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LIVING HER WILDEST DREAMS: Happy 34th Birthday Brandy!

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Today, Brandy Norwood turns 34-years-old.  Celebrate inside...

Today must be a mixed bag of emotions for singer Brandy who happily celebrates turning 34-year-old today...but also mourns the anniversary of the loss of her mentor Whitney Houston (who passed away a year ago today).  

 photo url-1-2.jpeg

Brandy took to Twitter earlier (amid well wishes from fans) and tweeted, "February 11 will NEVER be the same!."  

 photo AFI9tX0u.jpeg

She also posted a pic of a cloud formation which she captioned: "Angel praying in the sky! Thank you God for this beautiful sign"

We're sure she'll have a fabulous 2013. She's found love with fiance Ryan Press, released another classic album with Two Eleven and continues to bring her long time fans the music they love.



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Brandy also shares her birthday with Kelly Rowland, who turns 32 today.  Kelly tweeted, "Happy Birthday @4everBrandy I love you!"

Check out some of Ms. Norwood's classic red-carpet looks inside.....




Brandy Feb 11 is a special

Brandy Feb 11 is a special day for me to it's my bday also hope u enjoyed ur day wish u many more years to come..

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Brandy really damaged her

Brandy really damaged her edges when wearing those braids at a young age. In that first pic her hairline look great but the one with her blowing out the candles is obvioulsy a lace front.
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Happy Birthday Brandy!

Happy Birthday Brandy!

I'm so glad Brandy is happy!

I'm so glad Brandy is happy!
cutethatsall56's picture

Damn! @ Kelly's hair line in

Damn! @ Kelly's hair line in that pic. Didn't know they shared the same bday.
Classic87's picture

The size of her HEAD & False

The size of her HEAD & False TEETH makes the Baby Jesus Cry
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