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SHOCKING DETAILS Released At Mendeecees Harris' Statutory Rape Trial--15-Year-Old Alleges Blackmail For Sex, Mendeecees Was DATING HER MOTHER!

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As previously reported, "LAHH" star Yandy Smith's baby's daddy Mendeecees Harris is on trial for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was more than four years older than her.  The newest testimony at the statutory rape trial has revealed some shocking details.


Get them inside....

Mendeecees (pictured above in court yesterday) has formally been charged with seven counts of child abuse in connection with a sexual relationship he allegedly had with a 15-year-old girl four years ago.  He’s also charged with promoting prostitution.  And by the way, the news outlet CliffViewPilot.com--who was inside the Hackensack, NJ courtroom yesterday--reports that Yandy showed up to the trial with an entourage following her every move and with her face covered with a coat the entire time.  

Then the case turned into a scene ripped straight from the movie Precious.

The now 19-year-old woman claims she went to stay at Mendeecees' Lodi, NJ home several times (that his GIRLFRIEND lived at as well) due to friction with her mother at home.  She said he was always there for her, "made her feel comfortable" and listened to her vent about her problems with her mother. 

She said he soon began to ask her for sexual favors, and did so even more when she asked him for money. And he even supposedly bribed her with a secret he learned from her mother about her being raped by someone else when she was 8-years-old.

The CliffViewPilot.com reports:

“Mendeecees made me feel comfortable. He would give me advice. He’d say ‘It’ll be okay between you and your mom’,” the woman said.

Then came an afternoon when, with no one else home, she realized in the shower that she didn’t have a towel.

“I asked him to get me one, and he did,” the woman testified. “Then he came into my room and suggested I let him masturbate on me, but I just laughed.”

The suggestions continued, she said, until she relented. She said Harris then gave her $15 or $20 “for lunch or maybe a ball game.”

But that wasn’t enough for him, the woman testified: Using an extremely private piece of information, he coerced her into providing oral sex.

“He told me he knew I had been raped when I was 8 years old,” she said, “and he found out from my mother.

“ ‘Your mom doesn’t want you here’,” the woman said Harris told her before exposing himself.

She said she complied with his desire out of spite “to get back at my mom.”

“I felt betrayed by her,” she said. “I didn’t tell her about [the rape] until I was 14, and it was something I didn’t want anyone to know.”

Similar favors were demanded – and provided — for “$15 or $20” when she needed money for expenses, the woman testified. Eventually Harris enlisted her younger brothers by suggesting, when they asked him for money, to “talk to your sister. She knows what she has to do.”

Why did she finally fess up?  Because Mendeecees also dated the victim's mother at some point....and they supposedly had planned on getting married! 

The victim also said at one point, he told her that sexually she "was better than her mother".  Gross.

Mendeecees and the victim's sexual relationship ended though, she said, when her mother took her phone for missing curfew, and she found a message from Mendeecees.  A fight ensued between him and the mother....and ish hit the fan.  The mother also ordered the victim to leave the house:

“My mom didn’t know where I was,” [the victim] testified, “but Mendeecees did.”

The next day he came to find her, she said. He told her that her mother had packed her belongings – and then asked her: “Please don’t tell her anything about us,” the woman said.

“He said she didn’t know anything, so don’t say anything. It was something he would ‘take to his grave.’ He [also] told me they were done.

“I felt horrible,” the woman said. “At one point Mendeecees and my mother were going to get married. I felt it was all my fault.”

She also said that when she saw him on TV as Yandy's baby's daddy, she knew nothing about Yandy.  But apparently, he was with Yandy at the same time as his live-in girlfriend.

Mendeecees claims the victim is lying about everything.  He denies ever having sexual relations with her, ever blackmailing her, and says she simply wants money because he's a TV star.  And he believes that since the woman now lives in the south (and claims she had to drop out of nursing school to attend this trial), she is doing everything she can to stay in New Jersey.

Triple sigh.

If convicted of the charges, Mendeecees would face up to 20 years in prison.  He's already turned down the 5-year prison stint offered to him before the trial.  We'll keep you posted on developments....and hopefully where this dude got his name from...

STORY EDIT: Mandeecees was not 19 years old at the time of the alleged incident(s).  He was more than four years older than the then-15-year-old woman, which legally qualifies as  statutory rape in the state of New Jersey.


