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"HE MAD": Chris Brown Cuts Off Instagram Page...Again

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Some say Chris Brown has made his Instagram page private, in light of the Frank Ocean incident, so most folks can't see it.  Others say he completed deleted it.  All we know is, we can't see ish anymore.


Deets inside...

If you go to Chris Brown's Instagram page, @FuckYoPictures is coming up as blank space.  After today's hoopla over his fight with Frank Ocean at Westlake Studio in L.A., Chris seems to be pissed about how he's being treated.

He tweeted earlier today that he felt like Jesus being crucified.  And this evening, he wrote messages to his "fans" saying he doesn't want to play into the negativity of social media any longer.  Apparently because it's social media's fault that he got into a fight with Mr. Francis Tenenbaum.  And then, the page went POOF.

 photo sa4yqy5y_zps84cbf4c0.jpg

It's not the first (and probably not the last) time Chris has disconnected from social media out of anger.  So we're sure he'll be back.  We just wish he would focus on the positive, like his Instagram notes say, and focus on all the support he DOES get from folks.  Breezy's had several #1 songs, a few top albums since his comeback, and millions of followers on his social media networks.  You're a celebrity.  You will never have 100% of the world loving and worshiping you.  Appreciate the love your stans and fans DO give, and keep it going.  We hate to see talent go to waste.  But this social media "pouting"...i.e. deleting your page....is becoming tradition for Chris... 

By the way, Chris was pictured out in L.A. today smiling (pictured above), but was later spotted with a cast on his hand.  He maintains he never threw a punch in the fight with Frank Ocean.

Photo: Chris Brown Zone Twitter




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richdates2013's picture

I think Chris should just

I think Chris should just focus on his Music & Clothing line and THAT'S IT!!! He's not good at defending or explaining himself via social media. This is why he continuously deletes his twitter/instragram. When sh*t goes down, he should just remain quiet and focus on what he's good at (music, Art & his fashion line) that.is.all SMDH #flips hair
sexybrownpyt's picture

yes girl he is very bad at

yes girl he is very bad at defending himself he just seems to make shit worse
litebrite's picture

I'm routing for you, Chris!

I'm routing for you, Chris!
Happy Lady's picture

Feel sorry for this dude. I

Feel sorry for this dude. I really do. But he should know better... this has happened one too many times. Act right at all times. That's his only solution.
Yas's picture

i used to like chris but he a

i used to like chris but he a bitch nigga fight with sissies and then compare himself to Jesus foh
idntjudge's picture

One question; if a gay guy,

One question; if a gay guy, or anyone for that matter verbally assaulted you, then pushed you would you defend yourself? Nawwwww.. you'd walkaway because you don't wanna stand up for yourself because this person is gay and according to your comment a sissy right? Please, lets be real he is a human being-
Keonta's picture

Slow? And he must have gotten

Slow? And he must have gotten it from his mother? Well reading your comment you seem very slow and hateful. YOu should scroll down at HotlLikeSunshine comment because that comment was written by someone with brains for haters like you. Oh and last were you trying to spell Crazy Crazy? Now look who writes and sound slow.

@ Pia Ash,Sorry GROUPIE/STAN

@ Pia Ash,Sorry GROUPIE/STAN but SLOWNESS AND DRUGS don't mix too well. Stop defending him he's PATHETIC and he will never EVER stand the test of time like his Idol MJ, this FOOL will be FORGOTTEN soon left in the dust! You are so amusing to me, people like you keep me laughing about how RIDICULOUSLY attached you are to such a SELF-DESTRUCTIVE ,MEDIOCORE,SIMPLE-MINDED young FOOL HEARTED man! I have no sympathy for him, every time he takes a step forward he takes 100 more in the WRONG direction! You are probably one of Chris's teenage boy or girl fan or OBESE female STAN'S either way you are laughable!
Shay's picture

@Shay' 'No Bitch I'm 29 years

@Shay' 'No Bitch I'm 29 years old and much more mature than your dumb ass. Reading your comment you really don't know what it's like to be human. I pray when you have a child he/she will walk a STRAIGHT arrow. I hope he/she never gets buillied. I hope he/she will not have all the kids in school hating he/she for something that he/she might have done and if or when this happens to your child then you will think how Chris felt ONLY if or when you ever became a human being you will know what he felt. And one more thing I am not a Chris fan or groopie, I'm human and that's something to smile about, on the other hand you on here laughing with your hateful comments.

