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FRIVILOUS "Basketball Widow" SPENDS $1M INSURANCE POLICY In 10 Months + Former NFL BALLER BEATS UP Ex-Boyfriend

 photo Lorenzen-Wright_Sherra_Wright-e1359398786493mm_zps33e3c111.jpg

One former real life basketball wife, who's now a widow, is accused of spending a million dollar insurance policy in 10 months.  Find out what she bought inside and get the deets on a former NFL baller who beat up his ex-boyfriend over a pack of soy sauce. 

One basketball widow's draw-dropping tales of excess could have cost her four kids their future financial stability now that it's been disclosed that she spent $1M in less than a year.

Former NBA player Lorenzen Wright signed a $1 Million life insurance policy in 2010 after before he filed for divorce from Sherra Wright, hoping that his kids would be taken care of if he died. Unfortunately....he was found dead five months after the policy went into effect.  Interesting timing.

Now you might think Sherra would save money for her kids' college funds or perhaps save some of the $1M for the future....but no. She didn't. In fact, reports by commercialappeal.com say most of the money was gone within 10 months.

So how do you spend away your kid's future and dead ex-husband's legacy?  Here's some of the expenses:

$26,000 on a Lexus
$32,000 on a Cadillac Escalade
$69,000 on furniture
$11,750 for a trip to New York
$339,000 to buy a new home and renovate
$7,000 on a pool
$5,000 for lawn equipment
$34,000 on lawyers

Well....we hope they took pictures and still have their memories.


In other foolish sports news......

 photo firstHarrisKwame_zps213421e2.jpg

Kwame Harris, a free agent who has played for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, was involuntarily "outed" today when he appeared in San Mateo County Superior Court today on charges he assaulted his ex-boyfriend when an argument over soy sauce went too far!

Kwame is being sued by his former lover Dimitri Geier civilly for assault, battery, false imprisonment, negligence and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

According to the San mateo County news, it all stems from a dinner the two had on August 21, 2012 at a Menlo Park restaurant when Dimitri poured soy sauce over a plate of rice.

For some reason, this didn't sit too well with Kwame and they began to argue for seven minutes. The pair had long since broken up but clearly had been holding on to a few issues. After the argument, Kwame, who had previously agreed to drive Dimitri to the airport, decided a cab would be a better option.

While they were removing Dimitri's clothes from Kwame's car, Kwame accused Dimitri of stealing his underwear, so he tried to pull D's pants down. Because of this, Dimitri reportedly struck Kwame three times in the face but that only unleased Kwame's anger and Dimitri ended up at the hospital "having surgery to repair broken orbital bones and required a metal plate to repair the damage."

Though Dimitri threw the first punch, he is considered the victim because he was the most badly injured.  Kwame's attorney Alin Clintean feels he will be vindicated saying, “This really is a pure self-defense case. He was attacked. He was in fear of his life and his physical well-being."

Kwame is now free from custody on $75,000 bail but faces up to 7 years in jail if convicted.

SMH....what's up with the soy sauce anger though?  He was REAL mad.




Unless a person is traveling

Unless a person is traveling from Africa, a trip to NYC should NOT cost $11,000!!! That's insane!!!
Happy Lady's picture

lol right, she probably was

lol right, she probably was staying at the Four Seasons or Trump Towers #balling.outta.control
sexybrownpyt's picture

$$ for the home ~ okay ~ but

$$ for the home ~ okay ~ but the rest?¿ ~ a trip to New York ain't That expensive. Living here is ~ straight jigga nonsense. . . As for those other two ~ must've been some sauce in that soy.
GetUrLife's picture


http://www.myfoxmemphis.com/story/19066830/the-lorenzen-wright-murder- two-years-later
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

While the house was

While the house was necessary, she definitely should have been smarter with the rest of her money. Without being in her pockets though, we don't know that she doesn't already have trusts and money saved. Cuz that big house with the nice furniture, manicured lawn, and pool aren't going to last long if she can't afford her maintence bills.....And who da hell wears their lover's drawls?! And why would you attempt to take them in public?! Big @ss Queen fightin over soy sauce SMH.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

He should have put the life

He should have put the life insurance policy in the kids names, that would be put in a trust until they reach said age, but he trusted this woman.
Lola's picture

Another gold digging

Another gold digging worthless bitch. Another DL faggot. What else is new in the black community?
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hooklookping's picture

