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Ciara & Future, John Legend & Chrissy, Elle Varner & More Roll To PRE-GRAMMY Parties

 photo ciciandfuture_zps1ec3dc43.png

Celebs have been all over L.A. this weekend hitting up all the parties before tomorrow night's GRAMMY Awards.  Check out what folks have been up to inside...

Ciara and her boo Future made their way to a party together after Ciara hosted an event at her home of EPIC records.


Over at the 2013 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute event in honor of Bruce Springsteen:

 photo spl493148_019_zps623ac14f.jpg  photo spl493148_023_zpsc9a589bb.jpg

John Legend and his fiancee Chrissy Teigen were there.  And if you're wondering about that worried look on her face while she's holding her tummy in that Marchesa dress...she tweeted something last night that may be a clue as to what was going on:

On a different note, I'm pretty sure you can see my hooha outline in my dress tonight.

Gorgeous dress though.  By the way, foodie Chrissy landed her own cooking show on Cooking TV called "Chrissy Teigen Is Hungry."  It premieres Feb 13th at 10PM EST.


And at last night's mPowering Action pre-Grammy event, featuring performances by Timbaland and Avicii, at The Conga Room:

  photo wenn20117504_zps1d4893e5.jpg

 photo wenn20117644_zps568461c9.jpg

The newest addition to the Roc Nation roster, Timbo, brought his wife Monique along.

 photo wenn20117485_zpsb722566b.jpg

Monique Coleman, formerly of "High School Musical", made her way to the event.

 photo wenn20117545_zps64c9af20.jpg

Estelle rocked an interest black sheer overly dress.

 photo wenn20117557_zpsf41bebbc.jpg

Pharrell kept it dapper and brought his girlfriend to the event.

 photo wenn20118103_zpscb10b4c1.jpg

 photo wenn20118099_zpse1b021f7.jpg

Former "Girlfriend" Jill Marie Jones is still looking extra fabulous these days.

And at the BET Music Matters Grammy Edition Showcase at Belasco Theatre:

 photo wenn20118476_zps5ecf4e8e.jpg

"I Don't Care' singer Elle Varner kept it colorful as usual.  Maybe a bit too much pink and black lace...

 photo wenn20118477_zps6a4a8f20.jpg

And actress Porscha Coleman hit the carpet with her new blonde curls.  Fun times.

Pics: WENN




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Ok, why is YBF giving Tony a

Ok, why is YBF giving Tony a pass on that short catastrophe called a wig?? She's beautiful, but her hair is WRONG!!
jdotty's picture

:)...And I agree, that wig's

:)...And I agree, that wig's very draggish Lookin'! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

Chrissy should be on

Chrissy should be on pregnancy watch stat!!!! And how is Toni Childs serving fierce?!? I'm confused...

Seriously, everyone but

Seriously, everyone but Monique is a DON'T! And Timbaland and those pants. Oh my.
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commonprosperity9913's picture

Cant believe Pharrell made

Cant believe Pharrell made his girl leave the house like that. Miss 'Toni' on girlfriends it was never quite the same after she left. I could literally see Timberlands legs losing circulation in those pants. Elle I love you but please burn that outfit so you never have access to it again!!
Realist's picture

"could literally see

"could literally see Timberlands legs losing circulation in those pants." Laughing my ass off at that!!!!!!!
SadieJade's picture

pharrel looks nice!!! i miss

pharrel looks nice!!! i miss girlfriends though :( i cant believe that chris brown was crying over frank ocean though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Timbaland and those tight

Timbaland and those tight pants. Why though?
Username's picture

Chrissy Teigen models for

Chrissy Teigen models for IMG, the same agency that represents Heidi Klum, Giselle Bundchen, Tyra Banks, Alex Wek, et al, though she does more campaign ads than runway shows. Judging by the photo, it looks as though she and John and definitely expecting a little one...
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

I think John's girlfriend is

I think John's girlfriend is expecting. They are a cute couple.
Twila's picture

Yes, I can clearly see that

Yes, I can clearly see that it’s written all over Chrissy’s face…Congratulations you two!
rebellious soul's picture

