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Tracy Mourning SPEAKS OUT About DUI Arrest, Looks Forward To "Sharing Her Testimony"

 photo sfl-tracy-mourning-photo-20130208.jpeg

Tracy Mourning's mugshot has been released and now she's speaking about her DUI arrest.  She says she looks forward to sharing her side of the story. Deets inside...


We told you previously about the shocking DUI arrest of basketball wife Tracy W. Mourning (who's married to former Heat baller Alonzo Mourning) in Miami.  And now she's speaking out on her own behalf.  

Though it was reported that Tracy had "bloodshot eyes [obviously from this mugshot], and slurred her speech...,failed a roadside sobriety test and refused an on-scene blood alcohol level test," a series of tweets from Tracy seems to suggest that there's more to the story. She said,

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-11at102244AM.png


Since the police report's description of the arrest seems pretty cut and dry, we're not sure what other facts and circumstances are left to come out.  But we'll give her the benefit of doubt and wait for that testimony.  We don't know if she plans to give that "testimony" in court or at church but wherever it happens, we'll update you on the "sharing."

Tweets first spotted at HuffPo




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tom101's picture

If Tracy's "family, friends &

If Tracy's "family, friends & community" TRULY supported her they wouldn't have let her get behind the wheel of a SPORTS CAR pissy DRUNK!
tori's picture

Just admit you had one glass

Just admit you had one glass of wine too many, and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
TheMrs's picture

Let go & Let God Tracy. Just

Let go & Let God Tracy. Just be greatful it ended the way it did.
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romance2013's picture

For those of you who think

For those of you who think that she looks like halle Berry.....get a grip!! She looks like Halle after halle has been up all night, no makeup, and aint ate in three days!! Her hair is nappified!! her face is flushed and ashen!! She is NOT CUTE at all from the get go!! She looks like many other inebriated fools who get out there and endanger the lives of others by drinking and driving!!! Dont DISS Halle like that!!!
dunkin57's picture

Tracy Don't Do It Girl...Keep

Tracy Don't Do It Girl...Keep Yo Mouth Closed So That You Will Not Come Out Lookin Like A Damn Fool. Now You With Your Attorney Trying To Concock A Defense. Yo Ass Was Caught Driving While Drunk. You Fail A Sobriety Field Test. Just Apologize, And Swear Not To Do It Again. People Are Basically Forgiving Until They See You're Trying To Insult Their Intelligence. We Here In Miami Knows The Truth.
Keyths'Girl's picture

that's hilarious. But maybe

that's hilarious. But maybe she had a fight with her book and she was crying. But if she was slapped I just wouldn't drag it out. Like others said if there's a defense save it for court.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Wow - talk about a Halle

Wow - talk about a Halle lookalike....they are definitely from the same tribe...
lifeisgood's picture

Not sure there is a defense

Not sure there is a defense for a DUI. Did she take some cough medicine that was 50% alcohol and she drank two bottles? Best mugshot I've ever seen despite the red eyes.
Denise2007's picture

I thought she was Haley Berry

I thought she was Haley Berry for a min.

While she looks amazing in

While she looks amazing in her mugshot (lol), DENIAL is not sexy. Neither is driving under the influence of ANYTHING that CLEARLY has your eyes bloodshot red and an officer under the impression that you're drunk, giving him good reason to arrest you. Yes, it's embarrassing but honey boo boo, it's time to woman up. Driving under the influence puts you and the public in grave danger, and not accepting fault or admitting to having a problem presents an equally dangerous dilemma. This too shall pass!
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Ma'am you were drunk driving

Ma'am you were drunk driving and could have hurt someone else. God was not testing you. He gave you a choice either drive drunk or call a ride. People kill me trying to act all spiritual when you dead arse wrong and know it. It was better that she just said nothing instead of this bs.
Keys's picture

Sometimes silence is golden.

Sometimes silence is golden. DUI is NOTHING to write home about. Wait for your day in court and then speak, shout and tweet. I can't!¡
GetUrLife's picture

Her testimony...? Girl.. No

Her testimony...? Girl.. No one is looking for an update. Pay the ticket and get back to business.
TrueThinker's picture

lmao!!! but see what had

lmao!!! but see what had happened was...
shuga's picture

Don't act all "Goodie 2

Don't act all "Goodie 2 Shoes". Her eyes are SHOT!!!!! Just be glad nobody died, pay your fine & legal fees and take your medicine. Next!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Maybe she was on some sort of

Maybe she was on some sort of medication. Either way, thats the best looking mugshot Ive ever seen. good luck w/everything Mrs. Mourning but driving while impaired is some selfish, irresponsible ish.
shuga's picture

Girl! I was just about to say

Girl! I was just about to say the same thing! If that is not the prettiest mug shot I have ever seen!
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