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FOOLISHNESS: Lil Wayne KICKED OUT Of Heat Game...For Cheering On The LAKERS + Marques Houston Gets Restraining Order....AGAINST RAZ B!

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Basketball fan Lil Wayne has a thing about getting in trouble at NBA games (like back during the NBA finals when he got put out of OKC game).  And he just got kicked out of the Heat game in Miami.  Deets inside, plus the foolishness that's still going down with Raz B and Marques Houston...

Lil Wayne was sitting courtside (pictured above) at the American Airlines Arena this afternoon for the big Heat vs. Lakers game.  And being the big Lakers fan that he his, he was cheering on the purple and gold.  And then got kicked out by security for it.

He tweeted:

So I'm @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F#€k da Heat

Ha!  But judging by how heated the game was at that time, and the pic of Dwyane Wade looking his way, Weezy may have said some ish that wasn't even necessary. 

Meanwhile, the Lakers just lost the game--107-97.


 photo razmarques2_zps6620a671.jpg

In other foolishness, the drama between former B2K members Raz B & Marques Houston is STILL going on.  After all that drama, that started back in 2010, of Raz B trying to out his former groupmates and manager of gay and molestation accusations, apparently he's still mad.  And is still threatening folks.

TMZ reports Marques has now taken out a restraining order on his ass. 

In the docs, Houston claims the video "has caused me emotional distress and caused me to fear he will be violent toward himself and others." Houston claims that Raz also spoken many times about killing people as well as killing himself.

Houston also claims in the docs that Raz (famous from his days in the band B2K) has threatened him specifically on the Internet several times and this has made him "fear that my life, my girlfriend's life and the lives of my family and friends are in danger."

A judge granted the temporary restraining order last month, requiring Raz to at least 100 yards away from Houston.

A hearing to make the order permanent is scheduled to go down tomorrow.

This damn R&B beef...

Weezy pic via Twitter




Let's be clear ~ Raz is no

Let's be clear ~ Raz is no Christopher Dorner.
GetUrLife's picture

His boo Raz must have pushed

His boo Raz must have pushed an unusual button. Lol
cutethatsall56's picture

LMAO this Raz-B and Marques

LMAO this Raz-B and Marques Houston ish is lame and nothing more than laughable at this point and Weezy....smh should I really be shocked?
nico89's picture

Uhm Raz B should just let

Uhm Raz B should just let Marques Houston be, karma has a way of getting people good if they feel no remorse for what they did...just sit back and you may get a chance to see it, do not rejoice about it; but just give a big THANK YOU to karma:)
mzcoffee's picture

I remember when the Mavericks

I remember when the Mavericks were playing the Heat lil Wayne was ridding the Heat's nuts but was partying with the Mavs after they won. Band wagon for real....which I don't get because but the Lakers suck right now.
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tom101's picture

i think this fool has an

i think this fool has an album in the works. because i haven't heard about this b2k hoopla in a hot minute.
Classic87's picture

WTF...wasn't Weezy was a HUGE

WTF...wasn't Weezy was a HUGE BANDWAGON HEAT FAN last yr? Kobe is so OVER this season, he be straight TWEETIN 24/7 instead of "shootin in the gym!"
tori's picture

um marques houston wasn't in

um marques houston wasn't in b2k natasha lol
lilbit's picture



LMAO..shoddy reporting!

LMAO..shoddy reporting!
tori's picture

i know right, if the article

i know right, if the article isn't about beyonce' natasha doesn't take her time on it lol
lilbit's picture

EXACTLY, she posted about 10

EXACTLY, she posted about 10 different stories about that Superbowl performance smh low-key STALKIN!
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