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GRAMMY PERFORMANCE FAB: Justin Timberlake SUITS UP With Jay-Z At The Grammys For "Suit & Tie" & "Pusher Love Girl" (VIDEO)

 photo JayZ55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsShowyh22JXOmevtl.jpg

Justin Timberlake hit the stage tonight to perform two new tracks "Suit & Tie" and "Pusher Love Girl."  In the middle of his performance, Jay-Z did a surprise walk-on straight from his seat.  Watch the two get suited up inside....

 photo JayZ55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsShowzcEy8M5mgbBl.jpg

After an introduction by Ellen DeGeneres and Beyonce, Justin Timberlake hit the stage to perform "Suit & Tie."  His performance was captured in black-and-white (before swapping to color) and featured a cameo by Jay-Z who came up on stage from his seat in the audience...after he put his cognac down. His set also included the new song "Pusher Love Girl."  

Justin recently announced March 19 as the release date for his new album, The 20/20 Experience.

Watch Justin's performance here:




 photo JayZ55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsBackstageKeG3V2H6Xidl.jpg 

Jay-Z was seen sippin' on Cognac in the audience (with Solange) before taking the stage.  We knew he brought his own ish and was passing that mug down the aisle.  Pour up....




WTH does him not being black

WTH does him not being black have anything to do with his talent? Its a time and place for the racial stuff. Btw I'm black
nico89's picture

JT killed it last night. It

JT killed it last night. It was the best performance of the night. I loved both songs. Black people need to get off this bullshit that somebody is ripping off our music & style. JT is bringing class back into an arena full of saggy pants, skinny jeans, tatted up, burnt smoked out lips hip hop clowns. He didn't need Jay at all for this performance. Miguel didn't need Wiz. I wish they would stop ruining the lil R&B we do have with rap.
Somerknight's picture

This performance sucked! It

This performance sucked! It was a mix of Bruno Mars and that other annoying white boy (Robin Thicke). He's is still riding off of what makes other celebrities successful. I still don't see how WE can think this guy has SOUL. I was hoping he would go away. If the rest of his album sounds like the crap I heard, he will go away soon! (fingers crossed)
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Yas's picture

The bottom line is dude gave

The bottom line is dude gave the audience a 'moment in time' aka a "total experience! A damn show which is hard to find nowadays....Alot of artists can sing but can they give you the full 'ya dig'!!!
Money First's picture

JT did his thing..this whole

JT did his thing..this whole performance was my fav.
cutethatsall56's picture

Before yall start riding

Before yall start riding Justin Timberfake d*ck need I remind yall that he gets way too much props for that mediocrity called singed cause he's got the right complexion. That shit irritates me to no end that that pasty grey boy get props for doing some shit that black people could essentially do in the shower. Look up the term its called cultural appropriation. Luke James, Miguel, D'Angelo, Maxwell...would have taken all of that pomp and circumstance and big band circus tricks and blown that shit way out the water. Sorry. #notfooled #nodickriding #sothefuckwhat #fakeasses
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

C'mon, there are PLENTY of

C'mon, there are PLENTY of people in the industry that can't CARRY A TUNE (Rhianna), I think most ppl RESPECT JT's LONGEVITY in the industry & how he's crossed over, to me he's like the MALE VERSION of Beyoncé (group background) they aren't the BEST singers, but their body of work speaks for itself! And it doesn't hurt he's easy on the eyes! LMAO at "pasty grey boy!"
tori's picture

I agree, growing up in the

I agree, growing up in the 90's it is awesome to see stars like Beyonce and Justin who have grown into to these massive stars <3 Justin's performance tonight definitely made me a full fledged fan again! The guy above needs to relize that just because he (or anyone) else is white doesn't mean they were not influenced by black artists, Justin always talks about his love for R&B and soul and he even said before the show he wanted to bring that music back! We need to be thanking him! P.S. how dare you say Beyonce and Justin don't have great voices?? Especially when they both have INCREDIBLE ones! Be real you guys..

I never said Beyoncé & JT

I never said Beyoncé & JT didn't have "great voices" I said they were the BEST SINGERS, there's a difference!
tori's picture

Aliens are grey (that was

Aliens are grey (that was funny though)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

"Suit & Tie" is my sh!t, I

"Suit & Tie" is my sh!t, I wish JT, Robin Thicke & Jon B. would make a record & go on tour, kind of like Tank, Ginuwine & Tyrese (TGT)!
tori's picture

I was feeling Justin's

I was feeling Justin's comeback performance, I've always dug this blue-eyed soul. I'm looking forward to hearing his new album. Suit and Tie and the other song he performed tonight were fresh and its something different than he's ever done. Not to mention he wears sexy well
nico89's picture

Tehe..That arrangement

Tehe..That arrangement sounded a lil' too big for J.Timber LIGHT falsetto...Hmm Maybe Robin! *shrugs..Where are "we" bcuz Prince was the only "Star" I saw and A-1 to BELIEVE! Smhlol..
Like Really's picture

co-sign to the fif degree

co-sign to the fif degree LOL!
Peace Silas's picture

THIS!!! Nothing but the

THIS!!! Nothing but the truth!!
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commonprosperity9913's picture

Prince stole the show

Prince stole the show
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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