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FIRST LOOK: "Oprah's Next Chapter" with Beyoncé

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Oprah will sit down with Beyonce--who just won a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B peformance for "Love On Top"--for an upcoming episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter." Watch the trailer inside....

Talk show maven Oprah Winfrey tweeted her excitement about an upcoming episode of "Next Chapter" which will be an exclusive interview with Beyonce (her first major interview since the Super Bowl). Fans can expect to hear about the Inauguration, the Super Bowl, her upcoming tour and more.

Oprah tweeted, "Can't wait to talk to @Beyonce. Special #NextChapter on OWN Saturday night 8/7c. Yea u heard that correctly. BEYONCE and I sit down Saturday nite."

We're about to get the goods y'all.  Well, maybe.

Watch the trailer here:




will Oprah have the balls to

will Oprah have the balls to ask her about that collapsing 'pregnant belly"? lol I doubt it

I'm so happy for Beyonce! A

I'm so happy for Beyonce! A brand new mother AND she doing her thing!! I love the way she is handling her career. She is so boss now, especially after the separation with her father/former manager. How can I not LOVE and be proud of Beyonce? She is a Black Woman who with a Black man created a Power Family. She stays true to herself and her morals and you can see it in her attitude that she humbles herself. She is a young, black, successful, woman, who has worked very hard to be where she is. She deserves what she has worked hard for. Keep doing your thing Mrs. Carter! See you in July!!!
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congrats to bey for her

congrats to bey for her grammy, but seriously IT IS TIME for a new fresh new black,mixed race femalesinger to emerge. She could be from America or the UK I dont really care but it makes sense that she should follow the blue print of bey career not neccessarily be part of a group but to look sensational with a nice physique, have a great voice of course and hook up with a male in the industry who is up and coming this will give her mementum on which to build and garner much needed interest. To make her even more special she would have no affiliation to the music biz whatsoever... I just want that artist now cos there is absolutely no competition for beyonce from a performance and star power perspective. Maybe a new aaliyah, that would make a lot the jayonce crew sit up and take note. COME TO THE FOREFRONT YOUNG FEMALE BEAUTIFUL TALENTED PERFORMERS
ava's picture

Keep winning Bey!

Keep winning Bey!
cutethatsall56's picture

Well this next chapter shit

Well this next chapter shit won't reveal nothing we don't know already unless they gon' let us see lil blueberry's recent facial features. Congrats on the win Grammy win though
nico89's picture

Can't wait to see it

Can't wait to see it ..Congrats to Beyonce for winning a Grammy ...
REd™'s picture

Chileeeee Please, This Chick

Chileeeee Please, This Chick Ain Finna Reveal Nuttin New. I Hope O Does Ask Her Why She Refuses To Let The Public View Blue Blur? Or I Hope She Finally let Us See Blue Blur. I Highly Doubt It. Smh!! When Bey Was Under Her Father Matty She Had Was Always Pullin The Privacy Card. Now That She Manages Herself She Has Revealed Alot, Even Down To How She Likes Making Love To Her Hubby. WDF!!! This Chick Has Done A Complete 360.
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Congrats to Bey on the Grammy

Congrats to Bey on the Grammy win, but there are OTHER talented singers OF COLOR besides BEYONCÉ, RHIANNA & ALICIA! & That Oprah sit down is goin to be JUST LIKE USHER'S, revealin a bunch of sh!t WE ALREADY KNOW!
tori's picture

Who didn't see this coming?

Who didn't see this coming? Be prepared for O'thirsty biased ass to ask Bey questions, but then turn around and answer them for her and then prepare for O'thirsty to also say RIGHT? RIGHT? that's her way of getting her guest and/or audience to agree with her to make her chubby ass feel like she knows everything, and be prepared for Beyonce to express how hard she works, only because she knows O'thirsty is gonna agree and praise her for it like she always does, and you know Bey love praises........she can't live without them, and be prepared for O'thirsty to try to make it seem like black females started the whole pregnancy theory thing and watch Bey say about the inauguraton " It was suppose to be about the President, because she knows O'thirsty is gonna agree with that too and then O'thirsty is gonna throw in the misused term of "crabs in a barrel", Yada Yada Yada.(rolls eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

As ususal...everyone will be

As ususal...everyone will be watching-haters and stans. Watch how long the comments get Saturday.
Classic87's picture

Hope she doesn't just say how

Hope she doesn't just say how beautiful everything is in her life .. I mean if that's the case, how wonderful, but we don't need an interview for that! Hope she actually reveals something for once
Girl's picture

I would not count on it.

I would not count on it. Actually I'm quite sick of them talking about Beyonce. What has she done lately? If you ask me she is overexposed.
Miss D's picture

"What has she done lately?"

"What has she done lately?" Did u miss the INAUGURATION & SUPERBOWL? I do agree she's OVEREXPOSED & ALL OVER the place!
tori's picture

She's not overexposed, she's

She's not overexposed, she's doing her job.

lol love beyonce but i agree.

lol love beyonce but i agree.
litebrite's picture

That's where to go if she is

That's where to go if she is going to show Blu Ivory for the first time. The biggest in the universe mama O.
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WOMP WOMP WOOOOMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmm wonder why BeYAWNce is doing SOOO much promo nowadays but when she was "PREGNANT" her ass was no where to be found..SMFH. Is it really necessary? This chick just can't seem to grasp that she is no longer needed in the industry....SN: They DID NAS WRONG!!!! at the GRAMMY'S!!! REALLY??? JAY-Z & KANYE winning over Nas???? SMFH NAS DESERVED one of those nominations!!!

They are no longer highly

They are no longer highly favored
Jesus H. Christ's picture

and you are not highly

and you are not highly favored for using Jesus' name on a blog site.
Classic87's picture

Beyonce' won the BIGGEST Dumb

Beyonce' won the BIGGEST Dumb Bitch Award ** sips Jesus Juice**
Jesus H. Christ's picture

WOW the biggest dumb bitch

WOW the biggest dumb bitch award??? Are you insane? I mean Beyonce is one of the most powerful people on the planet, black white man or women, and you are..no one.. Beyonce ain't overexposed she's gearing up for another takeover! If you don't like her don't read about her don't listen to her music and don't watch her when she comes on tv, because this is only February! Lol I am interested to see how these two are gonna be together though, I love beyonce but I hate Oprah :/

Girl lol. Im glad you got to

Girl lol. Im glad you got to her before I did. In this crazy world, over achieving is not accepted. When someone is doing really well and is everywhere, people want them to sit down-knowing damn well, if they had all the opportunities Bey has had THEY WOULD GO FOR IT!
Classic87's picture

@Classic57 and @Shacka Zulu

@Classic57 and @Shacka Zulu <--- You two are NO LONGER highly favored
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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