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Beyoncé Will Headline 2013 ESSENCE MUSIC FESTIVAL...And Keyshia Cole Still Talking Ish

 photo BeyonceKnowles55thAnnualGRAMMYAwardsMdMo1kyDymKl_zps6b56e2ff.jpg

Beyonce's making a special stop in New Orleans while she's jetting around on her world tour, The Mrs. Carter Show.  Deets on her geting added to the 2013 Essence Music Festival lineup inside...

If you were wondering if Mrs. Carter was going to return to the Superdome during her world tour, well, she is.  It was just announced that Bey will be hitting the stage at the Dome during 4th of July weekend as part of this year's EMF.

The special performance is not officially part of her world tour as these tickets must be purchased via Essence.   She's headlining one of the not-yet-specified three nights (4th-7th).

Essence Communications President, Michelle Ebanks revealed about Bey's addition:

"We are incredibly excited to welcome Beyonce back to the 2013 ESSENCE Festival line-up. She is truly the ultimate ESSENCE woman.  If you missed her tour de force in New Orleans, please join us this Fourth of July weekend so that you can experience it live for yourself at the ESSENCE Festival. The ESSENCE Festival features the best in music, culture, arts and entertainment—all of which Beyonce captures through her extraordinary gifts."

The VOGUE cover girl joins a line-up including: Jill Scott, Maxwell, New Edition, Brandy, and....Keyshia Cole.  Hope she and Keyshia end up on the same night...


 photo BCOcn3wCIAElIcAjpg_large_zps22994c27.jpg

Because after that diss to Destiny's Child Michelle Williams last weekend, Key Key is still talking ish.  While Beyonce made an appearance at last night's GRAMMY awards, Keyshia (who was not there) tweeted:

Oh and by the way. It's still Fuck ol girl. Lame ass....Y'all still mad!? Shame!....I stay on ya mind! Log off Suckas!

And she retweeted a link to her video for "Enough of No Love." 

This chick....



Beyonce knows she is too big

Beyonce knows she is too big of a celebrity to do Essence just yet, wait till you about to retire. Her brand is going to suffer, their line up is always B and C list celebs and then Beyonce?!!! Bad move
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tom101's picture

"Idle time is the DEVIL's

"Idle time is the DEVIL's PLAYGROUND!" Keyshia, stop TRYIN to start sum sh!t, u picked the weaklink out of DC & went IN, when we ALL know you're REALLY UPSET about BEYONCE takin over EVERYTHANG! Take yo drug addict mama to an NA meetin or Boobie to the Sylvan Learnin Center to learn how to speak CORRECTLY!
tori's picture

Lol.....look at that $2 wig

Lol.....look at that $2 wig keyshia has on. Go back to the hood bitch where you belong. You don't belong at ANY red carpet event or elegant hollywood party. Spitting hate and being negative is exactly what's expected from someone like you. Money can't buy class. You're living proof of that.
sianna1's picture

I've officially lost ALL

I've officially lost ALL RESPECT for this broad! She use to be so humble before the money, new family, and little fame that she DID have. It's one thing to take shots at a person that's cocky but picking on someone that's defenseless shows how weak of a person YOU ARE! Like seriously, pick on someone your own size. Keyshia is nothing but a Horse face, rat tooth lookin bully! Her BITTERNESS is already her downfall. She's supposed to be a Christian, yet something obviously went terribly wrong with her these last couple of years. And God don't like ugly Boo!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Not sure why, but I always

Not sure why, but I always thought Keyshia had more sense than this. She's hoping the bad publicity will either turn into good publicity or keep her relevant. The chances of either happening is slim to none. Keyshia, please fall back for a while and allow us to forget about your error in judgement. (And hire a new PR team while you're away)
Anonymous10's picture

keisha who?

keisha who?

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romance2013's picture

You would think with a new

You would think with a new reality show, a husband and a toddler, she'd be too caught up to continue with this crap. Apparently there's trouble in paradise....
BooLuv's picture

Keyshia Cole, Please HUSH up

Keyshia Cole, Please HUSH up & do your OWN thing & stop worrying about everybody else's lol By the way, does your show still come on? NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

How does it feel, BOOBIE

How does it feel, BOOBIE gibson, to have a chicken head hood rat for a wife?? I know you knew she was an ignorant cuss, but has she surpassed your expectations!! The girl is a bitter hater which speaks to the psychological problems she has, and her MENTALITY!! Once a RAT, always a RAT!!!
dunkin57's picture

Let's be Real ~ what Keyshia

Let's be Real ~ what Keyshia Cole said wasn't a lie. I think her delivery was off. Michelle IS the weakest link of DC. Yes, she's done other things and shines on that part, but I for one am Not feeling her in the group, when they were relevant and at that Superbowl performance (8 days and counting ago). Noone called JayZ out when he made a phucking complete record called DOA (Death of Autotune) ~ completely putting T-Pain's career in the toilet. [La da da da ~ hey~hey~hey ~ Goodbye ~ GOOD RIDDANCE!]
GetUrLife's picture

coz no one dare say "boo" to

coz no one dare say "boo" to that nigga but fux him
Peace Silas's picture

Keysha NEEDS to get a life

Keysha NEEDS to get a life and Stop hating on others...Typical Ghetto Chick!
star's picture

