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MAGAZINE FAB: Keyshia Cole COVERS "UPSCALE" + Diamond CONFIRMS SPLIT From Soulja Boy To "Everything Girls Love"

 photo egl7.png

Keyshia Cole covers the latest issue of UPSCALE Magazine.  See the cover inside and check out Diamond on the cover of EGL's digital issue where she confirms moving on from Soulja Boy.

Keyshia Cole, who's still charting singles from her Woman to Woman disc covers the February 2013 issue of UPSCALE Magazine.  In the cover pic, shot by Derek Blanks and styled by Olori Swank, she rocks a Helmut Lang Goat & Rabbit Fur coat (which could be yours for $1,895).  Though we last spoke about Keyshia beefing with a few members of her family, it seems like she's in good spirits for this interview and focusing on love.

Get the issue on a magazine rack near you or here.


And in other magazine news....

 photo egl1.png

Rapper Diamond covers the latest digital issue of "EGL."  We shared with you earlier that "Everything Girl's Love" is spearheaded and created by "L&HH" star Yandy Smith which raises some interesting questions.  Will Diamond be featured on "L&HH ATL" and is she still with Soulja Boy?

 photo dai1.png

To answer that question for what she said was the millionth time, "No."  She won't be appearing on "LAHH ATL" and revealed "I'm single."  She said she and Soulja Boy remain friends and want the best for each other.

 photo dai3.png

Though she won't be sharing her life on reality tv, Diamond did discuss how being in the music business affects her friendships and relationships, if there will be a Crime Mob reunion (she hopes it will happen) her modeling work with Secret Kisses and her upcoming muscical projects.

Read the full interview at EGL.




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hooklookping's picture

Keysh ain't been the same

Keysh ain't been the same since she got her TEETH FIXED & she missed me with her "BIRACIAL" comment on 106! Diamond have a seat & don't pop ur A$$ IMPLANTS!
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tom101's picture

Diamond is pretty, that cover

Diamond is pretty, that cover didnt quite work for KC.
Realist's picture

per usual for KC

per usual for KC
Shoe Ladee's picture

Ain't been a fan of Keyshia

Ain't been a fan of Keyshia Cole since she suddenly deemed her hood ass biracial--yet her audience--most of which is BLACK and mostly urban, made her who she is. Whateva...Diamond actually looks ok in these pics. Crime Mob was GRUFF, LOL...

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romance2013's picture

Diamond's body looks wide and

Diamond's body looks wide and a little weird in the last pic :-/
Girl's picture

It may just be the angle. And

It may just be the angle. And since its a black dress, you cant see the lining of her leg.
Classic87's picture

Truth! Still, if I were her,

Truth! Still, if I were her, I'd be annoyed at the photographer/editor for putting this pic up -- it's his/her job to present the artist in their best light!
Girl's picture

I definitely agree.

I definitely agree.
Classic87's picture

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