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Tracy Mourning--Wife Of Alonzo Mourning--ARRESTED FOR DUI In Miami!

 photo wenn20116249_zpsa27c0f7b.jpg

Tracy Mourning had a run-in with the cops last night!  Not only did the wife of former Heat baller Alonzo Mourning get popped for a DUI, but the cops reported she was a bit cheeky about it when she got pulled over.

While driving in Coconut Grove around Miami around 3:40am this morning, true basketball wife Tracy Mourning was arrested for driving her 2012 Porsche Panamera under the influence!

The seemingly sweet mom of three had a fun night out at Boris Kodjoe's ALFA clothing event last night at South Street Restaurant and Bar (pictured above last night with the restaurant's curator Amaris Jones). 

Tracy was stopped after speeding 28 miles over the speed limit and flying through a stop sign.  And then gave the officer a wink and asked if she was speeding.  The Huffington Post reports:

According to the police report, Mourning then ran through a stop sign and swerved until an officer stopped her at Old Cutler Road and San Servando Avenue.

The arresting officer wrote that Mourning politely asked, "What did I do, sir?" and then winked as she said, "Was going fast, wasn't I?" According to the police report, Mourning told the officer she had just had dinner with some "amazing friends."

Mourning smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes, and slurred her speech, the officer wrote. She failed a roadside sobriety test and refused an on-scene blood alcohol level test, prompting him to take her into custody.

Mourning, the namesake of North Miami's Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School, was charged with driving under the influence. She and her husband are often recognized for their charitable contributions to South Florida, including the Honey Shine Mentoring Program Tracy Mourning began in 2002. Alonzo Mourning currently serves as Vice President of Player Programs and Development for the Heat.

But on the upside--she and Alonzo just moved into a GORGEOUS $4.5 million home in Pinecrest, FL:

 photo slide_258763_1675525_free_zpsac9b02e4.jpg  photo slide_258763_1675529_free_zpsf81b60da.jpg

Check out the rest of the pics HERE.





OMG! Look at that house!

OMG! Look at that house! Drink at home in your fabulous house, not on the road.
Twila's picture

Who really cares? She is

Who really cares? She is rich, its not like it will affect her, however everybody on here judging know they have done it a time or two. It is irresponsible and someone couldve got hurt but she is human and yall are judging.
shaneice225's picture

"Everybody on here judging

"Everybody on here judging know they have done it a time or two"...... Done what, exactly? Had too much to drink and decided to get behind the wheel of a car, drive 28 miles over the speed limit, fail a field sobriety test and refuse a blood alcohol-level test? Contrary to popular belief, shaneice225, everybody has NOT done that a time, NOR two. Some of us may not be among the elite and wealthy of the world, but we are rich in exercising good judgment, have common sense, and have to deal with the Tracy Mournings of the world when they enter an emergency/trauma unit with mangled body parts... lNone of us here have to 'judge' her. There is a courtroom awaiting her presence in which all of the judging will take place. It was a stupid mistake made by a seemingly mature, intelligent woman that could have had dire consequences, but thankfully, it didn't! Plain and simple...
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Well stated. The poster

Well stated. The poster takes offense to bloggers judging Mrs. Mourning, however in the same breath commits the same offense by accusing others of past, unpunished, drunk driving activities. I, too, have never gotten behind the wheel of my car under the influence of ANYTHING. As ParadigmN.Paradise correctly stated: there are a few of us dinosaurs left who strive to do the right thing.
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Watch it Tracy. You have too

Watch it Tracy. You have too much to risk, mainly your community oriented reputation. Next time have a car service drive you to and from events where you'll be drinking. You could have hurt someone else and there's not cutesy or "amazing" about that.
Keys's picture

be careful girl driving under

be careful girl driving under the influence of alcohol, you could have killed yourself or someone else. its not worth it. you got money, call a limo or your man to drive you home when you're full.
Reign's picture

Go Girl

Go Girl
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tom101's picture

l think they would like me in

l think they would like me in hard times as l just sent my last comment:)

the house is beautiful... i

the house is beautiful... i cant believe trey songz stripped out of his clothes though...i mean just google kelsnetwork...
reane's picture

l like you ugly girls

l like you ugly girls

Cmon now Tracy that mess

Cmon now Tracy that mess might hv worked while Alonzo was still active on the court, plus you have 3 kids, not a good look at all.
Realist's picture

Why didn't any of those

Why didn't any of those "AMAZING FRIENDS" call that LUSH a cab smh?! If she don't give a damn about that Panamera, I'll take it off her hands!
tori's picture

I literally LOL at this post!

I literally LOL at this post! So true, btw :)
PR22's picture

Not a good look, Mrs. M!

Not a good look, Mrs. M! Please allow this silly err in judgment to be your first and your last, and while you're at it, thank the Lord that you did not wrap your vehicle around a pole or collide with someone else's while going 28 miles over the speed limit!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Extremely irresponsible, and

Extremely irresponsible, and shame on Mrs. Mourning for not having taken a cab! DD is a serious offense and I hope that she uses her considerable influence to talk to young people that it is NEVER okay to drink and drive.
PR22's picture

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