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Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Dinner: Jennifer Hudson, Ciara & Future, Brandy, Ashanti, Usher & MORE!

 photo INFphoto_2425994_zps2edf2551.jpg

Clive Davis' annual Pre-Grammy dinner was overflowing with celeb power last night.  And we've got all the YBF folks who rolled through inside.  Including Ciara holding hands with her boo Future, J-Hud, Ashanti, Nicole Richie, Tyra Banks, Ne-Yo and plenty more...

Jennifer Hudson threw on a pretty & flirty nude Maria Lucia Hohan dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals for the biggest Pre-Grammy event of them all.  She posed it up  with Mr. Clive himself on the red carpet of his & The Recording Academy's 2013 Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Salute to Industry Icons honoring Antonio 'L.A.' Reid at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

 photo INFphoto_2426011_zpsf398aa52.jpg

 photo article-2276376-17776D0A000005DC-343_308x583_zps795a68f7.jpg

She snapped a pic with Gayle King before taking the stage to perform with Gladys Knight.

 photo spl493620_012_zps2201c561.jpg

Ciara made an entrance holding hands with her boo, rapper Future. 

 photo INFphoto_2425993_zpsac8b0658.jpg

 photo article-2276376-177793F5000005DC-825_308x706_zps2005d3b2.jpg

And she worked a sexy backless nude Halston gown with her blonde bob and dark lipstick.  Sexy.

 photo INFphoto_2425983_zps60144ec2.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-10at15314PM_zpsa6db0f75.png

Brandy was all smiles posing on the carpet in her black & white printed bodycon dress and flashing her new engagement ring alongside her fiance Ryan.

 photo INFphoto_2425981_zps4299d549.jpg

Ashanti kept it fab in her usual look of a revealing, sexy gown.  The tangerine dress had the ultra deep v neck cutout, as well as open sides.

 photo INFphoto_2425977_zpseb5b5646.jpg 

Tyra Banks got her Barbie-look on.

 photo INFphoto_2426033_zpsb31db776.jpg

The "Top Model" head honcho smized it up with a sharp blond bob, bangs, and her bangin' curves in this strapless black dress.

 photo spl493620_034_zpsf1dc39a6.jpg

Diddy galloped his way on the carpet in this tailored grey and black look with a bowtie.  The man can dress.  And if he's serious about his girlfriend Cassie's "singing career", wouldn't these types of events--or at least en event this weekend--be the perfect time to bring her around for networking & performances?  Oh wells...


 photo INFphoto_2426017_zpsf5d738b0.jpg

Jordin Sparks rocked a pretty look in a Roberto Cavalli ruched high slit deep teal gown, Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a McQueen clutch.

 photo INFphoto_2426012_zps3ae6e4e0.jpg

Yes Jill Scott!  Our fave curvy vocal powerhouse put on her black lace overlay dress with cute heels.

 photo article-2276376-177769F9000005DC-773_198x559_zps23fd5512.jpg

And just when we were about to ask why Wiz Khalifa chose this striped blazer--with no shirt--to rock to the event....


 photo INFphoto_2426026_zps84749f01.jpg

 photo Usher55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYWbvEGX6tpzYl_zpsfa6d938f.jpg

Ne-Yo rocked the same damn one.  With pretty much the same look.  Plus a shirt.


 photo Usher55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYKoDGldwozrjl_zpse8bb4d64.jpg


Usher kicked it with a couple of his mentors in this business--Honoree L.A. Reid and Babyface.

 photo Usher55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsPreGRAMMYbi4IhAjClMnl_zps4bc6aa56.jpg

And chatted up Diddy as well.  How do we feel about this grey suit?

 photo INFphoto_2426034_zpsa39a1468.jpg

Akon rocked a flashy gold jacket for the event, of course.

 photo INFphoto_2426029_zpsc4388a08.jpg

Pharrell brought his fashion loving girlfriend, who rocked a chic striped longsleeved dress.  Loving the sheen-topped suit and blue bowtie on P.

 photo INFphoto_2426027_zps9dce7a7f.jpg 

Nicole Richie rocked one of our fave looks--Tom Ford's long sleeved snakeskin body hugging black dress, Louboutin pumps and her own Huse of Harlow clutch.  Hot.

 photo INFphoto_2426007_zpsb7cfd1e4.jpg

Janelle Monae switched things up...slightly...and added a cape and leather leggings to her look.

 photo INFphoto_2426006_zps0545cdeb.jpg

Lookin' good Gladys.

 photo INFphoto_2426004_zps2dbd80bf.jpg

Estelle wore another pretty look with gold geometric embellishments on her black mermaid style gown.

 photo INFphoto_2426003_zps20e0ab68.jpg

UK import Emeli Sande, who also performed at the event, showed off her drastic weight loss in a black pencil skirt and white sweater.  She looked fab before and just as fab now. 

 photo article-2276376-17776A92000005DC-141_308x587_zpsf1ed0848.jpg

Honoree L.A. Reid snapped a pic with wife Erica Reid.

 photo article-2276376-1777CFA8000005DC-814_308x587_zps56fbf17b.jpg

Anthony Hamilton brought his wife Tarsha to the event.  Liked her small 'fro better.

 photo article-2276376-17775599000005DC-143_308x471_zpsa9ba9b95.jpg

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend kept up their party rounds and rolled to the dinner party.

 photo article-2276376-17775032000005DC-704_308x614_zps2b04008e.jpg

Magic Johnson and wife Cookie made their way out to support.

 photo article-2276376-1777951C000005DC-708_198x603_zps211e4c36.jpg

And Elle Varner ricked one of her best looks of the weekend--a button down long sleeved red dress paired with dark red lipstick.  Sexy yet still bright enough for her love of color and prints.

 photo article-2276376-17778905000005DC-581_636x426_zpsdd693ac8.jpg

And "Idol Judge" Randy Jackson kicked it with Ciara, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Clive and Ryan Seacrest.  Fab times indeed.