Damn, thought that was

Damn, thought that was Jessica White (or what ever that model name is) but it's Jill Marie Jones??? She beaching her skin. Not surprised.
RO's picture

First : Ciara will always be

First : Ciara will always be the chick who chase waterfalls .That’s not just a wig she really is “one dumb Blond”.. John Legend and Chrissy don’t seem real to me (Who does she model for?).. Timbaland looks FAT lol and Avicii looks like a better version of “Tiny” but love the shoes.. Monique looks Fab .. Pharrell’s girlfriend needs her ass kicked for wearing pajamas and looking like a man shaped like spongebob !.. Jill Marie is so beautiful but she could have did better and the makeup was to light .. Elle Varner (love her) but no comment ..
REd™'s picture

EWW! Timberland & his wife

EWW! Timberland & his wife look like they had to GREASE UP in order to get into their outfits! Estelle is my girl, but her legs look MALNOURISHED! Pharrell's BABYMAMA look like she just hopped outta bed & said "F*ck It!" And TONI CHILDS looks a MESS, her shoes are TOO BIG, her make up is the WRONG SHADE or CHEAP (or both) & she needs to give HABIBI from the 7/11 his toupee back!
tori's picture

Not HABIBI from the

Not HABIBI from the 7/11...LMAO!!! 2 funny. on Tim'Bo, that's wht happen when u happy & wifey throw down in the kitchen. I'mma need that. minus the fat & the grease. ;)
RO's picture

Why is Pharell's beard, oops

Why is Pharell's beard, oops girfriend wearing pajamas?! Timbaland should have worn some spanx; and Estelle's been stepping up her style game lately so I don't know what happened here! Jill Marie Jones looks awesome! I'm not familiar with Porche Coleman but she looks nice. Elle Varner is so pretty but she looks like she's wearing my grandma's pants suit. Monique Coleman looks cute and I think Chrissy is pregant. That is all!
Burself's picture

Pharrell looks really nice

Pharrell looks really nice compared to how he normally dresses for the red carpet events. His girl friend must be on her way home. That PJ out fit looks sleepy. Estelle looks like Aunt Ester from Sanford & Sons. Can someone tell me what kind of model Chrissy Teigen is? This is Fashion Week and all the top models are in NYC hitting the catwalk. Timbo what happened to the weight lost? Did the stomach move down to the thighs? Jill Marie Jones don't wear a wig if it looks like a wig and tighten up those thighs girl. Monique Coleman cute but those bunions are hollering to get of that one strap across the toes. Porscha Coleman I don't know who you are but you look cute but scary spice wants her "If you wanna be my lover" wig back. CiCi its obvious from your past and present boi toys that you like bad bois. Its not working for you. Future is cute back how hes living is a major fail.....allllright
YaHeard's picture

Was Pharrell's girlfriend mad

Was Pharrell's girlfriend mad at him? Can't think of another reason why she would wear something like that to such an event....
Michelle K's picture

Not one worth talkng about.

Not one worth talkng about.

WTF is wrong with Timbaland's

WTF is wrong with Timbaland's thighs? They are oddly shaped and they look so diabetical. YIKES!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I don't know who Jill Marie

I don't know who Jill Marie Jones is but she looks fabulous.
Tannygirl's picture

That's Tony Child. :)

That's Tony Child. :)
Synsation's picture

From the sitcom 'Girlfriends'

From the sitcom 'Girlfriends' with Tracie Ellis Ross. She played Toni.
imjussaying's picture

Awww okay I don't know that

Awww okay I don't know that sitcom cause they never aired it here in Holland. Thank you.
Tannygirl's picture

Ciara is groupie-licious at

Ciara is groupie-licious at this point..smh, I don't get the hype about Chrissy at all..*shrugs, Jill aka Tony Looks like Jessica White here ASHY and thats NOT good! No comment on EsTeAle.. But everyone else looks up to par!
Like Really's picture

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