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SHOCKING DETAILS Released At Mendeecees Harris' Statutory Rape Trial--15-Year-Old Alleges Blackmail For Sex, Mendeecees Was DATING HER MOTHER!

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As previously reported, "LAHH" star Yandy Smith's baby's daddy Mendeecees Harris is on trial for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was more than four years older than her.  The newest testimony at the statutory rape trial has revealed some shocking details.


Get them inside....

Mendeecees (pictured above in court yesterday) has formally been charged with seven counts of child abuse in connection with a sexual relationship he allegedly had with a 15-year-old girl four years ago.  He’s also charged with promoting prostitution.  And by the way, the news outlet CliffViewPilot.com--who was inside the Hackensack, NJ courtroom yesterday--reports that Yandy showed up to the trial with an entourage following her every move and with her face covered with a coat the entire time.  

Then the case turned into a scene ripped straight from the movie Precious.

The now 19-year-old woman claims she went to stay at Mendeecees' Lodi, NJ home several times (that his GIRLFRIEND lived at as well) due to friction with her mother at home.  She said he was always there for her, "made her feel comfortable" and listened to her vent about her problems with her mother. 

She said he soon began to ask her for sexual favors, and did so even more when she asked him for money. And he even supposedly bribed her with a secret he learned from her mother about her being raped by someone else when she was 8-years-old.

The CliffViewPilot.com reports:

“Mendeecees made me feel comfortable. He would give me advice. He’d say ‘It’ll be okay between you and your mom’,” the woman said.

Then came an afternoon when, with no one else home, she realized in the shower that she didn’t have a towel.

“I asked him to get me one, and he did,” the woman testified. “Then he came into my room and suggested I let him masturbate on me, but I just laughed.”

The suggestions continued, she said, until she relented. She said Harris then gave her $15 or $20 “for lunch or maybe a ball game.”

But that wasn’t enough for him, the woman testified: Using an extremely private piece of information, he coerced her into providing oral sex.

“He told me he knew I had been raped when I was 8 years old,” she said, “and he found out from my mother.

“ ‘Your mom doesn’t want you here’,” the woman said Harris told her before exposing himself.

She said she complied with his desire out of spite “to get back at my mom.”

“I felt betrayed by her,” she said. “I didn’t tell her about [the rape] until I was 14, and it was something I didn’t want anyone to know.”

Similar favors were demanded – and provided — for “$15 or $20” when she needed money for expenses, the woman testified. Eventually Harris enlisted her younger brothers by suggesting, when they asked him for money, to “talk to your sister. She knows what she has to do.”

Why did she finally fess up?  Because Mendeecees also dated the victim's mother at some point....and they supposedly had planned on getting married! 

The victim also said at one point, he told her that sexually she "was better than her mother".  Gross.

Mendeecees and the victim's sexual relationship ended though, she said, when her mother took her phone for missing curfew, and she found a message from Mendeecees.  A fight ensued between him and the mother....and ish hit the fan.  The mother also ordered the victim to leave the house:

“My mom didn’t know where I was,” [the victim] testified, “but Mendeecees did.”

The next day he came to find her, she said. He told her that her mother had packed her belongings – and then asked her: “Please don’t tell her anything about us,” the woman said.

“He said she didn’t know anything, so don’t say anything. It was something he would ‘take to his grave.’ He [also] told me they were done.

“I felt horrible,” the woman said. “At one point Mendeecees and my mother were going to get married. I felt it was all my fault.”

She also said that when she saw him on TV as Yandy's baby's daddy, she knew nothing about Yandy.  But apparently, he was with Yandy at the same time as his live-in girlfriend.

Mendeecees claims the victim is lying about everything.  He denies ever having sexual relations with her, ever blackmailing her, and says she simply wants money because he's a TV star.  And he believes that since the woman now lives in the south (and claims she had to drop out of nursing school to attend this trial), she is doing everything she can to stay in New Jersey.

Triple sigh.

If convicted of the charges, Mendeecees would face up to 20 years in prison.  He's already turned down the 5-year prison stint offered to him before the trial.  We'll keep you posted on developments....and hopefully where this dude got his name from...

STORY EDIT: Mandeecees was not 19 years old at the time of the alleged incident(s).  He was more than four years older than the then-15-year-old woman, which legally qualifies as  statutory rape in the state of New Jersey.


