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We're all about good music.  And Jon B. has dropped another track off his upcoming B Sides Collection album (releasing on iTunes January 29th) with new and unreleased tracks.  Check out "Back 2 Love" inside...

Looks like Cali native Jon B. is serious about his comeback tip.  With another new release, "Back 2 Love," he's breaking out the ballads he's known for.  

The 38-year-old originally wrote and recorded the track in 2004 for his Stronger Everyday Album and revamped it to bring it up to date yet still has that classic R&B feel.

Check out the track below and decide if we're feeling Jon B. all over again...



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Man people have been sleeping

Man people have been sleeping on him, hes had some great albums out in the past 10 years, Stronger Everyday and Helpless Romantic. Saw him in concert earlier this month and he put it down with his classics and new material! Excited for this B Sides Collection!

A million times better than

A million times better than Justin Timberlake.
Twila's picture

oh my.... i remember this

oh my.... i remember this guy, i used to have such a crush on him. loved his track with Tupac ' r u still down', it was a great great track.
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Uh oh, a cute white boy memo

Uh oh, a cute white boy memo must've gone out. They all coming out full efffect: Jon, Robin, JT....
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Jon B. is makin music like he

Jon B. is makin music like he NEVER LEFT! Still sexy, watch out Mr. Thicke..nevermind, there's room for the BOTH of u...DUET..DUET...DUET!!
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#Sexy.Lovers.Vibe.Music!!! #flips.hair.that.is.all #kenya.twirl.down.to.a.split
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Love it!!

Love it!!
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love good R&B

love good R&B
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I like it!

I like it!
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I love Jon B. Unfortunately

I love Jon B. Unfortunately my computer is not playing the music file. I hope he makes a great comeback.
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