BONUS: On a recent episode of "Love & Hip Hop," Yandy did a bit of a strip tease performance for Mandeecees on his birthday.  She now wants the whole world to see.  For some reason.  Check it out in full below:



Flat out... Nigga was having

Flat out... Nigga was having sex with a MINOR. & as for her Mother... SMH. That's that sick shit!!!
RO's picture

So, when HE was 19.....SHE

So, when HE was 19.....SHE was 3..?????? Oh Laaaaawwwwd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Mandeecees is 34 YEARS OLD!!

Mandeecees is 34 YEARS OLD!! The girl is now 19...he is also facing charges for drug trafficking in Rochester...Basically he is a scum bag!!!! Natasha needs to do a better job on reporting the tea...she has this story all wrong! the girl was 14-15 at the time and lived with him and the mom along with her brothers...meaning the girlfriend they are referring to is her mom...smh
Dominican Princess's picture

Hooked on phonic bitches

Hooked on phonic bitches please read, it clearly states the girl was 15 four years AGO. Ho's stop screwing and go to School
lola69's picture

He is 35 not 23. The article

He is 35 not 23. The article reads that the child was 15 at the time and Mendeecees was more than 4 years older. Regardless of his age this is wrong.
Bitter Brown's picture

Exactly!..Reguardless he's

Exactly!..Reguardless he's Still a friggin ScumBag!
Like Really's picture

He at 19 was dating this

He at 19 was dating this girl's mama. It is obivous that the mama lacks parenting skills and can't even manage her own life. The girl's mother is a Pedophile.
lola69's picture

PS. this guy Mandingo or

PS. this guy Mandingo or what ever his name- lol is so not cute!!
sweetpea1989's picture

so basically while Yandy was

so basically while Yandy was going in on Chrissy about Jim she was dealing with a 20 year old boy who couldnt even drink or get in the club with her.....smh. I guess she had to wait for him to get his working papers just to appear on the show....so trifling.
shuga's picture

wow!! Yandy certainly knows

wow!! Yandy certainly knows how ot pick em, this thug is only 23??? so is Yandy older??? she just gave birth to their son, and I am betting he has other children besides Yandy's son. Facing 20 years???? in prison??? What an IDIOT!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Thank GOD ole girl didn't

Thank GOD ole girl didn't have a girl with this fool. If he did it with the other woman's daughter, he would have done it to his own........
Pam's picture

Okay Im VERY confused because

Okay Im VERY confused because if this child was 15, mom had to be around 30 + so why in the hell would any mother with any sense date a 19 year old, let alone have them around their child and while by law 19 f-ing a 15 yo is statutory rape, there are many lil young girls dating guys that age. I don't know ALL the details but this sounds really ridiculous and very suspicious on both sides... MOTHER needs to be locked the hell up for having sex with the 19 yo smh!!! Grown ass woman with 3 children banging somebody that could be her child! WHYYYYYY the nonsense.

Exactly! That isn't

Exactly! That isn't Mandumbazz real age..
Like Really's picture

Wow...I really feel for her

Wow...I really feel for her cause there is a lot of scum out there taking advantage of young girls. Sound like her mom did an awful job of protecting her daughter. If her daughter is 4yrs younger than him how old is the mom. In the world we live in today with so many black women being unattached at 35 & up, they are out here competing for men with their daughters. They are out in the streets where young boys hang out and complain about not finding a MAN. These boys are just looking for their next mama with the addition of sex. These desperate ass women take these boys home around their daughters only to have it all blow up in their face. The boys will be long gone but the emotional scars from their kids will last forever.
Somerknight's picture

wow he's really young so that

wow he's really young so that kinda explains a lot. a 19 year old having sex with a 15 year old isnt a big deal. her mother must have been at least 30 so why she was checking for his young ass is questionable too. he looks like phillip michael thomas. he's cute......but too bad he's in such a messy situation.
shuga's picture

Yeah I agree about him being

Yeah I agree about him being cute and about the 15/19 age difference not being a big deal.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Just what I said!!! Why is

Just what I said!!! Why is this old azz woman in a relationship with this young man... I could tell he is young from the show!!! chocking out Yandy's trainer over work out pics... smh plus he has about 3 kids himself now and custody of his oldest (I read)!!! Shame

Waay to go Yandy.. This 35

Waay to go Yandy.. This 35 yrs old nasty squirrel face Mf was having underage sex with his dam near step daughter! Disgusting he looks like a friggin pedophile!! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

he's 23, not 35.