BONUS: On a recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop," Yandy did a bit of a strip tease performance for Mandeecees on his birthday.  She now wants the whole world to see.  For some reason.  Check it out in full below:



But they dropped all the

But they dropped all the charges on the case today!!! So yall need to update this post!!!
HeyGirlHey's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one who felt this bag of garbage didn’t make any sense. First of all did we not just read “she is doing this because of my FAME”. WHAT FAME? Yo, does anyone know what this man did before, during or after the show except get Yandy pregnant. Second, was she 15, 14, or how long did it go on. Better yet when did it start? If he was 19, when was he going to marry her mother, how old was her mom when she was dating him 11 years old? This sounds like some fake cocadoddle Jerry Spring foolishness. You can tell the dude doesn’t have money, you telling me you couldn’t afford good enough attorney that could have dissected this enough to show what the truth was before it got all the way to this point, it got to trial man. What do you have, a public defender? (no offense to the Public defenders that work hard out there lol). Yandy you were talking so much trash to Krissy about how you didn’t need Jim Jones business as a client because you got bread like that. Clearly my dear you don’t! Get yo money game up boo-boo get your baby daddy a REAL attorney and shut this garbage down. I will be following this story because this story makes as much sense as 5+3 = 95, exactly lol.
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@tori I triple cosgin..

@tori I triple cosgin.. vh1,bravo and tlc needs to start full background checks before they put ppl in front of the cameras.. and why is Yandy&Madagascar even on "LAHH" they're not even hiphop..
REd™'s picture

I know the whole world is

I know the whole world is looking pretty big to his baby mama right now.
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I was over MANDEEECEEES MONTHS ago when I heard about the ALLEGATIONS! Dude is a CREEP & i'm gon need for VH1 to do better RESEARCH before assembling a cast, like BACKROUND CHECKS & PENDING CHARGES!
tori's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

tear these ignorant mutha

tear these ignorant mutha fuk'az a new asshole baby please... cuz I'm tired.
RO's picture


Mandy...Mandy...Mandy...You've gotten yourself hooked up with one fine mess with this one. You're going yo have to have your whole body boiled behind having slept with this little low down and dirty motherfucker right here! Oooh-wee! I read on another site today that the 15 year-old baby said that he told her that she was BETTER THAN HER MOTHER in bed. Damn! What a mf'ing bombshell!!! Ooh...The mother of the girl AND Mandy both should run and hide, and don't EVER show their faces ever again! Damn. This is everlasting embarassing! Mona Scott sure does know how to pick 'em, these are her folk. Ugh.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Some of you are down right

Some of you are down right ignorant. Here we go blaming the girl, defending the man no matter how despicable his actions are. I don't care how HOT IN THE ASS these young girls are he is a grown ass man that should be held accountable. I currently have a hot in the ass neighbor who is freshman in h.s that has been throwing "it" at my man every chance she get for the past 3yrs . We were shocked when we found out she was so young cause when she 1st started flirting we though she was a junior. She is ugly as hell but got a bad ass body. He had to make the choice to come in the house when she's outside. While walking our dog he crosses the street. When playing basketball with other boys/men in the cu da sac, when she come out, he go in. Yes, the girl can ball. Instead of trying to be the subdivision hoe, this girl should be focusing on an amazing gift that can take her around the world. I doubt if that happens cause her mama is a HOE!
Somerknight's picture

lol....wait didnt you just

lol....wait didnt you just blame the girl in your cul de sac and not your own man? how ironic.
shuga's picture

WTF I don't get it I'm single

WTF I don't get it I'm single lol I have no reason to "blame my man". I don't really care about fast underaged girls, thug molesters, and pathetic "moms"
nico89's picture

Just so you know I did call

Just so you know I did call the girl hot in the ass but I also believe that if he did do this he's digusting no matter if she's hot in the ass or not but he hasn't been found guilty under the law and by a jury of his peers. I still feel what I feel about the girl nontheless
nico89's picture

if the teenager (A CHILD) is

if the teenager (A CHILD) is what you refer to as "a hot ass" it's only cuz the people who were suppose to protect, nurture, & shelter her FAILED her, which left a window open for some dirty dick predator to destroy her innocence. Get your head in the right place.
RO's picture

Mother may have failed her

Mother may have failed her but there are mothers who try to raise their children right and some kids just do the wrong things and I speak from experience. A lot of ppl grow up with foul parents or no parents and the child does not have to follow in their footsteps. There are strong individuals who still become successful despite their circumstances. I had bogus things occur in my childhood and my father is a wonderful man he just couldn't be with me all the time and trusted someone else to protect me so I do sympathize with abused children but this girl just seems iffy to me
nico89's picture

