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LL Cool J Dishes ALL On "Oprah's Next Chapter" (FULL EPISODE)

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Did you miss LL Cool J's interview with Oprah last night?  We've got you covered.  Check it inside...

LL Cool J appeared on "Oprah's Next Chapter" last night where he talked about how he learned the power of forgiveness from his family (his father shot both his mother and grandfather), why he turned his back on the street life (he says he knew there was something better out there than drugs), and the abuse he suffered from his step-father (he says he never let him get in his head).  He also talked about that groupie life.


He talked about battling a home intruder saying, "There’s no telling what could have happened. He had bad intentions."

And when joined by wife, Simone, they both said they had an "awesome" marriage.  Next up for LL, he'll host host the Grammy Awards on February 10 and his Authentic Hip Hop, is due later this year.




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hooklookping's picture

Kudos to him for not having

Kudos to him for not having multiple baby mamas.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Do everyone that sit down

Do everyone that sit down with Oprah have to talk about abuse. When celebs get old, that is the only thing they want to talk about.
Somerknight's picture

If you actually watched the

If you actually watched the interview, you'd know that's not the only thing he talked about. Oprah asked him questions, and he answered. It has nothing to do with "celebs getting old." SMH.
Sunflower Jones's picture

lol....I noticed that too.

lol....I noticed that too. Their story may or may not help someone, but it seems like she's not complete until someone spills out their past abuse.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

seriously YBF? the Lenny

seriously YBF? the Lenny Kravitz thing happened about 4 years ago. haste makes waste.......are your stories supposed to be current? if they are not...i stand corrected.

Say whaaat?! This isn't

Say whaaat?! This isn't current? When did it happen?...
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