@shay; Sorry-

@shay; Sorry- low-life/wannabe, but SLOW?? Are you referring to mental retardation? Because if so, you should rot in hell your self because that is extremely offensive to those that actually suffer from metal retardation- the last thing they deserve to be called is SLOW. And stand the test of time like MJ???? WHAT!!! When the media and everyone else began to beat him down every chance they got what happened? MJ basically dropped from the face of the earth he went away- stopped really making music, and tht shit began to get to him. And delusional, incompetent fools like yourself we soo sorry, and hurt when he passed?? FCKIN hypocrites! How in the hell is he SO self-destructive for defending himself? ONE!!!! mistake he made 4 years ago? You can say that he is mediocore, simple-minded, and everything that's your opinion but things like when he dies he wont be remembered is just HATEFUL- basically saying his life doesn't mean shit. When in reality how many ppl would care if your fat; pigs feet eating ass dropped dead? So get the hell on with the hate; and get some help; figure out why your sooooo insecure that this man that you don't know personally makes you this upset and hateful.
Keonta's picture

@Keonta,Like I said CB fans

@Keonta,Like I said CB fans just make me laugh, OUT LOUD :) in my mischeivious most LOUDEST LAUGH! OMG! you guys are too funny! I think you CB fans are lost delusional souls just hoping and wishing this boy will get it right. I do like how PASSIONATE you CB fans are though, like Rih's fans are called the "Navy". I think CB fans should be called the "TITANIC'S" just like the poor souls on that ship you guys WILL be there to watch him continue to SINK to the bottom! You are fighting a LOOSING BATTLE! Even after the Rihanna BEAT DOWN, HE'S STILL FINDING A WAY TO FUCK UP! That so called MISTAKE he made 4yrs as you call it will never be forgotten by most of the world. You NAIVE PATHETIC REJECT HE BEAT AND BIT SOMEONE'S EAR LIKE A DOG WOULD DO! You can defend him all you want but that image will never EVER BE ERASED FROM him! No matter how much you love him, he is a SELF-DESTRUCTIVE REJECT WHO JUST CAN'T GET IT RIGHT! Last comment to all his little NAIVE TEENAGE FANS!
Shay's picture

Correction I'm 20 years old;

Correction I'm 20 years old; college junior, with a 2010 vw jetta that I pay the note on, with a nice fully furnished apt that I pay bills at. And i am usually so cavalier but get the hell on ma. Speak on what you know not what you assume. ASS! But that obviously is something that you are incapable of doing- given that every situation your referring to (besides 09) are based upon an assumption. You assume he did this because of 09 blah blah blah! I can understand not forgetting, and if you choose not to forgive that's on you but to bash, and speak of nothing but hate every chance you get on any human being is PATHETIC and SICK and I think you need more help than him SIR. - I'm kinda bored at work; phones not ringing, and i finished my paper work for today so ima go back and forth til I get tired. -Next!
Keonta's picture


@KETACO you and PIE HOLE still are making me laugh, I just could not resist. Ketaco because you are 20yrs old and NAIVE I forgive you for you SILLY LITTLE Antic's but Pie Hole you are 29yrs old and their is no EXCUSE for your STUPIDITY! I think KETACO you and PIE HOLE need to start a new CB FAN club called the TITANIC'S, FOR REAL you both are like the people on the TITANIC playing the MUSIC while the SHIP GOES DOWN! That's what essentially you are doing on here defending some undeserving LOSER who's ship is really sinking! KETACO you are so CUTE HOW you DEFEND CB he's not worthy DEAR-HEART! You and Pie hold need to STOP being RIDE OR DIE FANS FOR CB an follow the TRAVON MARTIN CASE or the young man that died in JORDON DAVIS over him playing loud music! Try RALLYING for a more MEANINGFUL CAUSE! GOOD DAY FOR REAL NOW!
Shay's picture