I feel you... but none the

I feel you... but none the less Miss she's a CHILD... & not responsible for the programing damages done to her from lack of support, abuse & neglect. Defending some low life gutter ass nigga over a child??? This is how & why children are not safe in their own home & act out in rage, sex, & violence cuz their ignorant ass Mothers are so fuk'd up & choosing dirty dick over them.
RO's picture

I never defended the guy I

I never defended the guy I said he's stupid out the gate for being this closely associated with an underaged girl I don't condone what he did if he did it whether the girl was hot or not
nico89's picture

Cut!!! Buy you books & book &

Cut!!! Buy you books & book & books... yet all you wanna do is look at the damn PICTURES!!! SMH, some shit is just hopeless. Peace!!!
RO's picture

I don't know who you are but

I don't know who you are but I'm not dumb becuase I have my own opinion. She's a child and I don't hate her I feel sorry that she had no one to love her properly IF her actions were results from a broken home! I read books without pictures I'm not a child and definitely not your child
nico89's picture

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That bitch is a lie...it

That bitch is a lie...it doesn't sound believable at all.
RCW's picture

This is fucked up for him.

This is fucked up for him. Drug trafficking is nothing to play with and most likely he going down for that one. Now this underaged girl/statutory rape charge is a messy situation. This girl is hot in the ass!!!! I see this shit too much where I'm at and they not babies when they getting dicked down by a grown ass man! I think she makes REAL sexually abused victims look like liars and its a damn shame. She is trying to get her 15 min of fame and a lil cash cuz she saw the fool on tv..... smh when will these dudes learn: If she still has training wheels on her bike, SHE'S TOO YOUNG FOR YOU BRO!!!! LOL
nico89's picture

The bigger issue to me is the

The bigger issue to me is the Feds taking him down in Rochester for drug trafficking combined with this latest - Yandy need not have to worry about where they are going to live because it looks like his house has already been selected!! This man is going away for a long long time - sad ending to a love story....if we can call it that....word on the streets is that he was never no good from the beginning - people could not understand why Yandy would give this man the time of day? Can't judge as we all have that one mistake we made with the opposite sex...
lifeisgood's picture

The video was cute....she was

The video was cute....she was a little stiff tho.
Classic87's picture

LOL agreed

LOL agreed
nico89's picture

Agree with me or not these

Agree with me or not these young girls are hot in the butt now days and is willing to do anything for some new shoes and a haapy meal...if you don't believe come around my way in the summer they got loud wearing booty tight shorts dancing around trying to be seen they will walk right in the street while youer driving and.won't even get out the way...if that's not enought go to the stgore on the 1st of the month and see them pushing 2 chart of food with their babies and mothers.....grown man is getting locked up for nothing all because we as parents are afraid to talk to them about sex and watching everybody eles life.....please pray for our youth:-)
i accept the fact's picture

Do you live in a 3rd World

Do you live in a 3rd World Country???? What city/town you talking about....
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

that beyonce pic is

that beyonce pic is hilarious.....LMAO
sexybrownpyt's picture

These are SuperBowl pics of

These are SuperBowl pics of Bey that I'ved used the last few days. Wait till you see the bombshell photo i use tomorrow of Bey's Crusty Crotch Critter...you can see: Labia Minora, Labia Majora and the Hood.....smh.............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO smh

LMAO smh
sexybrownpyt's picture

Fuck praying and that bible

Fuck praying and that bible bullshit, we been doing that for over 400 years. Forget all that spooky shit, get off your ass and go out here and teach the youth IN THE FLESH!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Amen, LetsGetIt! These

Amen, LetsGetIt! These stupid ass mamas and sperm donors should be held accountable. These stankin hoes just shit their babies out and feel that their job is done. Obama needs to ban all stupid mf's, right after banning these guns. All females should have to take a class and obtain a license to reproduce.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

I don't even know why I'm

I don't even know why I'm even replying to this comment...but I guess I feel sorry for you "lost one".....suppose your heart stop at this moment who you think it gonna save you let me guess lilwayne,jayz,beyonce,money????probably weather you want to believe in prayer or not it does work and I got over 400 times worth of proof .....now please get off of ybf and read a bible once you get to know God you'll never look at this world the same....trust me I know and as far as the youth go your right we do need to teach them inside and outside these churches I gree 100%....I wish nothing but the best for all of you non believer
i accept the fact's picture


Blessed020509's picture

Contrary to your SLAVE

Contrary to your SLAVE MASTERS beliefs. everybody ain't bible thumpers!!! deal w/it... We're in a enormous universe with a PLETHORA of divine enlightenment. maybe you should let the flower grow b4 u start plucking it.
RO's picture