Are we sure she has nothing

Are we sure she has nothing to do with his death ?
Tehara's picture

Truthteller7, you're stupid

Truthteller7, you're stupid ass is hopping all over this post, trying to run defense for her twisted mouth ass, SOT your BROKE DOWN ass down!!! The news doesn't lie and the police investigators don't lie, so stfu and dtop trying to make that chick look good because the handwriting's all over the wall and the facts are recorded in heaven. Reveal the TRUTH and do JUSTICE right now, Father God!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

this is just damn sad... i

this is just damn sad... i cant believe that bow wow and omarion rumor..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Spend $1 million in 10

Spend $1 million in 10 months? I've heard worse. But to not put any aside for your children's future is what makes her a dumb BITCH! What a sorry excuse for a mother! This is why HOODRATS shouldn't be allowed to procreate. There are no words just disgust for this broad!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Girl please, his checks per

Girl please, his checks per month when he was in the league equaled one million. The kids still have trusts. Hood rat seriously!? No, she's not a hood rat although people like you would probably suggest she live in the hood after being married to a hometown hero. Also, they had seven kids six of whom are still living. Calculate feeding and clothing and buying cars for them then speak ....
truthteller7's picture

where are you getting your

where are you getting your facts from..I found this story interesting so I did some searching.Over the course of his NBA career, Lorenzen Wright earned an estimated $55.2 million in salary. He died in 2010, shot to death, his body left to decompose in the woods southeast of Memphis. At issue, other family members contend, is that the proceeds were designated to support the couple's six children. The spending report, filed in September but only just now disclosed publicly, caused a judge to begin investigation of the living conditions of Wright's children. The judge also routed other money, the NBA's $184,000 in death benefits, to Lorenzen Wright's father Herb to benefit the children. Those assets are, at present, frozen. when a judge has to step for the children...the @ithch is hood!!!!

THANK YOU for doing the

THANK YOU for doing the research! I forget sometimes that the media does like to twist stories in the way that is most appealing to them. With that being said, half the people on here that get mad that you call other people on stories like this out on being negligent parents are usually negligent parents themselves, have/had negligent parents, or are IGNORANT PEOPLE who support shorty lo's baby mama's reality tv show. It's absolutely HILARIOUS to me when these FOOLS actually have the audacity to argue with you about something they "should know" is morally wrong!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Thanks for doing some leg

Thanks for doing some leg work....I was curious as well.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Good to know, but some of us

Good to know, but some of us commenters don't have the time to do the proper research to know the "REAL TRUTH" and "Actual spending" that went on. We are only commenting on the little information that is presented in front of us. Even the YBF crew posted "some" information on her spending. #Good.Research.flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

you are so right and I often

you are so right and I often jump to conclusions myself so I am not judging, I just thought this was interesting and worth the extra effort..the money, the kids, the way he was killed only months after life insurance went into effect..make for made of TV story

WOOOOWWWWW on both these

WOOOOWWWWW on both these stories
diamond2012's picture

Y'all know that "soy sauce"

Y'all know that "soy sauce" was probably some sexual innuendo they used when they were out to keep their relationship on the "low, low". Kwame lost it when Dimitri put a copious amount of "soy sauce" on that rice....
GetAtMe's picture

The NBA has a nice pension

The NBA has a nice pension plan for players. I'm sure Lorenzen would have qualified for it given the length of time he played for the NBA. I'm wondering if his children are receiving that money?

damn!!! SMH

damn!!! SMH
RO's picture

...And them nasty ass

...And them nasty ass gays...umph...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

ease up on the gays. you

ease up on the gays. you should be trippin off the fact that two people let alone two grown azz men were fighting over soy sauce and stolen drawz. lol...not to mention this dude look hella crusty.
TrueThinker's picture

The article clearly states

The article clearly states "Here are SOME of the expenses..." So clearly some things were left OFF the list (she actually spent 973,000)!
tori's picture

I CAN'T STAND that twisted

I CAN'T STAND that twisted mouth, greedy, suspect looking, trifling, stupid bitch and I pray TO GOD that her twisted mouth ass goes to prison...or somewhere...forever real soon after God soon reveals the TRUTH!!! I t's too bad he stuck his dick in that dumb, greedy bitch! Men, watch out for this Black Widow cause she's going to need a whole lot of more money further down the road...dumb, illitrrate BITCH!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

How contradictory are you?

