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  photo messiah11.jpg

T.I.'s son Messiah celebrated his 13th birthday this weekend with a big bash fit for a prince. See pics of Tiny, Major and the rest of the Harris family inside...

 photo messiah20.jpg

Over the weekend,  T.I. and Tiny celebrated the 13th birthday of T.I.'s son Messiah with a huge party in Atlanta.

 photo messiah12.jpg

And it's only fitting that the King of The South would present Messiah with a cake fit for a prince. 

 photo messiah17.jpg

 photo messiah13.jpg

The bash, held at Bottle Bar, was attended by Messiah's friends and their parents. 

 photo messiah9.jpg

Messiah was all smiles as he posed with step-mom Tiny, who wore a sweatshirt from T.I.'s Grand Hustle clothing line.

 photo messiah7.jpg

 photo messiah15.jpg

His brother Domani wore a matching sweatshirt.

 photo messiah10.jpg

 photo messiah1.jpg

Major was there to wish his big brother a happy birthday. 

 photo messiah2.jpg

It ws a big family affair as his siblings Domani and Deyjah Imani got some camera time on his red carpet.  Deyjah's growing up so fast!

 photo messiah14.jpg

T.I.'s daughter Deyjah was also there with her mom Ranniqua.  Twinsies.

 photo messiah3.jpg

T.I.'s mom Violeta Morgan came out to celebrate with her grandson.

 photo messiah4.jpg

And Clifford "King" Joseph Harris III saluted his big brother.  Y'all know he and his little bro Major know how to steal the show.

 photo messiah18.jpg

Rapper Yung Joc arrived with his family.

 photo messiah5.jpg

And Messiah got tons of presents throughout the day.

 photo messiah6.jpg 

Happy Birthday Messiah!


Pics: ATLPics.net




The Messiah “Redeemer of the

The Messiah “Redeemer of the world”…you know, that is one beautiful, and Perfect Name to live up too, but, honestly, if I had his Name, I think I would have to go live in the Mountains somewhere, because I wouldn’t want my enemies trying to persecute me every time I sinned…yeah, and you should see how badly my enemies treat me now, and I don’t even have a good name...And Happy Belated Birthday!
rebellious soul's picture

Tiny is

Tiny is uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly! LOL
motorfingaz's picture

as William implied I'm

as William implied I'm stunned that someone able to make $4647 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this web link... Buzz75.cℴm
Irene_Platt's picture

That King needs a belt on his

That King needs a belt on his a$$, they better rein him in before it's too late!
PinkRose's picture

I always thought Messiah

I always thought Messiah looked like Carmelo Anthony! Deyjah's mom looks like a ligh toned Kelly Rowland! That damn King is too cute!
tori's picture

that lil boy looks just like

that lil boy looks just like TI. His daughter's mom is pretty...wifey....
Laia's picture

That boy is straight up ugly

That boy is straight up ugly .
lewis3k's picture

He just happens to look

He just happens to look better than all his kids, no lie! Ugly is too harsh though maybe not too bad looking is better!
Shay's picture

Ugly, really? He may not

Ugly, really? He may not have the looks of his father, but he is NOT ugly. I'll tell you what is ugly and that's your personality!!! You probably look like a fat troll. smh! Have several seats in the back of a snake filled bus! Talking about a child like that!!!!!!!
Happy Lady's picture

"Messiah" ???? T.I. should

"Messiah" ???? T.I. should have balls cut off so he can't have more kids. STOP with the ridiculous names people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Messiah is a BIBLICAL NAME, u

Messiah is a BIBLICAL NAME, u little HEATHEN lol!
tori's picture

Awww damn, TI done taught lil

Awww damn, TI done taught lil Major that salute for every photo shot. I must say I miss TI & Tiny Family Hustle as it was 1 of the few Reality shows I really enjoyed.
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romance2013's picture

T.I. just happens to look

T.I. just happens to look better than his kids, his wife, ex-baby mama's, HELL he just happens to be one of those folks who look better than everyone in the entire family, like Whitney H did in her entire family too! No Shade, just noticing the OBVIOUS!
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