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"RHOA" Star Porsha Stewart COVERS "URBAN LUX" (+BTS Video) + Tami Roman OPENS UP On IMAGE REHAB In "BE" Magazine

 photo email_COVER-LEGACY-ISSUE-20n_zps1f115c7c.jpg

"RHOA" star Porsha Stewart and her wigaliciousness covers URBAN LUX magazine where she talks about her business ventures and her grandfather's legacy.  See BTS video inside and find out how Tami Roman transformed her body in the upcoming edition of BE Magazine.

For their upcoming "Legacy" issue, URBAN LUX Magazine reached out to "RHOA" star Porsha Stewart.  Obviously.  Inside the mag, she dishes about continuing the legacy of her grandfather Hosea Williams and other business ventures.

The digital edition on Porsha's interview goes live on February 1, while the printed edition will release on February 13th.

Watch the BTS footage here:


And last night on "RHOA" Porsha revealed that she can sing.Of c ourse she did.  Well.....she said she's a cross between Beyonce and Mary J. Blige with a little Rihanna. So that means she sounds a conglomerate mess. To quote Phaedra, something in the water ain't right.

Also, Porsha engaged in ANOTHER epic battle of the wits with Miss USA Kenya Moore last night where she accused the beauty queen of having ashy feet, and refused to take sides in the Phaedra vs. Kenya war.

Watch it here:

Also on magazine racks....

 photo IssueXXXXIVTamiRomanmmm_zps4fe7575c.jpg

"Basketball Wives" star Tami Roman covers the latest issue of BE magazine where she talks about changing her image and her role on the upcoming TV One series "Belle's."

 photo TamiRoman1nn_zps400fabda.jpg

Inside, she talked about her weight loss and image upgrade saying,

"I started working on my self and my mental, and that caused me to say you know what Tami, get your presentation together too. I found a product called Envy, and I know people are infamous for attaching their names to all type of products, but I actually used this product and it worked for me. Then Envy contacted me to BE the spokesperson for the product BEcause I had a real life true testimony."

Nice.  Glad somebody on that show has reformed.  Tami's BE issue goes live on Monday, January 28, 2013 at 5:00PM EST.

The Randomness:

1.  During this current chicken wing shortage, two men have been accused of stealing $65,000 worth of chicken wings.  STORY

Photo Credit Rita Grandberry




Hold up...isn't Tami on those

Hold up...isn't Tami on those Hydroxycut commercials?? Those commercials be lyinnnnn. Lol
Hater Recognizer's picture

Porsha is gorgeous and a dumb

Porsha is gorgeous and a dumb F*ck!!! All she can talk about is her grandfather's legacy - blah, blah, blah!!! Bye-bye pretty dummy!
Happy Lady's picture

Sorry but I cant stand

Sorry but I cant stand Porsha!!!! She's the type that u just want to smack the shyt out of....#teamKenyaallday

That photoshoot is very nice

That photoshoot is very nice of Porsha. Glad that Tami has a turning point, cause woman was looking like a monster on television. Beautiful woman. But the new season will hopefully proove that she can behave normal. Yeesh..
ABINAonline's picture

Tami has a turning point

Tami has a turning point right before the start of every new season and every season you see her acting like a drunken, chain smoking donkey.
shuga's picture

for Porscha to represent such

for Porscha to represent such a "legacy" she's pretty slow! I wouldnt be suprised if She proably doesn't even know all her grandfather did/accomplished during his time! But whats up with Kordell acting like he's her damn dad! in the preview for the next episode he's like "no, you need to check her!!" and when she got into with Kenya before he enforced the same thing! Like damn, can she handle them women on her own Kordell?! He looks annoying & somewhat controlling!
TCreator91's picture

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hooklookping's picture

Tami's eyes look like

Tami's eyes look like something evil is behind them. Porsha's cover is really pretty but there isn't anything extraordinary about it. It’s just another pretty face there’s a million and one of those in the world.
Peace Silas's picture

Porsha Stewart: Wife, Mother

Porsha Stewart: Wife, Mother & Reality Star? So...she's pregnant? Did she eat enough yams?!?!?
hmmmm's picture

Too much retouching on Tami,

Too much retouching on Tami, she is pretty so she didn't need so much photo shop, also Tami hands are short and stubby. porsha is just a potato head so she doesn't even matter. She is the ultimate non factor.
TeaNicole's picture

Some of these black magazines

Some of these black magazines and their photoshop 101 assez need to step their game up. These pics are half airbrushed in one corner and barely touched in another and one part so airbrushed the damn thing looks like the got chicken grease on it.
TrueThinker's picture

I haven't been able to take

I haven't been able to take Porsha seriously ever since she said that there are 265 days in the year. WTF??? Yes, she is cute but we all know that looks fade. She needs to get a read some books.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Porsha is so immature and

Porsha is so immature and silly. she has nothing no career and made her money laying on her back. Kenya is right, she is a Tramp stamp. Kordel however does not care since he is on the down low.
lola69's picture

tami lookshawt...lol...i cant

tami lookshawt...lol...i cant believe that omarion and bow wow rumor..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

what in the photoshopped

what in the photoshopped hayle??? Tami please....lol.....they forgot to photoshop the hands tho. The hands always tell your real age. Chile bye....lol.
shuga's picture

lol....Actually her hands

lol....Actually her hands don't look so bad....In fact, it looks like they were Touched-up especially in that 2nd pic
star's picture

Prosha and her lil sister are

Prosha and her lil sister are both pretty, but chile boo, Prosha is beauty with no brains...smh she had me dying when she said she sings like Riri, Bey, and Mary J....0__0 Can't wait for her to perform at Cynthia's event...then I'll really see what she sound like smdh!!! #pheadra.had.the.nerve.to.say.she.know.Tyler.Perry!!! 0___0 take several...LMAO!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

I LOVE that pic of Prosha.

I LOVE that pic of Prosha.
star's picture

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