How contradictory are you? Your pray and then criticize someone about an injury you have NO CLUE how she got! Moreover, you have the nerve to accuse someone you've never met, know nothing about, only what a gossip site feeds you. I will pray for you! Not only that you learn not to speak ill of God's child, but that you repent of JUDGING. When you curse a child of God you curse yourself. Have you done any research on this case? Do you know what has been given to whom and how the opposing party isn't even mentioned in the will?? Thought not
truthteller7's picture

Motherfucker, get off my clit

Motherfucker, get off my clit and go play in traffic! I know all about what was reported on that twisted mouth hoe. Fuck her, and you too! I don't need your BOOTLEG, raggedy ass praying for me, pray for your damn self, you half dead, retarded and self righteous piece of shit. You must be close to the chick? I could care less cause like I said, God knows all about it and may God reveal the truth soon. She DISGUSTS me! Ugh.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I do pray for myself and

I do pray for myself and luckily i know and have relationships with both sherra and God. I will still pray for you ESPECIALLY since you've spoken so ill of me, who you don't know, and have opened the door to a severe curse. God have mercy on you and may his peace enter your life and tale away your bitter, evil, malicious intent. You are reminding me of absalom right now.
truthteller7's picture

@Carmen CaBoom yeah I agree,

@Carmen CaBoom yeah I agree, she has to be close to this chick, she replied to every commenter...smdh #it.not.that.serous #nobody.got.time.for that. #sips.ginger.tea.leaves.page.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I am. You've responded to

I am. You've responded to every commenter to, the question is who are you?
truthteller7's picture

That didn't quite add up up

That didn't quite add up up to 1 million dollars, but it was still careless. I'm assuming from the story, that the rest of it went undocumented, like a designer wardrobe, which has to be in there somewhere. Anywho.... I just can't with the other story.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Why did she buy TWO luxury

Why did she buy TWO luxury cars? Sounds like she won't even be able to afford the maintenance on the vehicles or pay the property taxes on the house at the rate she is going. All of that stuff is headed to an auction in the 'near' future....Just saying....
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Two of her 6 children are of

Two of her 6 children are of age to drive. Headed to auction? Isn't it ironic that when all of this happen she was "broke" now she's "blowing through millions." Use common sense, things aren't always as you read.
truthteller7's picture

As long as she can support

As long as she can support her chidren, that's all that matters and I don't see anywhere here that she can't, even without that 1 million. Sounds like she secured a home (no payments) paid off vehicles and went on a vacation. The furniture was a bit excessive but oh well.
Username's picture

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"$1 Million gone within 10

"$1 Million gone within 10 months" That's Just Plain Greedy- Damn! LOL.. Kwame Harris = no comment.......
REd™'s picture

Hopefully she has a job to

Hopefully she has a job to afford & pay that annual property tax on that house.....smdh on careless spending. At least use some of that money to start a business.#flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

She does have a business.

She does have a business.
truthteller7's picture

Thanks for letting me know

Thanks for letting me know because information posted is limited thus I can only state my opinion from what I read on this blog. Yet I don't have time to investigate "such n such" so good to know, smart move on her part.
sexybrownpyt's picture

This ENTIRE POST is just SAD!

This ENTIRE POST is just SAD!
tori's picture

Both stories is some straight

Both stories is some straight foolishness......SOY SAUCE???? REALLY! The 1st story is not surprising. You think all these 5k, 10k a month baby mamas is putting money up for their kids so why would a woman who get a lump sum. If he was smart it would have gone into a trust that the children would have to use for school or not receieve till 25yrs old. You don't give it to the mother.
Somerknight's picture

"ARE"...please, please

"ARE"...please, please consider using it in you comments where appropriate.

Well does she have other

Well does she have other income coming in? That's quite a bit of money there'''''as far as the gay football player, I didn't know there were any gay players in the league,,,,,I know he is embarrassed cuz he wanted to keep it under wraps,,,,,oh well.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

dumb blacks with $ makes

dumb blacks with $ makes whites rich
lewis3k's picture

her expenses are just a

her expenses are just a little over half a mil
lewis3k's picture

"Not to throw shade" but you

"Not to throw shade" but you do need to check your Math...
REd™'s picture

You might want to double

You might want to double check your math!
tori's picture

his or her math is correct.

his or her math is correct.
litebrite's picture

Now I'm checking the

Now I'm checking the math....okay if the YBF crew doesn't change the #'s it comes up to $523,750 which is indeed a little over half a million(1,000,000) dollars. So she has less than half a million to spend wisely #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

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