@ lets get it. Can't believe

@ lets get it. Can't believe it, but i'm w/ u on this ONE... Speak on it!!!
RO's picture

Mendeecees is

Mendeecees is disgusting...but men like R.Kelly and him been taking advantage of young lost girls since probably forever. I can't stand it when a Man my father's age have the nerve to try it!! GTFOH with ya old crusty self. Hugh Hefner, Russel Simmons...etc etc are all the same. They all want a spring chicken to do sexual things with, the younger they are the easier it is for them to control. ELK!!! Yandy put out this private video to make Mendeecees livid #smh.at.this.messy.unfortunate.situation
sexybrownpyt's picture

First of all I don't agree

First of all I don't agree with any man or woman who have sex with kids but there's something off about this case......#1 of all why would a big 15 year girl run away and hide over a grow man house knowing that this is your mother's ex boyfriend...#2 why would you get in the shower without knowing you don't have a towel than call him in the bathroom showing your nude body to bring you one....I'm not buying this story one bit this women see that he's on love and hip hop and thinks that he get some money now or she is bitter because things didn't work out between him and her after he broke it off with her mother.....I see teen girls like this all the time never get along with their own mother because they always after their mothers boyfriends and they get mad and run away from home thinkinh that theyer grown until they in uop with a baby....I don't care what anyone says 15 or not this girl was willing....these teen girl our grown and hot in the butt now days getting grown sent toi jail left and right for nother
i accept the fact's picture

For you hooked on phonic

For you hooked on phonic bitches that having babies instead of going to school, Please read. It clearly states she was 15 FOUR years ago and he was 19. Stop screwing and pick up a book hefas
lola69's picture

Stfu u look and sound real

Stfu u look and sound real DUMB right now BCUZ the incorrect tea stating he's 23 has been changed! The man is 35 azzwipe and the girl is 19..meaning he was 31 when she was 15 u retarded fool! Ugh
Like Really's picture

omg 31 and she was 15!!! elk

omg 31 and she was 15!!! elk that is gross!! i can't stand it when a man takes advantage of a young lost girl. Her mother should not be kicking her out at the age of 15, the cycle of parental neglect continues.
sexybrownpyt's picture


Yas's picture

Yea, he might be going down,

Yea, he might be going down, an if he was fucking that lil girl he should b thrown under the jail. He claim he is a TV star. HaHa, being on a ghetto reality TV show one time doesn't make you a TV star. I feel bad for his baby momma though having to raise their new child by her self.
str8belizean's picture

I can't!¡ He's no longer

I can't!¡ He's no longer looking "Fine" to me. BTW what happened to innocent until proven guilty?¿? Until the trial ends ~ I'll hold off on passing judgment. Sexual abuse is nothing to toy with.
GetUrLife's picture


Smdh.....the mother...nevermind. But black women i want you to check out the brotha Tommy Sotomayor livestream @ 8pm the topic is "Are single mothers causing violent crimes in the black community".
LetsGetIt's picture

Tommy Sotomayor is an idiot

Tommy Sotomayor is an idiot and you're an even bigger idiot if you support a loser mf like him who consistently bashes black women instead of lifting them up. I thought you eere half way intelligent, but now that I see that you are a follower of a fool, I'mma have to dismiss you and ignore everything you type from now on. Umph...smh...smut...
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Really?¿ . . . and how do you

Really?¿ . . . and how do you suppose single mothers came about ~ she didn't lie down by herself. I can't!¡ And just because a child grows up with two parents ~ it doesn't always guarantee success, the good life, clean living or common sense. Barack Obama (President of the United States of America - TWICE) - Raised by a Single Mom. Kanye West (multi-talented, multi-millionaire, multi-platinum selling artist) - Raised by a Single mom. Jay-Z (mult-talented, multi-millionaire, MOGUL, multi-platinum selling artist) - Raised by a Single Mom, Oprah Winfrey (BILLIONAIRE, extraordinaire) - Raised by a Single Mom. Bill Cosby, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige and on the white side - Matt Damon - ALL RAISED BY SINGLE WOMEN. I can go on all day, but I will check out the stream just to give the benefit of the doubt.
GetUrLife's picture

You typed all that for

You typed all that for nothing.... I just told yall to check out the show and what's the topic... Know u feel shitty...
LetsGetIt's picture

Actually, I feel GREAT!¡

Actually, I feel GREAT!¡ When are you going to stop proving you don't know your ass from your elbow *¿*
GetUrLife's picture

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