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Beyonce & Jay-Z, Rihanna, Solange, Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall And More TURN OUT Roc Nation's Pre-Grammy Brunch

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-10at101144AM_zps613e8d42.png

Yesterday afternoon in West Hollywood, the A-listers popped over to SoHo House for the annual Roc Nation Pre-Grammy brunch.  And we've got all the YBF folks who came out to party inside...

 photo article-2276363-1777F979000005DC-8_634x763_zps78a372d4.jpg

In a sexy low cut multi-print mini dress by Elie Saab and hot Louis Vuitton "Florida" sandals, Beyonce Knowles made her way to her hubby's company's Pre-Grammy brunch.  Her sis Solange looked fabulous in a blue satin pencil skirt and blue leopard halter blouse with a punch of a tangerine pump.


 photo beyonce-solange-knowles-roc-nation-pre-grammy-party-2013-02_zps0833b8ca.jpg

Mr. & Mrs. Carter cuddled up on the couch after also being spotted heading to dinner at Ink in West Hollywood the night before.

 photo tumblr_mhzakgwSSD1rqqe7xo1_500_zpse0bf057c.jpg photo tumblr_mhzkjuO5cr1rqqe7xo1_500_zpsfcc65732.jpg

Loves this dress.

Jay was spotted chopping it up with Roc Nation's Rihanna at the brunch.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at95401PM_zps06913e66.png

 photo tumblr_mhzg4dzWLt1qzclrjo1_500_zps879ebac1.jpg

And Rih Rih was spotted in a silk Celine blouse & pants look while getting touched up by Ursula and her glam squad before she entered:

 photo spl492001_039_zps675b2d7d.jpg

 photo spl492001_0361_zps4fda1786.jpg

 photo article-0-17771EB9000005DC-748_636x378_zps93f98e87.jpg

Chris Brown popped up as well to have some QT with Rihanna after getting into a car accident thanks to paparazzi being overly and unnecessarily aggressive.  Check that drama HERE.

 photo article-2276363-1776D8F1000005DC-335_308x634_zpsf76830f3.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at95421PM_zps014cee86.png

And she had some fun with model Toccara Jones.

 photo tumblr_mhzaf22wDk1rqqe7xo1_500_zps403a76b6.jpg

Toccara also snapped a pic with Bey.

 photo spl492001_020_zps0ce647e5.jpg

Kelly Rowland showed up looking fab in printed jeans and a leather sleeved blazer.  This hair is everything for her.  Loves it.

 photo spl493427_023_zps2d1a5631.jpg

Eva Marcille loves her gypsy chic look.  And she brought that...and her man Kevin McCall...to the brunch.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-10at95700AM_zps6af3b344.png


 photo spl493532_017_zps07089973.jpg 

Christina Milian kept it cute yet sexy in all black look with a sheer touch for the brunch.

 photo spl493427_029_zps720238a1.jpg

Garcelle Beauvais rocked the trend of black and white with a cute bun and pink lips.

 photo spl493532_031_zps71076485.jpg

Jordin Sparks looked sexy in her bodycon Diane Von Furstenberg peachy dress with nude Louis Vutton pumps.

 photo spl493427_036_zpsd6973956.jpg   

Jill Scott rocked all black, with black lace stockings and black boots.  A bit much for a Cali brunch, but we loves some Jilly.


 photo RocNationPreGrammyBrunchewjN25RtCmel_zps16b08909.jpg

MC Lyte rocked a satin white skirt suit that looked straight from the usher board's dry cleaning pile.  You're too fab for this Lyte.

 photo spl493532_002_zps55321153.jpg

And Adrienne Bailon put on a flirty pleated mini dress that looked a bit ill-fitted.  She loves to show off her T&A, so we're not too surprised by the look.  Great hair.



 photo ScreenShot2013-02-10at95549AM_zpsa511abb4.png

Kevin McCall also posted a cute pic of he and Eva from a recent ski trip.  Sweet!

