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GRAMMY PERFORMANCE FAB: Bruno Mars, Rihanna & Sting LINK UP For Bob Marley TRIBUTE Featuring Ziggy And Damien Marley

 photo BCytMJGCAAAhFdO.jpeg

The Grammys are known for their collaborations and Sunday night, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, and Sting all performed together for a Bob Marley tribute (featuring Ziggy and Damien Marley). Watch it inside....

Of the many musical tributes tonight (Dick Clark, Carole King), legendary reggae musican Bob Marley was honored with a musical tribute featuring Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna.  

Bruno Mars started the tribute with ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ and was later joined by Sting. The duo then moved into the Police’s ‘Walking on the Moon."

Later, Rihanna (who first hit the stage singing "Stay") hit the stage with Ziggy and Damien to perform Bob’s ‘Could You Be Loved.’


Watch the performance here:



 photo ScreenShot2013-02-10at62200PM.png

Earlier today, Rihanna posted a pic from backstage during rehearsals, "Marleys and I #BackstageLife."




Bruno added soul, Sting added

Bruno added soul, Sting added class, Ziggy added his fathers touch and Damien made it dutty! http://www.ticketsinventory.com
Brad12's picture

This was the best performance

This was the best performance to me, Bruno is a GREAT performer. Sit yo ass down Rhianna, you could hear her wailing out of everyone
shaneice225's picture

that tribute could've been

that tribute could've been longer though!

I loved Bruno Mars. Truly a

I loved Bruno Mars. Truly a talented artist. I couldn't help but be distracted everytime they panned to the audience and Nicole Kidman and how off her rhythm is...
Zetagirl's picture

They killed the performance.

They killed the performance. I don't think Rih did worse than any of her other performances. So with that said...she was not bad.
Classic87's picture

Where is video of Rihanna's

Where is video of Rihanna's performance of Stay? I thought she sounded great! I'm sure if she sounded a mess there would be video with catty comments.
IslandVibez's picture

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tom101's picture

5 ppl to sing 1 song = a

5 ppl to sing 1 song = a tribute.. fucking please...this is LEGEND where talking about sting n bruno was on guitar they could of done so much..and what the fuck was damien shouting rih too bc u smoke weed n from the caribbean means u qualify to honor such a legend ur ass was the most disappointing talk about a RAT RACE ... they sugar coated this sting tribute by mentioning BOB n THE THREE LITTLE BIRDS that came out after was to prevent any WAR bc we all waited for a REDEMPTION SONG... NO WOMAN DONT CRY, blame MR BROWN bc when u paying tribute to a LEGEND u dont sing ur own song SO WHO THE CAP FIT LET THEM WEAR IT!!!
chakacan's picture

i didn't like rihanna's part.

i didn't like rihanna's part. she was only included because she's from the islands.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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commonprosperity9913's picture

I thought they would sing

I thought they would sing some more Bob Marley songs! It got real crunk when Damien came out, but that lasted all but a minute. I didn't enjoy the show at all! IT WAS LIKE A DAMN COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS SHOW!
Yas's picture


The "MONKEY (IN THE MIDDLE) WITH A WIG ON" ruined that tribute, she was outta her RANGE & LEAGUE #fail Melanie Fiona woulda KILLED it!
tori's picture

Rhianna was totally drowned

Rhianna was totally drowned out by those other awesome artists! I think Sting was with Bruno because the guitar riffs in Lost in Paradise sound like guitar riffs from some of The Police's records in the 80's, like Roxanne, Message in a Bottle, Don't Stand So Close to Me.
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Lmao they should have left

Lmao they should have left "Rehab"Out she was AWFUL and that hand gesture dance she was doing lol STOP!.. The marleys son were everything:) ..love me some Bruno...
REd™'s picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one that didn't like her voice! I mean during both performances I was like am I the only one hearing this? Lol but I have to say I still enjoyed EVERY performance! The ones who are saying the Grammy's wasn't good this year simply aren't into all the genre's of music because there were so many great moments and performers! I became a fan of the Lumineers ^_^ But of course this is a black blog so to each his own..

No you weren't! I thought she

No you weren't! I thought she sounded like a mess. Lol.
gigggles a lot's picture

This Grammy show was a

This Grammy show was a sleeper. The best ppl to perform were either presenting, not there or dead and gone. All the songs were slow and boring until the end when LL closed the show. The fighting in past award shows have shut out most of the real R&B and Hip Hop artist. It was sad......alllllright
YaHeard's picture

I was loving all of Rihanna's

I was loving all of Rihanna's looks tonight. Bruno Mars, Sting, and The Marleys were cool....the tribute was dope. Bruno Mars can perform he always has me paying attention
nico89's picture

Bruno Mars is a true

Bruno Mars is a true entertainer. Sting was a good choice in theory but sounded out of place. Rihanna sounded better than Alicia Keys tonight (what's up with her????). Still mad that Miguel couldn't sing his entire song (LET the GREAT singers SING)...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I think they paired those two

I think they paired those two up because Bruno's song has riff in it that sound like they were in a few songs by the Police.
gigggles a lot's picture

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