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Rihanna Goes Back To The Pixie Cut...In Almost Nude Instagram Pics

 photo article-2269419-173666E5000005DC-306_634x680_zps84895b17.jpg

Rihanna was on her sexy bad girl tip last night as she Instagrammed pics of her hair change up...in nothing but red lips, a Chanel necklace and a towel.  Check the pics, plus her giving her pixie cut a night out at the club....

RIh Ri is back to the short cropped 'do as she removed the longer blonde weave last night.  The singing diva snapped some almost naked pics for her Instagram followers, and then headed out to the club.  And while her sometimes lover Chris Brown was fighting at Westlake studio, she was across town partying it up at MyStudio in a yet-to-hit-stores Pyer Moss 'Killer' Biker Camo Jacket:

 photo spl487414_008_zps14464d79.jpg

 photo spl487414_004_zps9a593ecf.jpg

Well that's an interesting Barack Obama shirt.  It's by the brand Hype Means Nothing, in case you were wondering.

 photo article-2269419-17368E6A000005DC-176_634x574_zps2920e48d.jpg

Rih has been prepping for her upcoming tour, shooting magazine photos, and rehearsing for her big performance at the Grammys next month.  And we're feeling the short 'do better these days.

Pics: SPLASH/Instagram

The Randomness:

1.  Taye Diggs scared off an intruder at his home late last night...by himself.  STORY





Top photo is beautiful.

Top photo is beautiful.
Twila's picture

absolutely STUNNING. no one

absolutely STUNNING. no one in the industry is flyer than this chick. her natural sex appeal and fashion sense is on another level
litebrite's picture

That b!tch will FOREVER be

That b!tch will FOREVER be BALD, if she keep dyin & fryin her hair!
tori's picture

The army fatigue leather

The army fatigue leather jacket Rihanna is wearing is Pyer Moss, a designer menswear label that will officially launch during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, February 6th 2013 with a private presentation for the international fashion community. Please site this item. Instagram @pyermoss PR: jeff@grayscalepr.com
rushell's picture

The Obama shirt has

The Obama shirt has Illuminati nod all over it...the upside down "6's" around his eyes. Umph. Anyhoo...this chick is on Fi-yah! She can never go wrong, even buck ass naked. I love her hair and it would look even more amazing if flipped with red tips.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Love the hair, jacket,

Love the hair, jacket, eyelashes en red color on her. Too cute!
Tannygirl's picture

Loving those lashes!

Loving those lashes!
star's picture

She looks very pretty. I

She looks very pretty. I love the red lips. I love the red nails. I love the make up and the hair.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I agree, I more interested in

I agree, I more interested in finding what brand and shade lipstick & nail polish she's wearing. Its hard to find an exact match of shades in both lipstick and nail polish. #her.stylist.is.dope. #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Rolling eyes at dumb comment

Rolling eyes at dumb comment below. Red would look great on you, just make sure it has cool (blue) undertones. The warmer ones tend to look better on those with yellow, golden undertones. MAC makes decent reds... my favorite is Brave New Red.. But also try Make Up Forever which has amazing highly intense colors that are so conditioning for your lips.
imjussaying's picture

I'm there with you and yes

I'm there with you and yes thank you Red does look good on me. I currently have Mac Ruby woo which looks great on any skin tone, still on the search for a nail polish that would match that. Ruby-woo is my favorite shade, will try the brave new red and Makeup forever lipstick. #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

That red would look soooooo

That red would look soooooo damn UGLY on you..dark skin people need to STAY AWAY FROM RED lipstick and nail polish!!!! Lights blunt inhale then exhale smoke in your face..THAT IS ALL!!!!!!!;-)
MsMidwest's picture

Oh shit that was

Oh shit that was wrong.......screaming
star's picture

lol!!! dam.

lol!!! dam.
shuga's picture

I like the hair colour but

I like the hair colour but the naked pics are so *yawn*.....try something new girl, you're getting boring.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Zzzzzz!!! and this is

Zzzzzz!!! and this is news?????
sweetpea1989's picture

yes its news its a gossip

yes its news its a gossip blog what the fvck do you expect the stock market news? go to the wall street journal or new your times if you want hard news. its that simple
xedos's picture

Learn to spell, it is New

Learn to spell, it is New York Times, not new your times.
sweetpea1989's picture

Love it - always taking the

Love it - always taking the best photos in the biz.....
lifeisgood's picture

That bish is so naturally fly

That bish is so naturally fly and stylish take that Beyonce, every time Rhi steps out she serves that countrified bumpkin. Rhianna is the girl that rules the world.
TeaNicole's picture


Classic87's picture

Love that chick!!!

Love that chick!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Totally Agree!

Totally Agree!
MsMidwest's picture

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redhotnumberslist's picture

love the looks. lookin good

love the looks. lookin good darlin!
shuga's picture

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