Pics: SPLASH/Instagram/Tumblr





Jill looks like a borderline

Jill looks like a borderline domanatrix, Rhi looks cute, chic, and comfy, Loving Bey's look. WTF is Adrienne doing besides still being known for fucking Rob Kardashian lol. Garcelle was pretty but Eva please sit down with that confused thrift store look of yours. Kelly always looks cute to me
nico89's picture

Jill and MC Lyte this was not

Jill and MC Lyte this was not your weekly get together with the girls for a few hands of gin rummy.
TeaNicole's picture

Beyonce looks amazing in that

Beyonce looks amazing in that dress and sandals and Solange is always on point!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

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tom101's picture

everyone look nice!

everyone look nice!
lewis3k's picture

Bey, Rih, Tocarra, and Jordin

Bey, Rih, Tocarra, and Jordin yes!
Laia's picture

Bey looks GOOD, I'm glad

Bey looks GOOD, I'm glad Rhitard covered that BALD SPOT, or BALD SIDE (?) Toccara seems to be EVERYWHERE but on the set of a MODELING GIG, I'm NOT diggin Eva's braids, or that THRIFT STORE outfit. I'm DONE with wonderin why Adrienne shows up sh!t when she is the QUEEN of IRRELEVANCE! Garcelle looks AMAZING & did Jill just come from a FUNERAL?
tori's picture

It's like Beyoncé doesn't

It's like Beyoncé doesn't feel comfortable if she doesn't have the blond weave. I wish she would just go to the next hairdo and color.
Tannygirl's picture

Beyonce (Work)! and Sloange

Beyonce (Work)! and Sloange look Fab ..Rih looks like she coming down off her high ..What happen to Toccara (low budget )lookin ..Kelly Rowland is gorgeous ..Eva “Bitch” Why? ___I can’t .. Christina Milian kept it simple Nice .. Jordin Sparks “Boo” No! Blue streak with a pink dress and you’re shoes don’t fit smh …Love jill Scott but not likein the look ..
REd™'s picture

I liked Beyonce's dress. Just

I liked Beyonce's dress. Just wish she would kill that blonde hair and go black. That blonde looks country on her. Solange is always the baddest chick when it comes to her look. Tocarra is looking even more fantastic these days. That picture with her and Beyonce looking down is cute. Kelly is a supreme black Barbie doll. That girl is just plum gorgeous. Beyonce definitely had to hurry her off that Superbowl stage because men on Twitter were going crazier over her than Beyonce that night. Rihanna looks ok. I have seen her do better and I prefer her with the short hair pixie than the long mop. She is really to fab for that.
Keys's picture

Kelly's hair is snatched yes

Kelly's hair is snatched yes hunty!! Riri's outfit is comfortably chic, bey looks radiant in that 70's dress, Eva's glowing face look stunning. Eva's boyfriend got them sexy bedrooms eyes and yes he does have Tyson bedford eyes. Ms. Bailon outfit is ugly but her hair,makeup/face is pretty. #most.look.gone.with.the.wind.fabulous.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Who the heck goes to a Roc

Who the heck goes to a Roc nation pre grammy brunch? Is it supposed to be on some level like Clive Davis' pre grammy dinner? It doesn't seem like it, because the brunch looks lame and some people just come as they are, NO CLASS OR SOPHISTICATION! Now Diddy knows how to throw a PARTY!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I love Beyonce' but I do NOT

I love Beyonce' but I do NOT like the dress because it clearly and blatantly resembles a massive paint explosion caught on tape and I believe that she can and should do better. Also,the question that I have is that does anyone find it easy to see and observe the great and nearing obsessive lengths that both Beyonce' Knowles and her alleged husband Shawn Carter go to not give any indication that they are not a romantic,happy, and blissfully in love married couple? The simple fact and truth of the matter is that there is no sense of intimacy and visible affection between the two individuals at all and this has indeed been the case in my view since the beginning of their relationship over a decade ago and it seems that both are far more concerned with the protection of their image and the advancement of their careers as celebrities than being open and honest about their purported love reguarding one another.

business transaction

business transaction
Peace Silas's picture

Is it just me or does

Is it just me or does Adrienne Bailon face look different???? Anyway KING BEY looked absolutely FABULOUS! I liked rihanna look as well only she can truly pull off the whole PJ look lol! And my girl Toccara is looking great these days..keep it up honey!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

I want Beyonce's dress! I

I want Beyonce's dress! I love Solo and Kelly's look. I'm scared of Jill, and MC Lyte's look! :/
cutethatsall56's picture

maybe i'm mistaken, but why

maybe i'm mistaken, but why would bey have security around her at this brunch? clearly, you would have to have rsvp and/or been invited to the event in the first place. no one off the street could roll up in there.
gogreen's picture

