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Christina Milian Rocks A Sexy Swimsuit....And Grabs A Smoke...On Miami Beach

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackoneLKHG1l9ybfDl_zpsea55fd79.jpg

Christina Milian's been working out on Miami Beach all weekend.  And yesterday, she threw in a little fun by laying out on the beach, flaunting her cute swimsuit bod, and getting in some electronic cigarettes portable hookah.  Pics inside...


 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackonejDzlAVOhTXzl_zps042719a0.jpg  photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackonejHODitB9J7Xl_zpsd4bac8f5.jpg

Christina laid out on the beach and got her "smoke" on yesterday.  And even though the paprazzi labeled this an electronic cigarette, which we think is one of the stupidest inventions ever, it actually looks like portable hookah.

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackoneEi0i4hgAu7Rl_zps2228ccf3.jpg

The mom of little Violet soaked up some sun in a revealing one piece Saturday afternoon after partying it up at Room Service the night before.

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackoneB9n0JJ-74KKl_zps0c1ace08.jpg


 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackonejpirrP19Zg1l_zpse51f41cf.jpg 

She's been close friends with Chris' ex Karrueche Tran for a while, so one of her girls rocked a hat from her The Kill line to support.

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackonewocLfys1_Sjl_zps3d7f5ff1.jpg 

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackonez7SExMn0nl8l_zpsebf1e00c.jpg

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackone4GZEGyBzmG7l_zps4ed97ea1.jpg

 photo ChristinaMiliansportingplungingblackoneyUAlsiBMJ9el_zps78f597d7.jpg

The curvy Cuban cutie also posted a pic of her American Apparel dress for the YMCMB party the other night:


 photo article-2268920-172C9A31000005DC-174_638x627_zps2e0c6085.jpg

Hate these boots and thigh highs with it.  But do you boo...

Pics: Pacific Coast News/Instagram




This chick is hands down THE

This chick is hands down THE WORST dressed chick in the D List celeb game! She's worst than Megan Good & that's terrible. She makes everything she wears look cheap
Tiff's picture

Niiice!! but the girl in the

Niiice!! but the girl in the middle of the 6th pic at quick glance looks like she could be Tyger sister lol
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She is so gorgeous and sexy.

She is so gorgeous and sexy. Why is the vapor cigarette which helps people who are killing themselves and giving themselves EXTREMELY bad putrid breath by smoking those stinky cigarettes called the "stupidest inventions ever" when it helps people quit smoking cancer sticks????????????????? ?????? My cousin bought her husband one & it has helped him leave the Newport shorts alone. Four men on his job have already been using it to quit which is what made him want to try so he can be around and healthy for his son.
I_love_laughing's picture

Because that's not what she

Because that's not what she is smoking on. Christina isn't trying to stop smoking. She has been posting pictures of herself smoking Hookah. Smoking is the cool thing to do now. Celebs are d**kriders too. celebs suddenly want the world to know that they smoke....and if that wasn't smoking before they have picked up the habit to appear "hip".

She still

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Why is she getting all of

Why is she getting all of these back to back posts, and I see she wants to let the world know she smokes too. (rolls eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Look like a hookah portable

Look like a hookah portable stick to me....Miami is going thru a cold front right now..sooo I heard, its hella cold ova there *shrugs betta then this cold nyc weather #flips.hair.that.is.all
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How'd that Lil' Girl blast a

How'd that Lil' Girl blast a baby outta her puss???????????????
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