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Jay-Z SUITS UP With Justin Timberlake For DIRECT TV Super Saturday Night + Snoop Dogg, Lil' Wayne & More At the Direct TV Beach Bowl

 photo jtjayz.png

Jay-Z hit the stage with Justin Timberlake in New Orleans last night for DIRECTV's Super Saturday Night bash.  Watch the performance inside and see folks like Lil' Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Deion Sanders at the DIRECTV'S Seventh Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl.


Last night, Justin Timberlake performed his first full-concert in four years at DIRECTV's Super Saturday Night Co-Hosted By Mark Cuban's AXS TV for the 2013 Super Bowl Weekend in New Orleans. The highlight of the evening was when music mogul Jay-Z joined Justin on stage for a performance of their new hit single "Suit & Tie."

Jay-Z, who was spotted smoking cigars with Steve Stoute yesterday, is in town to watch Beyonce rock the stage later today at the Super Bowl's halftime show.


Watch Justin and Jay-Z hit the stage for "Suit & Tie" here:


And on the blue carpet for the event .....

 photo DIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightFeaturingSpecialvxCV_V7LXvHl.jpg

Actors Omar Benson Miller and Hill Harper were seen heading into the venue. 

 photo DIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightFeaturingSpecialZe3ICr71L3xl.jpg

"Access Hollywod" anchor Shaun Robinson showed off her legs.

 photo DIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightFeaturingSpecialsHZMkBgHN8Kl.jpg

"Live With Kelly & Michael" host Michael Strahan arrived with fiancee "Hollwwood Exes" star Nicole Murphy.

 photo DIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightFeaturingSpecial4pcx1W_1Cx-l.jpg

Questlove of The Roots checked out the concert.

 photo DIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightFeaturingSpecialplV5Ejf1xtnl.jpg

New York Jets player Braylon Edwards was in town for the big game.

 photo DIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightFeaturingSpecialSyYjp0VydPUl.jpg

Retired NFL player Emmit Smith arrived with wife Patricia Southall.

And backstage....

 photo ChrissyTeigenDIRECTVSuperSaturdayNightbnRe8U8Jmvdl.jpg

Jay posed with John Legend and his fiancee Chrissy Teigen and Timberland after he finished rocking the mic with Justin.


Earlier in the day.....

 photo SnoopDoggNeilPatrickHarrisseenattendingB9NdwIBQdyVl.jpg


 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityvy2GIO8K5lEl.jpg

Snoop Dogg and Lil' Wayne were among the celebs who played in the sand at the 2013 Celebrity Beach Bowl.

 photo JesseWilliamsDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityxmoYkjysw19l.jpg

Jesse Williams also joined in the flag football game at the DTV SuperFan Stadium at Mardi Gras World.

 photo AnthonyAndersonDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityKThmA2Cl6G_l.jpg

"Guys With Kids" star Anthony Anderson posed with "ET" correspondent Rocsi on the blue carpet.

 photo DIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityBeachBowlm2QVXqMdLzMl.jpg

 photo RocsiDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityBeachXoekOZLC5aPl.jpg

Fun fact, Rocsi was raised in New Orleans and supports a few charities there. 

 photo LoloJonesDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityN_mArsVeIWgl.jpg

Track and Field star Lolo Jones played in the game.

 photo ChrissyTeigenDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebritynAczqg5-bpFl.jpg

 photo ChrissyTeigenDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityFzlfFQzmcQZl.jpg

 photo ChrissyTeigenDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityr91qVs94u6Sl.jpg

And SI model Chrissy Teigen stretched her muscles and joined in the game too.

 photo KevinFrazierDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebritySBYJU5DHgJFl.jpg

"The Insider" host Kevin Frazier showed off a few of the skills he picked up at Fox Sports Net and ESPN.

 photo MichaelStrahanDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityvuMZNbMBvDQl.jpg

 photo DIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityBeachBowlPtAwpCCitV2l.jpg

 photo MichaelStrahanDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebritypI5DMmHRQPYl.jpg 

And Michael Strahan may have gotten snubbed by the NFL Hall of Fame, but he got a big hug from Deion Sanders (who is already in the hall of fame).

 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity53WMRk6f7y3l.jpg

 Deion also posed with Weezy.



Check out a few sideline pics....

 photo SnoopDoggNeilPatrickHarrisseenattendingBFH_s3YC3J9l.jpg

 photo JesseWilliamsDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity6rDKtpPSxvml.jpg

 photo JesseWilliamsDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity_cbueGKYtBPl.jpg

 photo ChrissyTeigenDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity6t2_kevhgB9l.jpg

    photo KevinFrazierDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity59fRjMQQPfil.jpg 

 photo ChrissyTeigenDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityEMTihikIqw2l.jpg


 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrity1m75k6NblsNl.jpg

 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityKh1rOtSfQksl.jpg

 photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityBpJnlS_X6YHl.jpg   photo DIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityBeachBowlJVyd0k8EuQ0l.jpg 

  photo LilWayneDIRECTVSeventhAnnualCelebrityl21K0AIgS94l.jpg 

The White Team was Matthew Bomer, Christine Teigen, Chace Crawford, Alicia Quarles, Josh Hutcherson, Tom Arnold, Nina Dobrev, Leah Gibson, Scott Porter, Eddie George, Maria Menounos, Lil Wayne, and Lolo Jones.

 photo blue.jpg

The Blue Team was Joshua Sasse, Snoop Dogg, A. J. Calloway, Jesse Williams, Mike Bettes, Anthony Anderson, Ian Somerhalder, Desmond Howard, Ryan Kwanten, Artie Lange, Warren Moon, Shawn Johnson, Hannah Davis, and Katharine McPhee.

Photos via Getty Images/WireImage




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JT swagger jacked Robin Thicke's hairstyle! No repect for LoLo Jones!
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suit and tie is my jam!!!!!..

suit and tie is my jam!!!!!.. .i cant believe that trey songz stripped though...i mean just google kelsnetwork
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Snoop looks like a sick

Snoop looks like a sick giraffe.
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mmmm mmmm mmmm@Jesse

mmmm mmmm mmmm@Jesse 'throwing them bows'. Cute ass.
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Hill Harper how you doin ?

Hill Harper how you doin ?

I wonder if Hill Harper and

I wonder if Hill Harper and that dude is a secret item.....interesting
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So, Jay-Z dresses up for the

So, Jay-Z dresses up for the White Women...and Justin (lol) Anywho, Emmit's wife looks like a Barbie Doll and Michael's wife looks like a Mannequin.....but Chrissy Teigen I JUST DON'T GET!!!!! The Fat Face and NO Ass Filipino sex slave look must be hot right now?????????
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Your comment reeks of madness

Your comment reeks of madness & insecurity

o_O <---- I JUST GAVE major

o_O <---- I JUST GAVE major compliments to Emmit's & Michael's wives. Dildo Lips!....smh..........(Truthfully, I "reek" of Over-Confidence <----)..........
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Yeah Emmitt Smith's wife has

Yeah Emmitt Smith's wife has had ALOT of surgery and different fillers, etc...And u will Never see her Without hair or makeup.
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She looks great but prolly

She looks great but prolly still suffers from P.T.S.D. after being married to Martin 20 year ago................
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