Keyshia can have her opinion

Keyshia can have her opinion but its just plain rude to go and bash someone just b/c u don't necessarily think they have talent. She is done for!!!
SHE TRIED IT.COM's picture

@shuga (its one thing for

@shuga (its one thing for strangers...), Keys (C'mon people use common sense...) & BEEMA SUX DIX (Keyshia, please sit yo lousy ghetto ass down...) +1
gogreen's picture

Something ain't right with

Something ain't right with Keisha. She's acting like she started smoking with Frankie. This is the problem in our community. At the end of the day Keisha is somebody's mother. With this ignorant hood rat mentality she is responsible for the upbringing of a child. It's like she don't care about her career which in the end will effect her family. Same thing with everyday hoodrats. They will lose a perfectly good job cussing out the boss or coworkers. U can't speak everything that is on your mind!
Somerknight's picture

WHO IS IT....... Inside a

WHO IS IT....... Inside a green room at a recent big event. Three women, one man, all celebrities. Several relatives of one of the women were also in the room, along with a child or two, a couple of personal assistants and a few venue staffers. There was going to be a big audience, and nerves should have been riding high. But the three women were all remarkably calm. Two were sitting quietly chatting with each other. The third woman was texting someone on her cell phone. However, the man was not as calm. He was pacing back and forth, barking instructions at the third woman. He became angry that she wasn’t giving him her full attention, and he grabbed the mobile device out of her hands. He discovered that she was texting another man. He started going through all of her texts. His voice started out low and he was swearing: “You mother f*ing b*tch!” As he scrolled through the texts, his voice got louder and louder until he was screaming at her. “YOU MOTHER F*CKING BITCH!!! YOU MOTHER F*CKING BITCH!!!” The staffers looked nervously at each other, but no one else in the room seemed surprised by the outburst. No one moved to defend the third woman. Apparently, they didn’t need to, because she jumped up and got in his face and started yelling and swearing right back at the man! She tried to grab the phone back from him, but he pushed her away and continued going through the phone and screaming at her, pushing her away, berating her, and started calling her every derogatory name for a woman in the book. While it was shocking to the staffers that the two were going at each other so viciously, it was even more shocking to them that the two other women and the relatives and the personal assistants just sat there quietly the whole time, minding their own business through the screaming and the grabbing and the shoving! No one tried to shield the child/ren from what was going on, and no one tried to intervene in the fight. They have known the woman since she was single, and they have known her as part of a couple. The controlling behavior and the physical altercation and the swearing were all apparently just routine to them! So, the next time you see this couple acting all sweet and loving and trusting and supportive and high class with each other in front of the cameras, know that it’s apparently a whole different story behind the scenes…
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Well damn who?! I wanna know.

Well damn who?! I wanna know. Lol
Peace Silas's picture

Lol..its the *blind item

Lol..its the *blind item Gay-Z n his bought wife!
Like Really's picture

Chris Brown/Rihanna? or

Chris Brown/Rihanna? or Keyshia and Boobbie (or whatever the hell his name is.??
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Beema, I doubt Keyshia was

Beema, I doubt Keyshia was even at the actual Grammy Awards show, maybe a few pre/post parties, but not the Grammy's. Not sure about your Chris Brown/Rihanna guess.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Yayyy Bey!!Go Headline That

Yayyy Bey!!Go Headline That Thang!Haters Fall Back!I Will Be In The Building!#TEAMBEY
mzblessed's picture

Not Going Lol.. Beyonce is

Not Going Lol.. Beyonce is just so boring to me now... In spite of that why is Keyshia behaving like that? Not cool at all... Them Bey fans will swarm lol

Keyshia is a very cute

Keyshia is a very cute someone's mother now and she really needs to grow up. She needs to stop using Twitter like this is a street fight in Oakland, Ca (from junior high). Ashamed of her, I thought she had evolved.
Denise2007's picture

Keyshia, please sit yo lousy

Keyshia, please sit yo lousy ghetto ass down somewhere. At this point, you are irrelevant.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

C'mon people use common

C'mon people use common sense. People are done with Keyshia because she is suppose to remain professional and not use a public forum to say that kind of ish. AND people are floored that a non singing hoodrat like herself has the nerve to question another's talent that actually can sing better than her. She is arrogant trash and I hope she never sells again more than 8 copies of her hoodrat non singing ish. Some hoodrats you just can't give money and a tiny bit of fame.
Keys's picture

