and throw shade on Kim and Kanye and praise Beyonce and Jay-Z? They shopped while Beyonce was pregnant and they are photograph'd every waking moment as well but they're never called a 'camera loving twosome' and you (YBF) never hate on Jay's mug. I've never really seen Jay or Kanye smile for the pap's. Anyway, while I don't like Kim's dress, I appreciate her flair for high fashion and always staying ahead of the trends. She's starting to glow.
Username's picture

Beautiful dress... Beautiful

Beautiful dress... Beautiful bracelets...Im happy for them!
star's picture

NEVER thought 'Yé's career

NEVER thought 'Yé's career would come to THIS! However, I am lovin KKTM!
tori's picture

Those bracelets are

Those bracelets are beautiful, I have a feeling Kim is going to turn into a little cow while pregnant.
TeaNicole's picture

I love how folks accuse you

I love how folks accuse you of hating when u have an unpopular opinion. I simply don't like these two--separately or as a couple. I DO appreciate Ye's music though, and while I don't think Kim K has any 'talent', I often like her style-game. This outfit here--is a fail.

LOVING the outfit, HATING the

LOVING the outfit, HATING the choir/mother board anniversary shoes!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

That chicken little outfit is

That chicken little outfit is comical to say the least.
Realist's picture


Yas's picture


Tannygirl's picture

I mean these two are about

I mean these two are about that life, traveling around the globe, shopping in the best designer hses from lanvin to cartier, no wonder people are jealous n green with envy. teamkimye
lolo's picture

No jealousy here! I love

No jealousy here! I love seeing people in love, but these two don't seem in love with each other. They're in love with fame. I'd take real love over expensive trips and designer dresses any day. Of course, to have both would be even better.
CheyPie's picture

ya right!

ya right!

They dont seem to be in love

They dont seem to be in love with each other but how do you know that since you dont them personally or are you a body language expert?
lolo's picture

Nope. Just a casual observer

Nope. Just a casual observer posting my opinion on a celebrity blog like everyone else. If they really are in love, then great for them. But based on their personalities and the fact that they both constantly need attention to feel validated, I find it hard to believe that this is more than just two buddies (they definitely seem like friends) maximizing their publicity. IMO.
CheyPie's picture

I think people read into this

I think people read into this relationship too much, these two are living their lives like everyone else, the difference is they are rich, now if the paps follow them wherever they go thats not their fault, people shd let them be.
lolo's picture

They look genuinely happy.

They look genuinely happy. Kim's dress is a risky choice, but I like it on her.
Happy Lady's picture

They both look really stupid,

They both look really stupid, especially in the 3rd pic, and he needs to stop wearing that ugly, sloppy looking ass t shirt. Enough!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

The haters will be showing

The haters will be showing soon to do their job they don't like to see people happy
xedos's picture

Bitter black woman alert

Bitter black woman alert LMAO. Theres so much misinformation in this post, its hilarious. He didnt even get those for her all at once. That jealousy is thick

Beautiful couple, they look

Beautiful couple, they look happy!
saHTC12's picture

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