Can we just agree that the

Can we just agree that the boy is SLOW and CRAY CRAY? I think he inherited it from his mom, since she brought him up in an abusive environment, w/ the men in her life BOXING the BRAINS out of her, she passed it on to her son. Born TOUCHED SLOW and VIOLENT nothing surprises me about him. Simple things are HARD for him. I just hope he and Rihanna don't have a kid together because w/ her stubborn stupidity and his passed down SLOWNESS the baby will be LICKING WINDOWS, a cute but SLOW baby! Smh.
Shay's picture

what the hell? Why do you

what the hell? Why do you people like automatically assume; that he is mad, did it ever occur that he's hurting? Maybe the media scrutiny is taking a toll on him. He's not a cry baby, or dramatic; maybe he just needs a break. It makes me upset as a fan; and a human being to see how another human being can dilbertly try to destroy a person with horrifying comments, and hateful rants. I think the blogs, and media that posts these horrifying comments are a lot worse than Chris. It appears to me that your the ones who need help and prayer.. lol- crazy people; I wouldn't be surprised if yall went around fisting people!
Keonta's picture

He is so damaged til it ain't

He is so damaged til it ain't even funny. As low as his self esteem is he still has the nerve to be a major snob. Nigra you ain't no icon and you ain't no more special than anyone else. His fans got his mind messed up. Plenty of celebs do just fine with social media. Anyway, I hope he stays gone. I'm tired of witnessing his lunacy. Too bad the paps will still be on him like white on rice.
Bird's picture

@Bird Also if you don't like

@Bird Also if you don't like Teambreezy then say that because according to your comment you hate him & Teambreezy.

@Bird How the fuc* his fans

@Bird How the fuc* his fans got his mine messed up? It's the media/blogs and people like you that has messed his mind up. If you don't know what to say out of you mouth, I suggest you STFU.

YBF: How in the world can

YBF: How in the world can Chris focus on the positive when there are just as many people downing him and staying in HIS PAST. And you, the media, are the biggest contributors of NOT allowing Chris to move on. You perpetuate and sensationalize things to get hits and wonder why the man has melt downs. This very post is a prime example of why Chris keeps catching heat. You've already set the man up with a headline beginning with "He Mad". You know FULL WELL what people are going to take from that and then have the nerve to tell him to focus on the positive. CHILD PLEASE. It's so sad that people (especially the media) won't leave Chris alone. God forbid any of you ever have to go through something and be scrutinized in the public eye to this degree. LEAVE HIM ALONE. Chris' behavior isn't for naught. He acts this way for a REASON and you, the media, have A LOT to do with it. And God forbid he goes into a deep depression and harms himself, then you'll be doing an idiotic post asking, "Was the media too harsh on Chris Brown?" YES!! Chris needs to remove himself from the media altogether to get himself together in all facets: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, etc... You media hounds are ridiculous and are so caught up in the sensationalism that you don't care that you're contributing to the demise of Chris Brown.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

You sound like his mother and

You sound like his mother and maybe he needs to be mothered, but I feel you and his mother need to stop making excuses for his behavior. Look there are things we are in control of and things we almost have no control of. The media is one, what he does have control of is himself and of you keep doing the same thing and expect different results that id stupid, infact that is the definition of insane...he should change what he has control of...STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HIM...HE BROUGHT ALL THIS UPON HIS SELF...The courts found him guilty, he even apologized for beating her ass and biting her..give me a break!!! Poor Chris

@Freddie Jenkins, I just

@Freddie Jenkins, I just really wanna know what he's done soooooo bad since the incident in 09? Like when i read peoples comments I genuinely wonder like what are they referring to. So I just ask what has he done to deserve this now four years later, and after a million "I'm SORRYs" And several pleas to live his life. #JUSTWONDERING
Keonta's picture

depends on your definition of

depends on your definition of so bad, beating your girlfriend bloody just three years ago is what you consider a 10, then you can rank these as you see fit...1. Chris brown fights with drake, 2. Chris Brown Apologizes For Wacky Weed Pics,. not saying these are real bad, but these are the things that causes you problems down the road..what if he gets caught smoking weed while driving, or the fight with Drake leads to one of his posse shooting someone from Drakes crew or visa versa...get my drift..he can learn the hard way or "THINK"...don't get me wrong he is not alone!!!