I don't know why everyone is

I don't know why everyone is hating on Keyshia for say what we've all been saying about poor Michelle. This isn't anything new people.
Peace Silas's picture

its one thing for strangers

its one thing for strangers to say it but its another thing when your colleague says it. its also one thing if a secretary with nothing to lose says it but its a whole new game now that this will jeopardize Keyshia's ability to get endorsements, her own shine on Broadway, and other money/fame making opportunities. Its a terrible stance for KC to make so public. It would be one thing if it was Azelia Banks but in this case ppl will see Michelle as the underdog and hate KC's meanness toward her.
shuga's picture

Well that’s not fair to say

Well that’s not fair to say because basically anyone who’s not Beyoncé or Rhianna at this point is an underdog Keyshia and even Kelly included. But she didn’t say anything about Kelly she said commented on Michelle. Keyshia has always had a rather honest opinion about Beyoncé and her career but not any shade or hate. She definitely gives her mad credit when it’s due. In her first show with BET she said something along the lines of some people are “manufactured” like Pepsi and Coca-Cola (and we all know Beyoncé is manufactured). She went on to say “I’m not a star. I'm not a star. The stuff I been through in my life, I can't be a star. I'm a survivor." Living through tabloid beat down because you father kicked your supposed friends out of a music group you all helped to build is not survival, it’s the life and decision you chose to make. Keyshia is happily married (emphasize: happily), has a beautiful baby she’s proud to show off, and as far I’m concerned a career that surpasses a lot of her peers (yes she can use some help with her live performances, I have heard her – but guess what? I’ve heard Beyoncé live also, not impressed). To me Keyshia is both a star and an underdog because she is HONEST and REAL about her past and family, she’s not trying to be someone she’s not. She is someone I can relate to. Trust if you riding with me best believe you gonna hear Keyshia and everyone else long before you hear Beyoncé , but hey that’s just me. I choose real over fakeness any day of the week.
Peace Silas's picture

ok well keeping it real is

ok well keeping it real is about to go very very very wrong. KC can have all the opinions that she wants to.....in the comfort of her home but once it goes viral its not a good look. If this "keeping it real" is working for her then by all means she should keep on doing what she's doing.
shuga's picture

Work Miz B! Keyshia find a

Work Miz B! Keyshia find a career!
cutethatsall56's picture

I used to like Keyshia but

I used to like Keyshia but these days she's acting waaaaay to concieted. She seems very petty and like she enjoys and encourages drama. Good luck to her cause she fell off and this just make her look salty.
liyah08's picture

Keyshia's DNA is hood

Keyshia's DNA is hood rat.....SMH
My Moniker Is...'s picture

@YBF: Get your story

@YBF: Get your story straight. Keyshia didn't tweet that because she saw Beyonce at the Grammys. She tweeted that because she was arguing with people on Twitter.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

lol. i know you trying to

lol. i know you trying to help but that explanation doesnt really make it any better.
shuga's picture

I wasn't trying to make it

I wasn't trying to make it any better, just showing YBF that their story was wrong.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Unless u were there and heard

Unless u were there and heard her SAY why she wrote it, how do u know exactly why she said it?
BooLuv's picture

I will be getting my tickets

I will be getting my tickets and will be booing LOUD AS HELL when Keyshia's Mr. Ed lookin ass come out.
Classic87's picture

Keysha is longing for some

Keysha is longing for some airtime...beggin for someone to pay her some attention. I guess she's had "Enough of No Love"
BooLuv's picture

Damn Keyshia still going

Damn Keyshia still going there smh. She's entitled to her own opinion but she shouldn't give ppl more reasons to say she's mediocre. Everybody can't be 50 cent, throwing shots and still being A-list don't work for everybody
nico89's picture

I actually liked this

I actually liked this chic..why is she trippin?
TrueThinker's picture

I feel sorry for Keyshia.

I feel sorry for Keyshia. She's about to throw her career and all of her hard work away over her ego. Fall back, Keyshia. Please just let it go.
shuga's picture

Bey's disposable ass music is

Bey's disposable ass music is so out of place in that lineup.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Jay is clowning on Bey (right

Jay is clowning on Bey (right in front of her...smh) And she still acting like "everything's perfect" .............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Aw shoot Jesus you came back?

Aw shoot Jesus you came back? Whats your Skype? Does thou hath FaceTime! I have some SERIOUS questions to ask.
Classic87's picture

When u talk to me...u gotta

When u talk to me...u gotta get on YOUR KNEES, fold your hands....and ASK for FORGIVENESS **sips jesus juice then wears hand chains**.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Naw I'm good boo. I have my

Naw I'm good boo. I have my Bible, and my church is right around the corner.
Classic87's picture

SHUT UP Keyshia Cole.......We

SHUT UP Keyshia Cole.......We know this is you!
Naomi's picture

she's still getting attacked

she's still getting attacked on twitter a week after. ya'll don't realise these ppl are human. it's easy for us to sit back and say oh 'she needs to stop being bitter or whatever' but until we're in their shoes we won't really know what it's like to be in the public eye.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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