Brandy looks Hot and her

Brandy looks Hot and her fiancé (handsome) looks like he was separated at birth from Laz Alonso.
GetUrLife's picture

Ciara that lipstick is a BIG

Ciara that lipstick is a BIG NO.......and not crazy bout that wig either!
star's picture

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tom101's picture

Dammit J.Hud sometimes you

Dammit J.Hud sometimes you get it right most time you don’t. Imma need you to be consistent. That lip color and shoes are a NO… Brandy looks cute!... Ashanti & Tyra (moving on)… Yes Jordin, all day!... My lovely Jilly from Philly. I can’t ride with you on this one either. But I still got forever lo♥e for ya… Estelle I can’t decide whether I like it or not. I wanna say no… Elle V. is a yes… Cici-honey I don’t know if you were supposed to be in that picture. =(
Peace Silas's picture


Ci-Error DEFINITELY PHOTOBOMBED that last pic!
tori's picture

LMAO, Ciara walkin aroun with

LMAO, Ciara walkin aroun with that DEADBEAT DAD like they the NEW Jay-Z & Beyoncé, when they're not even the OLD Nelly & Ashanti with their MUSICALLY CHALLENGED A$$ES! Nicole looks LOVELY aswell as Anthony & his wife! Akon looks like a damn OSCAR award! Not feelin J-Hud's make up & her legs are so SHAPELESS! Janelle Monae looks like LIL BLACK RIDIN HOOD, Ne-Yo looks so damn PRETENTIOUS & Jill S. needs a BREAST REDUCTION ASAP before she THROW HER BACK OUT carryin them BOWLIN BALLS aroun!
tori's picture

Isn't the gown a little bit

Isn't the gown a little bit too wide for Estelle? And that doesn't even look like Tyra, she needs to quit this way of posing, it's not natural and it's scarry. She can do much better than this. The winner of this red carpetround is Jordin Sparks.
Tannygirl's picture

love Nicole Richie's dress

love Nicole Richie's dress and how she styled it. Unfortunately, it looks too big for her :\. She should have had it altered. On another note, the party seems a bit dead... or maybe it's just that black star power doesn't shine so bright anymore :\.
imjussaying's picture

They say that if you can't

They say that if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything. So I will just say that I think Brandy looks GORGEOUS here. Jordin Sparks and Mother Gladys Knight looks beautiful as well. But I wonder what is going on with Babyface? Is he sick, or has he not been sleeping? He usually looks young and fresh, but he looks his age here. I am concerned. I love Babyface.
kelis's picture

I love the women who wore the

I love the women who wore the short yet sleek dresses--My favorite is Jill Scott. Dressing this way, I think, is the best way to attend the Grammys, not overdressed: Tyra, Gladys, Adelle.
Dee35's picture

Estelle: why won't you get a

Estelle: why won't you get a stylist?! Please stop the madness and stay out of Gladys Knight's closet! Such a disappointment. Neyo and Wiz...WOW...
PacificGirl's picture

wow...Babyface.....Every pic

wow...Babyface.....Every pic I've seen of people bleaching makes dark circles around their eyes and lips. And their eyes look yellow like they have Jaundice. I'm not saying...just suggesting..
TrueThinker's picture

Usher is giving us Pee Wee

Usher is giving us Pee Wee Herman with his suit.
g.r.i.t.s's picture

LOL I thought the same.

LOL I thought the same.
imjussaying's picture

J Huds toes don't know which

J Huds toes don't know which way they want to turn in those shoes, Tyra looks likes a waxed figure, Pharrell's girl friend finally woke from the PJ's she wore out from the other night, CiCi looks happy, that pipe Future is throwing in her must be good, Chrissy Teigen looks like a tranny, Anthony Hamilton wife looks like someone threw gold dust on her face or is that grease, Uncle Tom Randy Jackson is always up front holding on to someone white, I love my Usher but Diddys thigh are too tight in that suit, Jill Scott is pretty but those shoes and hair is a fashion fail, LA Reid and wife belong to my old Potato head set, Brandy tighten up those thighs, Estelle & Akon please don't wear anything black, Gladys looks pretty except for that straw hair cut, Jordan Sparks is giving you head to toe.
YaHeard's picture

Ashanti and Ciara look

Ashanti and Ciara look stunning! I really like the color of ashanti dress, it works great with her skin tone!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

JHud, no to that lipstick,

JHud, no to that lipstick, and bang. Ciara is trying to hard with that Beyonce 5 years ago look. Ashanti needs to leave the Malibu Barbie look in the late 70's. Jill's hair is hot! Tyra is to posey! Brandy looks the best I've ever seen her...she's glowing!!! Go Brandy:)
cutethatsall56's picture

Natasha, I still want to know

Natasha, I still want to know what the hell is up w/Babyface? L.A. Reidl ooks younger than Babyface. Jeanelle if you want to be taken seriously, stop with the clown outfits. That ish is old.
Pam's picture

Jennifer Hudson, Ciara,

Jennifer Hudson, Ciara, Brandy, Ashanti, Tyra, Jordin Sparks, Ms. Jilly from Philly...and a special "Yes, Ma'am" to Ms. Gladys. WORKKKK, ladies!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Tyra looks so f--king stupid.

Tyra looks so f--king stupid. Somebody should've walked by, shined a bright ass light, dead in her retina and/or smacked the shit outta her, just to bring her dumb looking self back to reality. I'm so tired of her and that dumb ass "smizing", I don't know what to do.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


Like Really's picture

I have to ask - are these

I have to ask - are these un-retouched pics or something??? Lots of folk just look strange/off... O_o

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