he's 23, not 35.
shuga's picture

if a 15 year old girl is

if a 15 year old girl is living with a 19 year old boy its pretty much expected that they are having sex. its the parents responsibility to check their kids because if you let them out to LIVE with wolves they will surely get eaten.
shuga's picture

Yea I feel u on parenting but

Yea I feel u on parenting but a closer source says a different age though he does look young.
Like Really's picture

ok im gonna need you to calm

ok im gonna need you to calm down and READ, mama....lol the daughter (allegedly) got raped by somebody else when she was 8 which really begs the question about where her parents are. how are parents letting their kids get raped/statuatory raped repeatedly?? altho, I honestly do think a 19 year old BOY and 15 year old girl are about the same mentally.
shuga's picture

I already scratched that and

I already scratched that and I am calm Shuga. I agreed w/you about the lack of responsible parenting. Anyhoo..I'm almost certain that isn't his age! Smhlol...LAwd thk ya for the edit button!
Like Really's picture

You said it all, shuga. No

You said it all, shuga. No way my kid would've gone to live with my boyfriend...especially when they're so close in age. Just ugh.
MrsCPA's picture

He's 23?! Damn

He's 23?! Damn
MissKhaela's picture

Yandy is still in love with

Yandy is still in love with this guy. How does he make his money? He is only 23 years old. I thought Yandy was in her 30's. I guess he likes older women.
lola69's picture

Damn....he's only 23? How

Damn....he's only 23? How old is Yandy? I thought she was about 36 or so.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Yandy is definitely not a

Yandy is definitely not a dancer. This shouldve stayed a gesture for her man not the world.

Yandy always looked like she

Yandy always looked like she was possessed by the devil anyway (she fuckin' the devil too)...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LOL! I'm so mad at this

LOL! I'm so mad at this avatar picture you have now... then again it, looks like it's mad at me.
Peace Silas's picture

Her nose looks totally

Her nose looks totally different. I had to show everyone
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

yea, it looks like a bird's

yea, it looks like a bird's beak that's part of what I mean when I say she insults people's intelligence; people wouldn't be able to tell? we can't spot that obvious difference? & that face is like she smelled Blue's first diaper bomb...
Peace Silas's picture

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romance2013's picture

This is a whole mess!

This is a whole mess!
Happy Lady's picture

I'm so lost.....This doesn't

I'm so lost.....This doesn't even sound believable or makes any sense to me...
Naomi's picture

Lmao um Yandy .. WHY!?

Lmao um Yandy .. WHY!?
Girl's picture

Im confused as shit by this

Im confused as shit by this article. The info is conflicting. ok so he was 19 and she was 15 but it started before she was 15.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one who felt this bag of garbage didn’t make any sense. First of all did we not just read “she is doing this because of my FAME”. WHAT FAME? Yo, does anyone know what this man did before, during or after the show except get Yandy pregnant. Second, was she 15, 14, or how long did it go on. Better yet when did it start? If he was 19, when was he going to marry her mother, how old was her mom when she was dating him 11 years old? This sounds like some fake cocadoddle Jerry Spring foolishness. You can tell the dude doesn’t have money, you telling me you couldn’t afford good enough attorney that could have dissected this enough to show what the truth was before it got all the way to this point, it got to trial man. What do you have, a public defender? (no offense to the Public defenders that work hard out there lol). Yandy you were talking so much trash to Krissy about how you didn’t need Jim Jones business as a client because you got bread like that. Clearly my dear you don’t! Get yo money game up boo-boo get your baby daddy a REAL attorney and shut this garbage down. I will be following this story because this story makes as much sense as 5+3 = 95, exactly lol.
kimaras31's picture

She was 15 when he supposedly

She was 15 when he supposedly started messing with her, but he was blackmailing her with the knowledge that she'd been raped when she was 8. Damn, did I get that right? This is a hot mess from so many angles. And Yandy should've kept this lil dance hidden.
MrsCPA's picture

Menses is 23 right now. 4

Menses is 23 right now. 4 years ago he was 19 and boning his girlfriend's 15 year old daughter who is now 19.
shuga's picture

oh ok....so his ex girlfriend

oh ok....so his ex girlfriend was an older woman.....i mean at least 30 or so??? ok it's coming clear. thanks.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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