Okay, lets not base opinions

Okay, lets not base opinions on what ifs- has he been caught smoking weed while driving? Is him smoking weed- harming the life of a innocent human being? Why hasn't DRAKE received any of the backlash from the fight when he started it? Oh because he didn't make a horrible mistake (in the public eye 4 years ago- and why are we talking about weed pics, lol because weed is legal in several states- and people who don't like that fact- should go looking for pics of it- just be proactive in your own personal lives. Anyway the point that I am trying to make is that; people hate Chris brown- call him a monster and wont let him live his life all because of that one mistake. He can't become the best man because people won't let him.
Keonta's picture

Again, I will repeat what I

Again, I will repeat what I said earlier, but I will type slowly for you..LOL... people are making excuses for Chris Brown like you are...My poor baby, why is no one talking about Drake he hit my baby too, My baby can smoke weed it don't hurt anyone..why is everyone picking on my Baby, for one he was arrested and found guilty of an assault..now he is still fighting, smoking weed...Like i said before he made his bed now he is having to lie in it..good or bad...lets be real..you ask any felon out of prison after he has served his time for crime how easy it is to fit back in...get back with me on that...Poor Chris, why is everybody picking on me

@HotlLikeSunshine AMEM to

@HotlLikeSunshine AMEM to you. Only those who worship Satan or Big Time Haters can't relate to this comment. You were right on point. But these haters/media people will have children if not already and when their child makes ONE mistate you all wll see just how painful your child is by looking in their eyes. Your child might not able to somewhat hold up like Chris and neither would an adult. So @HotlikeSunshine your comment really touch me deeply.

I AGREE 100%%%...

I AGREE 100%%%...
JAMIE SHAREE 314's picture

Chris ~ please grow a pair or

Chris ~ please grow a pair or buy a pair ~ but more importantly just shut the phuck up!¡
GetUrLife's picture

I LOVE that [icture of

I LOVE that [icture of Michael Jackson. I wish Chris would stop having temper tantrums. He is playing himself over and over again,,,,wont anyone in his camp let him know that?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Chris!! Shut up really!!!

Chris!! Shut up really!!! you are always whining about people hating on you BUT you bring this crap on yourself, someone else is always to blame for your stupid azz behavior, the media, twitter, facebook etc. I was not a stan or anything but whne you first comeout I did like some of your songs like Run It and Kiss Kiss you were fun to watch perform, at one point Chris you were hotter than fish grease and well liked by almost everyone and now you keep getting into trouble and will not take responsibility, acting stupid and arrogant only makes you look worse.
sweetpea1989's picture

I agree with Chris Brown, all

I agree with Chris Brown, all celebrities should delete their social networks. People that hate these celebs use social networking as a means of stalking and harassment. A lot of the comments are off the chain. When I was growing up Twitter FB and Insta didnt exist so there was mystery behind your favorite celeb and you didnt know all there business. Also before social networking celebs were more respected. The greats don't have Twitter or insta, see Jay Z.
KENNEDY78's picture

Many celebs manage their

Many celebs manage their social media accounts just fine and most of them don't put deeply personal information on their social media accounts. I'm sure they have occasional melt downs as we all do, but they don't broadcast it to the world like Chris. He has emotional issues. That is the bottom line. We don't need social media to know that. Regular media will continue to report on his stupid actions and people will continue to comment on it whether he likes it or not. Meanwhile his peers in entertainment that are not as severely damaged will continue to be just fine.
Bird's picture


Keonta's picture


Keonta's picture

I agree 100% with this post.

