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Lil' Kim HOSTS Launch DINNER For Tiffany Foxx With LisaRaye And Laura Govan

 photo fbe13.jpg

Lil' Kim hosted a launch "dinner" in honor of her protege Tiffany Foxx which LisaRaye, Laura Govan and Lil' Mama attended.  See photos inside....

 photo fbe2.jpg

Rap legend Lil' Kim was spotted shopping at the Christian Louboutin store in LA yesterday.

 photo fbe5.jpg

Along with her stylist, Mr. Bradshaw, she showed that she still has a flair for expensive things. 


And later that evening....

 photo fbe11.jpg

Kim headed over to BOA Steakhouse where she hosted a dinner for her protege Tiffany Foxx. 

 photo fbe10.jpg

The dinner was called "The Legend And Future" and served to put the world on notice that Kim thinks Tiffany is the next big thing.

 photo fbe1.jpg

Boxer Suga Shane Mosley and Laura Govan posed for pics at the dinner.

 photo fbe12.jpg

And a very pregnant Lola Monroe was also at the dinner.

 photo fbe14.jpg

 photo fbe3.jpg

Others at the dinner included Frankie Finch, Bella Mafia, and Michelle Epps.

 photo fbe15.jpg

 photo fbe9.jpg

Tiffany took the time to pose with each guest and we have to say that Lil' Mama is definitely stepping up her fashion game.

  photo fbe8.jpg

Meanwhile, everyone seemed to take a pic touching Lola's belly.

   photo fbe4.jpg    

And LisaRaye wore white to the party....of course.


Photos via Instagram




Why is everybody so negative

Why is everybody so negative towards Tiffany and they don't even know her? Haters for no reason. Her cocka-doodle doo isn't cute, but she seems nice. #GoSTL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

"served family style"?

"served family style"? smh....everything about this is so bootleg and tragic. there should not have been photographic evidence for this.
shuga's picture

people gotta back off lil kim

people gotta back off lil kim yes we all no surgery has damaged her beauty over the past years but iv got to say she is looking better then she has in the last 3 years most of the surgery she is getting done now is most likely to repair the damage she has done is the past few years , but at the end of the day she is and always will be the Queen of rap and her music and talent will always be remembered..

Good god almighty. What in

Good god almighty. What in the HELL is that creature formerly known as lil kim? She doesn't even look human. She needs to stop throwing money at a plastic surgeon, and throw it at a good psychotherapist who can help her figure out why she hates herself so much. To the point of totally disfiguring her face. And as far as the rest of those bitches.....with all the fake body parts and pulled, plucked and tucked skin.....they aint much better. God given beauty is officially DEAD.
sianna1's picture

How did Lisa Raye get

How did Lisa Raye get involved in this mess?
C2C's picture

Because she's Secretly a mess

Because she's Secretly a mess Too....Believe it!
star's picture

Lola is the only one who

Lola is the only one who looked decent in these pics...smh

You know times are tough when

You know times are tough when Laura Govan and Lil Mama are the best looking ppl @ a party. Kim's facial features look cut up like Michael Jackson's; and her pasty skin looks like his too. Which is just SAD. Lisa Raye's private white party-bit is getting old. Its February: does she not have any fall/winter apparel? SMH...

Govan looks real Muppet in

Govan looks real Muppet in that rat fur.
Peace Silas's picture

That albino-ish

That albino-ish cocker-doodle-do hairstyle must go! She gets a BIG FAT NO!
Happy Lady's picture

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lil kim looks kinda fake

lil kim looks kinda fake lately :(.i just cant believe trey songz stripped out of his clothes again...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture



These b!tches look like sum

These b!tches look like sum sh!t straight off of the Sci•Fi channel or The Walking Dead on AMC! Does Kim's MALE stylist have on a shirt that says "CÚNTIÉ?" Smh...& these HOES got the nerve to PROCREATE!
tori's picture

I love Lil Kim, I hate what

I love Lil Kim, I hate what she did to her face. What's on Lisa Raye head? shows her age. And the protege is very old looking and she has on a girdle. Wtf?

People are so SAD and

People are so SAD and Pathetic about skin tone. I personally know someone who is experiencing VITILIGO and all she wants is, to be back to her OWN OLD BROWN SKIN SELF that she LOVED BEING! Now she takes medicine to take the little brown she has left in her skin just to look NORMAL! We have people like Lil Kim taking and doing God knows what for lighter skin! When horrible STUFF LIKE VITILIGO robs people's CONFIDENCE and entire LIFE! IT'S A DAMN SHAME!
Shay's picture

Sorry to hear about what's

Sorry to hear about what's happening to your friend, I'm sure to still beautiful.
kimaras31's picture

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Marion_Moore's picture

Lil Kim must have really

Lil Kim must have really HATED herself to do all the SHIT she's done to her FACE & ENTIRE body! I recently saw some old pic's of her before this PLASTIC SURGERY DEBACLE, and she was not even UGLY like she is now! When I see her all I think of is an old HORROR movie called the "HOWLING". What a sad thing to do to yourself! Smh
Shay's picture

Lil Kim just stop

Lil Kim just stop it!!!#just.want.to.sit.her.underneath.the.blazing.sun.to.see.if.she.melts
sexybrownpyt's picture

I cant believe how different

I cant believe how different lil kim looks, I seriously thought that was a Chinese woman. I used to think she was so cute because of her baby face. I mean because of her lyrics, reputation and admission I thought she was nothing but 30 day used condom left in an alley. Her protege better be good because it just seems like lil Kim said if she can't beat Nikki M let her built her someone who can from start to finish. I just hope she don't get that, girl rapped into all the plastic surgery her and Nikki M is involved with. My is Laura there?
kimaras31's picture

I feel sorry for lil kim.

I feel sorry for lil kim. Its just so sad what she has done to her face and body. I thought she was done, but it looks like she has had more procedures done,,,,,and her protege looks wack and older than kim.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Poor Kim..... That girl needs

Poor Kim..... That girl needs a hug.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Hehe IKR..Looks like *Biggie

Hehe IKR..Looks like *Biggie may've tried too in one of those pics...
Like Really's picture

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romance2013's picture

OMG!!!!!!!!! *drives off a

OMG!!!!!!!!! *drives off a bridge then sips tea* Lil Kim and Lola look like WAX figures!!!!! Lil Mama caught that age'ing disease... PROGERIA!!!!!! and of course LisaRaye®© is wearing ALL White (don't she ever get her period??????)...................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Hell No she don't get periods

Hell No she don't get periods any more cause her old ass is going thru menopause! And that's YOUR namesake. sheesh!
I Am Anonymous's picture

Sheesh! <----- lol

Sheesh! <----- lol
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

OMG Kim U are Finished

OMG Kim U are Finished ....running around here looking like a Plastic Chinadoll
star's picture

LOL, right, i almost didn't

LOL, right, i almost didn't recognize her #her.skin.complexion.looks.expired.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

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