Bey - Roc out Solange -

Bey - Roc out Solange - Stylish, but is that your secret sis next to you??? O_o Rihanna - Color blocking pj's??? & that hair - WTFFFFF!!!! Kelly - The hair choice is fierce! Eva - The show's called My Big Fat Gypsy ______ - get your agent to book you ASAP Kevin - Wayyyyyyyy too zesty Christina & Garcelle - FAB! Jordin - check yah hemline Jilly - funeral stuffed Kevin - again - too zesty -__-

I like Rihanna's look --

I like Rihanna's look -- although the YBF clearly does not.
Girl's picture

Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange,

Beyonce, Rihanna, Solange, and Kelly are the stars of this party. They are serving up Cali casual chic. Not quite sure about the turn of the century garb Jill and MCLyte are wearing.
SweetDivaT's picture

Solange looks really pretty

Solange looks really pretty here...I love the dress/shoe combo!....and that's a cute wig on Kelly. Of course Bey is fly.
star's picture


Omg Jill...lmao..........Rihanna's hair is a NO......Actually like this get-up on Eve And MC Lyte is going to 1st Sunday Service.
star's picture

Bey looks great! So does

Bey looks great! So does Kelly and Solange. I really dislike Rihanna's outfit. Jilly...what? She always dresses so nice, but this outfit is very questionable. She pretty so I'll let her make it.
inmyskin318's picture

Everyone looked Gorge,

Everyone looked Gorge, specially Bey, Sol & MC Lyte. Didnt quite get Jill's outfit and hair, she lucky she cute.
Realist's picture

Beyoncé s shutting it down

Beyoncé s shutting it down with this look. The dress, heels, and hair! She looks so fresh-faced. #queen
Classic87's picture

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romance2013's picture

She has on the most clothes

She has on the most clothes and she's killing it...Kelly Rowland! Kelly could be so great if she boosted her confidence and decided to step into the spotlight. She has the IT factor but she's trained herself to be content with 5th place.
Username's picture

Kelly and Solo-angel look so

Kelly and Solo-angel look so pretty. I lo♥e Soloange's outfit, I want it for myself and Kelly's make-up is beat to the masses. Jordin looks real peachy.☺ Jill I cannot ride with you on this one, Boo. That red number the other day was hot but this is not. Neither is that hair Rih. =(
Peace Silas's picture

Eva's man has Tyson's eyes.

Eva's man has Tyson's eyes. Nice.
chantayk's picture

"There are four exits on this

"There are four exits on this plane, in the even of an emergency please follow the guided lights below..", said Mc Lyte...
TrueThinker's picture

Jill Scott. I love you. But

Jill Scott. I love you. But you if you don't counter that line backer tazmanian she devil Sherri Shepard shape of yours with something more complimentary...i'm docking you 10pts!!!!
TrueThinker's picture

KingBey and this dress. A lil

KingBey and this dress. A lil sumthin for you Sunday bitter broads:)
TrueThinker's picture

You put the cheese on the

You put the cheese on the cracker in my Bill Cunningham voice lol I totally agree with you!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

we are giving u guys Emeli

we are giving u guys Emeli Sandi and Adele... Who is America offering us with regards to fresh new talent? It seems strange to me that to established artists in Kylie Minogue and Timbaland have signed with RocNation, its as if artists feel they need to join the perceived 'cool gang' to stay relevant, well here is news, the aforementioned are gaining relevance and credibility just fine not being a part of the circus of jayonce, through their vocal talent alone. Btw who started calling beyonce 'queen'? She isnt and never will be unless she is planning on leaving Jays ass and marrying a real king SMDH.
ava's picture

I agree. The only promising

I agree. The only promising talent I see on the horizon is Luke James. But you're about to give us elli ingram. Check her cover of poetic justice out on youtube. the girl is amazing.
Username's picture

That color Solo has on is

That color Solo has on is everything. Rihanna needed a glam squad, just to turn out looking like that? Eva tries to hard. There's Adrienne again.....smdh. Bey must've tricked Kelly into covering up, so that she wouldn't outshine her again, and why in the hell is she walking around the party with security?..... girl ain't nobody studdin you.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Uh, coz she's full of

Uh, coz she's full of herself... this is nothing new.
Peace Silas's picture

Everyone looks amazing, great

Everyone looks amazing, great food, great company and I hope Chris Brown wasn't hurt. They really need to have better laws for the paparazzis, if someone doesn't want their picture taken, if they are not somewhere where is expected for pictures to be taken it should be illegal to take their pictures. I.E red carpet,grand opening, parties, showed, but mail, buying gas, walking or driving along the street or just running plain everyday errands should not be places.
kimaras31's picture


Yas's picture

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