I agree 100% with this post. Well said, Kennedy.
MrsCPA's picture

You people are disgusting in

You people are disgusting in my eyes. So much negativity. All he does is beat women and gays? Why are we saying it like that's his track record because as far as I know it he hit rih in 09, (one chick) nd we don't know what happened between him and Ms. Frank! stfu. Its not a track record- and it damn sure does not define his character because ONE!!! mistake he made when is was 19. The world is soooooo hypocritical with acting like Christians, but only when its convient for themselves. I forgave chris a long time ago- because everyone deserves it. She was the one that went through the physical and emotional pain and she forgave him, and you INSECURE FCKS cant? I say insecure because a person who is insecure always focuses on the negative in the next mofo. Its one thing to say I hate his hair, or he’s looking like he’s on something lately or, I hate his music, but things like he’s a piece of shit, or he deserves to die, or he’ll never be nothing, and just shit that’s hurtful to a persons soul is just pathetic. He can't grow because you people won't give him the opportunity. One last thing, he deactivates his accounts, because its hurtful; to see shit like i hate you, you deserve to die, and all tht shit everyday- you BITCHES try try it- lets see how long you last. I LOVE YOU CHRISTOPER M BROWN. You low-lives need to let him LIVE.
Keonta's picture

You're as sensitive as him.

You're as sensitive as him. No one has to judge him on the Rih incident anymore because he gives us fresh BS to judge every few months. He is a weak minded individual and it's people like you that have him thinking that because he can sing and dance he can be an azzhole in ever single other aspect of his life including publicly having two girlfriends. Chile boo.
Bird's picture

What bs every few months? I

What bs every few months? I didn't say anything about him singing and dancing, I just believe that regardless he is a human being! But back to the bs that he gives you people. Fight with Drake? Drake STARTED the it- threw a bottle at him. Rant on twitter with ol girl- check the history, she'd been harassing him for months before he finally clapped back on her ass- nd MISS FRANK OCEAN- we don't even know what happened! So please refresh my memory SIR!! I'd also like to add what about the positive things like his symphonic love foundation, and the several other ways he gives back to the community? And let me terrorize you in the public eye EVERY SECOND of everyday tell you you aint shit, and you don't matter all the time; and you not be able to react and lets see how sensitive you get! IM DONE
Keonta's picture

It's funny that this fool

It's funny that this fool thinks anyone gives a damn about him turning off his IG page. Like, I didn't even know he had one. He needs anger management classes, not just because of his hitting on women, and gay men, but because of the way he reacts to any sort of provocation. He does not know how to channel his rage into effective action, so he whines and pouts and cries "victim" "I'm being persecuted." No, you're just being an idiot Pissy Chrissy.
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hooklookping's picture

This kid needs some serious

This kid needs some serious counseling. Please see someone Chris before its too late. You are ruining your life and career.
TeaNicole's picture

i know right. he looks awful

i know right. he looks awful in that pic, awful. i hope he's not on crack or some other type of hard drug. keeping my fingers crossed that it's stress. i feel sorry for him. he is not handling the downside of fame to well. definitely needs counselling.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Oh please, here's smoe

Oh please, here's smoe Kleenex while you're on your social media vacation. I tried but I just can't anymore. Stop trying to elicit sympathy Chris.
Peace Silas's picture



I wonder if Chris' HEAVY

I wonder if Chris' HEAVY HANDED ANGER ISSUES are similar to PSORIASIS, its a certain time of yr that the "itch" gets crazy & u kirk the f*ck out!
tori's picture

flat out... them drugs got

flat out... them drugs got that Nigga geek'n!!!
RO's picture

people be hating on chris too

people be hating on chris too damn much.... i cant believe Beyonce will be using race cars to start her performance at the superbowl..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

He's Such a "Cry baby" lol

He's Such a "Cry baby" lol Damn Riri got more heart then him ....
REd™'s picture

Clearly she wears the pants

Clearly she wears the pants in the relationship. I'm absolutely positive that Chris menstruates every 28 days.
Bird's picture

Beat'n on chicks and fags has

Beat'n on chicks and fags has NOTHING to do w/ social media. That's some weak ass Nigga shit!!!
RO's picture

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