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Idris Elba Is Pure SEX On British GQ's March 2013 Cover + LL Cool J Opens Up About Helping Wife Simone Battle Cancer

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We can't think of many better ways to kickstart the morning than with sexy pics of Idris Elba.  The British actor is covering the pages of the March 2013 British GQ magazine.  We've got the pics and quotes bout how he uncomfortable he feels about his sex symbol status.  Plus, LL Cool J covers Essence mag and opens up about standing by his wife....

Sounds like Idris needs someone to wipe away his insecurities and remind him of his sexiness.  I'm sure he won't have any trouble finding someone to fill that role.  The newest British GQ cover guy is posing it up for The Cool Issue.  And he's all about his motorcycle, leather, and....effortless sexiness.

 photo idris1_zps9810b515.jpg

But in his cover story, the "Luther" star seems to doubt where this whole sex symbol status came from.  Here are the highlights:

On responding to people finding him incredibly sexy
‘The irony is I wake up every morning, look at myself in the mirror and think, “Woah, I look like a piece of s***”,’ said the Hackney lad turned Hollywood superstar. ‘You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a sex symbol.’

On responding to the female fans who fawn over him
‘I’m not sure what it is they see, not to mention that, personally, I feel very awkward. There’s no way all those women would ever sleep with me and go, “I really liked him”. Some of them would go, “He was really boring or he was a bit aggressive or, urgh, actor.” But it’s a compliment and it’s a massive tool to use in sculpting a career, especially with what I do for a living because I work in the face business. So it’s a compliment and I use it accordingly.’

On playing the next James Bond
It’s a rumour. And, I have to tell you, if the producers of Bond thought that I was self-campaigning, it would be such a turn-off. I’m flattered, obviously but I’ve been advised to just pipe down about it.’

‘Apparently, Daniel Craig said I’d be a great Bond. Daniel, why did you say that? Dropped me right in it! What an honour it would be, but also, what an indication of change. I know Ian Fleming lived in Jamaica for a long time, didn’t he? I think it’s interesting to think what he would have made of a black man playing Bond.’

Please let this James Bond rumor come to life.  Anywho, this issue hits stands February 7th.  Check out GQ for more pics and quotes.


 photo LLCoolJ-ESSENCE_zps4f62de92.jpg


In other magazine news, LL Cool J is covering the March 2013 issue of ESSENCE Magazine.  And he's opening up about the difficult times he and his wife of 18 years, Simone, dealt with due to her cancer battle.

“I think, at the end of the day, as a man, you should support the woman you’re with. If she’s got a dream, you need to help make that a reality. I’m doing the best I can to do that…”

By the way, his show "NCIS: Los Angeles" is one of the most top rated shows on tv.  And he's been doing his thing in this business for over 30 years.  Respect.  The issue hits stands February 8th.

GQ Photos: Norman Jean Roy




I love him and want to have

I love him and want to have his baby.
motorfingaz's picture

Idris is GORGE, but I'm not

Idris is GORGE, but I'm not feelin the pics, LL looks...SWEET!
tori's picture

Ok how many friggin covers of

Ok how many friggin covers of Idris Elba is there gonna be....I'm sorry but you can only be a sexy bachelor for so long before I start thinking something is wrong with you...Idris find you a wife and sit down please. You 40 now brotha....
Lynn313's picture

Idris looks like a drunk on

Idris looks like a drunk on the cover shot. The rest are ok. Mad props to LL and best wishes to him and his wife.
JewelryLover's picture

Many prayers for Simone!

Many prayers for Simone!
Happy Lady's picture

I don't like Idris' cover

I don't like Idris' cover shot. But the inside one is quite yummy! Love you Boo!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Idris...can I make you

Idris...can I make you breakfast and watch you eat boo?
Classic87's picture

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romance2013's picture

Idris....love him. Great

Idris....love him. Great Actor. Mr. Cool J.....love him. Awesome person. Mad talent.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Those are some real men right

Those are some real men right there
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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